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  • TDUMS 17/04/2015

    The most terrifying situation she ever had was probably the moment when she had to go to work by bus because her car was broken. Of course, she was in the bus with (as she felt) hundreds of students who all “wanted” to go to school (more “had to” I suppose). It was so terrible little space for her and everyone was pushing and making noise or talking loudly.
    The WORST thing about it was that everyone – and I mean every little or big student on the bus – was a vampire. She could see their sharp little teeth shine in the light when they were talking. She tried to think of something peaceful. Something nice. Butterflies. Little rabbits. Aww, so cute! Bats. Vampires. HOLY COW she was stuck in a bus full of vampires and couldn’t get out!!!
    After several panic attacks and 10 more minutes she finally had to get off the bus and surprisingly made it out alive! She hoped the students hadn’t noticed her fear and wouldn’t follow her or lurk around…
    (They didn’t even notice her at all.)

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