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  • TDUMS 18/05/2015

    The group decided that Stella should be the one imagining her library as it had mainly been her idea to get here. She took Crumble on her arms, the other two laid their hands on her shoulders and she walked through the door.
    They found themselves on a green island and could already see the large white building of the library shining in the sunlight. It was so bright the eyes started to hurt after a while so they quickly walked towards it on the long stone road. Stella let Crumble walk freely again and he happily jumped through the grass near the way. The weather here was even better than it had been before and it was hard to believe Stella had created all this only with her imagination and it would have looked different from somebody else. When they had almost reached the library, they discovered a small building in front of it which turned out to be a little souvenir shop with “I love the White Library” hats, shirts and bags, postcards and miniature magicians. Jenna giggled and looked at Stella but she seemed to be surprised as well. From the outside, she had imagined the library like this, but where did the little shop come from? Had her thoughts gone wild? She started to worry but then pushed those feelings away. It was definitely a nice idea and she decided to buy herself one of those magicians later, plus maybe one or two postcards.

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