TDUMS 18/04/2015 2

After a long time of learning magic bit by bit every evening, she had collected a lot of questions which she wanted to answer with the help of books at the Library of Magic. The main problem was that she didn’t even have a clue where this building might be! In the classes, people were only mentioning this place not revealing any hint about the region or anything.
So how to find out? She was wondering about this for quite some time. The only idea that came to her mind was a technique the teacher had shown them to solve a problem with imagination. He called it Imaginary Walkthrough because you had to imagine doing what you were planning to do or being where you wanted to be. Important was that you imagined it as detailed as possible and also include the emotions you would have.
So… Unfortunately she didn’t have a picture of the library but she tried to imagine it as realistic as a magic library could be. She focussed on walking up to the library, searching for the books she needed and finding them, being happy about this and finally answering her questions. There were huge walls of books where you could find literature about anything!
Hopefully she had done this imagination correctly and something would happen now to show her the way…

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8 years ago

Nice image , i like it !!!
It would be nice to see the way where it can get .
Could possibly get in the house of Imaginary Walkthrough or perhaps through a small path to the house of the master spellsand if he was a fairy ?
Thanks Tifa for nice story !!!!!!