TDUMS 15/05/2015

Since Stella got along so well with her staff and the spirit Mira, they decided that Crumble should also get a little magical container and let him choose a gemstone. Contrary to Stella, the cat directly walked towards ‘his’ stone and didn’t want to let it go from then on.
Since it might be difficult for a cat to hold a stone all the time, they got him a collar and a beanie which he was allowed to choose from every morning. Now, each time when Stella meditated and visited Mira, he also kind of slept and probably concentrated on his gemstone’s spirit.

At the end of the next training day, Clemens surprised Stella, Crumble and Jenna with a few pieces of paper that he was waving around. They each drew one and noticed these were tickets – for the Flying Whale Company!

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