TDUMS 20/04/2015 2

With time passing by, the magic class often went out somewhere to practice their skills and unfortunately she couldn’t find them and bug the place with cameras… Too bad. Yet she used those evenings for practicing her own skills, summoning elemental magic and illusions while listening to music she liked. This felt very relaxing and was fun! It quickly became easier for her to use magic and she tried to practice all the different spells and magical ways she had learned until she was able to do everything important with closed eyes.
Sometimes she even created illusions when going outside in the city, changing her eye or hair color. Nobody of the strangers in the shops seemed to notice that something was wrong, so she probably did a good job she hoped.
Yet there was something she always had to keep in mind: another magician would easily see through her magical layers and this way she could draw attention to herself that she didn’t want…

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8 years ago

This magic and illusion have different faces.
Tifa tries to tell some magic can be interesting.
Close your eyes and imagination can fly !!!
:-)))) Astro