TDUMS 14/04/2015 2

So anyone could be a creature of magic. That somehow sounded terrifying to her. But she saw that the students in the classroom were wondering about the same thing… Everyone looked around sceptically.
Finally (after waiting for a bit too long as she thought, he probably enjoyed their looks every time he came to this subject), the teacher showed them there was a convenient way to find out about all magical things (and people) going on: a spell to use on your eyes so you can see below the magically created illusions! There wasn’t a guarantee to see everything though, because depending on the magical strength the creator of this layer had, you might just see something blurry and not clearly the true form! But it was something at least.
The students now saw a looping video of beautiful woman waving at them and were told to practice the spell until they were able to see what she was hiding. Unfortunately, nobody was there to practice this magic with her. She hadn’t needed much help so far but it was difficult testing this without someone magical! Darn. Her own video of the classroom wasn’t of much help either because you needed special cameras to capture the other layers of reality! Like the one used for the waving woman. In the video of the video the layers got lost. So she’d probably have to practice and hope it would work for real… Meh.

By the way… the beautiful woman turned out to be a little gnome with a big nose. Funnily, she was still the teacher’s wife…

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8 years ago

The view of reality in layers is real , becomes magicv when you produce different illusions, perhaps the gnome and the woman can exist in the same moment , but in a different place despite being so incredibly different.
Excellent magic , the video is (perhaps) a differnt expression or a way of communicating to very different forms from us. Or a justa dream very executed.
Every expression of fantasy , imagination becomes magic beecause it remains in the unconscious beauty of belienving a character or situation that isn’t what it appears.

Tifa very very good ;) + :)