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  • TDUMS 14/05/2015

    On the next training day, Stella was giving the task to find out what Mira could do for her to improve Stella’s skills or similar. For this, she went to visit her again in the staff and found the girl sitting on a blanket with some fruits and sweets, juice and two glasses. “I am glad you could come”, Mira said, “I prepared something!”
    They were talking for a while and Stella wondered if Mira was all alone in the staff. “Oh, I suppose that’s the fate of a spirit in a magical device… Ever since I arrived here, I’ve never met anyone and there was only this little patch of grass with the swing. I’ve been swinging and sleeping most of the time until you appeared.” – “But how long might that have been!?” – “I am not sure, time is not measurable for me like this really…”
    At the end of their picknick, Mira suggested she could imitate Stella’s magic from withing the staff, creating echoes of what she did. They tested this idea later that day in fights against Clemens and were pretty successful. When Mira was active, Stella could see the girl standing next to her in her mind, imitating the moves and magic she used. Afterwards, Mira waved her good-bye and went back into the staff.

    Before going to bed today, Stella decided to visit her again. When she came to the spot of grass, she saw Mira lying on a bed, reading a book.
    Stella looked surprised and thought she was dreaming. After closing her eyes and looking there again, she still saw the same picture. “Oh, hi Stella! I don’t know how or who did this, but after we had finished fighting and I went back here, I found this bed and the nighstand with a few books on it. I can’t believe I’ve never tried books before, they’re awesome! Ah, might be because I never got any before…”

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