TDUMS 15/04/2015 2

From when the lessons had started, her dreams got a bit weirder than usual. More often she dreamed about gnomes and fairies, people she knew who suddenly showed they were werewolves or something similar. After a while of getting used to the topics, her dreams went mainly back to normal again.
There was this one time with an especially strange night though. She remembered that her sleep hadn’t been calm and she had been tossing and turning in her bed. What was weird was that usually she had no problem remembering the dream itself! Right now though she only knew how she had felt during the dream and that she had been rather upset when she woke up. “I need to save Mira!”, was the one thing she knew for sure.
Was she in severe danger? What had happened? And WHO was Mira?!

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8 years ago

Mira , was a warrior of the time that had the task of waiting for the dawn to hunt werewolves whowere about to take over. Had entered the dream to warn that the weather was in danger is with the help of her could make the time line could continue. But one day during class ad extraordinary thing happened , a gnome was standing in front her and in a moment disappeared because he had been struck by the spear of glittering werewolf. Everyone was scared, but she with her calm could see the future , the dream is mixed… Read more »