TDUMS 21/04/2015 2

He crawled through the forest, through the bushes and dirt. This was just not right, everything was wrong and nothing the way it should be. He was supposed to rule the country, be a king! All members of his family had succeeded, gained so much power and became majestic characters. And now there was him: no people to obey him, no fame, no anything. He wouldn’t be able to continue like this, there had to be a sudden turn of fate!
But for today, that was it, enough of the running away. He needed to rest and sleep! A bit fluffing the leaves on the ground, making it comfortable. He lay down and transformed himself into a sleepy ball of… fluffy fur.

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8 years ago

He began to dream , and dream , and he believed that it couldn’t govern , but suddenly a green creature came up was a small lizard. It began to talk , to be a king you must be able to gain the trust of his subjects, you have to make a big magic , so they can have a good impression , then the dream became confused and woke from sleep , he was a great idea. He took his crown and threw it into sky in front of his subjects. By rotating the crown create the illusion more… Read more »