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  • TDUMS 15/06/2015

    Stella spent the day doing research on dwarves while Crumble prepared for his task. When he went to see the spirit of his gemstone, Stella felt it would be good to visit Mira as well. She had already told her that her taking the book from the Library of Magic had not caused the problem, but she hadn’t stayed any longer for a talk.
    When she entered Mira’s world today and knocked on the door of her little house, the spirit opened with a big smile. “Get in and have yourself a cookie”, she said. Then she hurried to the table and held something in front of her: “Look what I got today!”, she exclaimed cheerfully, “I found it right here when I got back from swinging outside just a couple of minutes ago!”
    Stella could see it was a tablet pc, looking pretty neat with a black frame and the shiny lettering ‘SpiriTab’ on it. She was impressed. “That’s really awesome! What can it do?” – “I haven’t discovered everything yet, but there’s a large newsportal for spirits and there are several Spiritigames to play! In the Spiritishop I can download even more things I believe! It’s so cool!” It was hard not to be excited as well and Stella was happy for Mira. This girl was so positive and Stella always felt better after spending some time with her.
    “And you won’t believe what I read just a few seconds before you knocked”, Mira laughed. “The latest dispute between the dwarves and everyone else, it’s ridiculous!”

    Stella, you should ask me for assistance more often, I will support you with all my might. Together, we can achieve anything.

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