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  • TDUMS 19/05/2015

    When they stood in front of the library and tried pushing the doors open (and afterwards pulling the doors open), they noticed they were locked. The group now tried several popular opening spells but nothing happened. The huge doors didn’t even creak.
    They concluded that there had to be a key somewhere and it had to be in their reach. Everyone was searching all over the place when suddenly Crumble started wildly attacking Stella’s bag by jumping at it and boxing it with his paws. “HEY! What’s that for now?!”, she shouted at him and now he started meowing. Stella had put some cat food in the bag for moments like this since Crumble probably was hungry. She opened the bag and searched for it, moving her fingers over something large and metallic in the middle of the bag. Stella pulled it up and held the key in her hand! How had it gotten in her bag? This was all very weird.
    Everyone was happy when they saw it fit perfectly and the giant wooden doors slowly swung open, revealing large floors lit by magical candles (which wouldn’t move with the wind and were not dangerous to a place with so many books – this kind of candles is perfect for a Christmas tree by the way).
    Stella put the key into her bag again just to make sure and carefully made the first steps into the impressive white building.

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