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  • TDUMS 20/05/2015

    The White Library was filled with books from the bottom to the top. If you were looking for a 32 page essay about the magic essence of happiness you would surely find it here! Basically, you could find ANYTHING here if it was useful and about magic. The long floors didn’t seem to have an end and there were magic candles every few meters to create a warm and safe feeling, which was well underlined by inviting reading corners where you could find sofas and pillows to prepare for a long time in magic literature.
    Since nobody really knew for sure where to start, they headed to the middle of the building which was emitting a bright light. Finally arriving there (after several ‘OH!’s and ‘AH!’s) they found a large book on a massive stand. The light came right out of the book and it was open! When looking even closer, the group noticed these rays consisted of letters floating from the book and swirling into every direction, just like light itself. On the ground in front of the book there was a circle drawn INTO the ground, a huge point directly in the middle of the building.
    Stella carefully stepped on it and the letters from the book formed a sentence in the air: “Table of Contents. We will get you any book you need. You just have to ask!”
    Now that sounded promising…

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