TDUMS 22/05/2015 2

Mira felt great relief when she knew it was Stella who had come in. She explained to her that it wasn’t certain what would happen if a device’s spirit (like herself) met other people than the owner of said device. Mira had never heard anything about that and Stella neither. Yet almost everyone was using staffs and such, there was only little known about the natural magic and the spirit in it. Mira didn’t want to meet the others at this point so Stella made sure they stayed away from the little room and asked the great book for answers about this problem. Before, she got Mira some new books because she was a bit annoyed by all the magical talking to plants. When Stella asked the great book, it got her a bit of literature about the spirits themselves, but the direct answer was not to be found.
That’s why they decided to keep Mira in the separate room just to make sure and until they would find a clue or anything. All of them were reading books on interesting topics in the comfortable reading corners and were amazed by this building.
There even were toilets in this building (had to be since you could easily spend hours and hours there); at one point, Mira wanted to quickly use these toilets and quietly walked from her room into the direction. When she was just one bookshelf away, there suddenly appeared someone on her right and Jenna looked straight into Mira’s eyes.

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8 years ago

You’re doing very well Tifa , just a little tip if you feel is right for you !
When you enter such a new world , for example that of Mira , It tells a little more
like it is mad , its characteristics , the amazing things and the normal things.
This is because the world that you know so well , and can share with those who read ;-)