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When Crumble had finally sorted all the facts he had written down, he crafted almost a work of art declaring why Gnol certainly must have been a dwarf. The cat made sure to save his proof on several different mediums and finally print it out.
He prepared a little package with both the important writing and a photo of the broken portal, added a little piece of paper ‘To restore our great dwarf’s honor’ and wrapped everything in paper.
Now came the most thrilling part of the whole mission: Crumble had to get in the gemstone boutique and hide the package where the owner would surely find it but not discover the cat himself (maybe it wouldn’t be that bad, but still Crumble hoped he could make it without being noticed)! He sneaked into the shop without the treasure first and had a closer look at this man: he looked at his jewels with shiny eyes and resembled a proud miner who had reached the greatest goal of all times. On the basic layer Crumble was able to see a small man, heavily built! This was definitely a dwarf!
The cat went back to get the package and had to be careful not to run into this guy’s arms while searching for a place to hide it. Gladly, the dwarf was busy talking to some others and the cat sneaked into some backrooms…

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7 years ago

It really his moment !!! Thanks Tifa many smiles for you, for Crumble later, has yet to express themselves;) ^-^