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  • TDUMS 13/05/2015

    “You’ve found it”, Clemens said contentedly when Stella was fully back again. “I think so but there was… Uhm…” – “A creature you’ve met and got to know its name?” – “How did you know?” – “That’s the normal way it goes when you’ve found the device ‘compatible’ with your personality. You will even learn a lot more”, he explained.
    “So nobody has ever met this person before and I am the only one knowing her name?” – “Usually you won’t let somebody else get your staff but also I have never heard of such a case. They would only feel the magic but not see the spirit of it. It does not harm them if you tell their name to somebody else, yet they might feel offended as you are the only one they’ve told it. Treat this creature well as it will be your most reliable partner in battle and your life might depend on it one day. You’re now connected with a strong bonding and should not underestimate it.”
    When they went home today, Stella turned to Crumble “I feel like this is a new part of my magical life and somehow I am scared. This is all so weird! Let’s just pretend we’re a normal cat and woman, shall we?” And they enjoyed their evening with reading a book and playing with toy mice. Everything seemed perfectly normal except for the staff lying next to them, shining with a sweet glow.

    One response to “TDUMS 13/05/2015”

    1. ASTROCAT Avatar

      Very nice scene that Stella and Crumble play calm , they’re basically are so simply magical :)))

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