TDUMS 21/06/2015

They talked a bit about what was happening in the world, finally also about the argument with the dwarves. “I know it might be a bit exaggerated and sound weird to other races. Dwarves (similar to elves) have a strong feeling of honor though and are severely hurt when it comes to scenes like this. They won’t give in because Gnol is a true hero for them and a symbol of skill and knowledge for the dwarves. I do hope you will succeed in getting the portal repaired though and get that magician back. I can imagine he’s quite adorable as a colored rabbit right now. Make sure to use the time and make him respect your power and skills, you’re a capable person. I hope to see you again some day!”
Crumble said good-bye and carefully sneaked out of the shop. This had been a thrilling mission!

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