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  • TDUMS 16/06/2015

    The quarrel was about a man who had lived a few hundred years ago, philosopher and thinker Toof Gnol. He was famous for various important discoveries and elaborate works on several topics; also, he had been seen as a dwarf all the time. All dwarves in the world were proud of this person and his achievements were mentioned in almost every important speech a dwarf held (which might not be often, but his name was present at all times). Stella had already read about him during her research.
    Recently, at a pub and rather late at night, someone started a discussion that Gnol had been a human or maybe an elf but certainly no dwarf! It should be mentioned the person who announced this was already drunk and only wanted to annoy the dwarves around.
    Unfortunately, he succeeded and there was a huge quarrel which made the dwarves promise to not talk to or help any other people until this was cleared up and everyone accepted Gnol to have been a dwarf.
    Stella smiled. Now there was a way to get out of this miserable position! Finally. Yet, Crumble would have to research and read a lot now!

    One response to “TDUMS 16/06/2015”

    1. ASTROCAT Avatar

      Crumble Remember, you are a very special cat !!! Astrocat said ;)

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