TDUMS 16/04/2015 2

The first time she finally discovered she had practiced the “magic eyes” spell correctly was in the supermarket. In the vegetable area (right next to the potatoes) there was the vision of a little (about as tall as a short woman) GREEN creature with a big nose and large but pointy ears. He was sorting all kinds of vegetables into his shopping cart and sniffing on some of them if they were still fresh. She must have looked at him in surprise and maybe shock, but gladly he didn’t notice as he was busy finding the best ingredients for his meal. On the first visible layer that anyone could see this person was a rather handsome man with brown eyes and dark hair. Under normal circumstances, she might even have tried talking to him; like this though she didn’t dare because she first wanted to get used to people showing their true form.
A few days later she suddenly noticed a pair of glittering wings in the perfume area of the shopping mall and found out that the woman selling perfumes was apparently a fairy. Somehow she started liking these interesting sightings.
Every day she began her morning with setting the spell so that she would never forget putting it on.
There was one thing she was wondering about though: would these people be able to see that she knew about them (other than maybe screaming out of surprise)?

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8 years ago

I like the magic that is created from normal situations, but the aren’t normal.
When the reality is magic exchange their energy situations can arise very beautiful where fantasy really flies !!!
Tifa compliments !!!! :-))))