TDUMS 22/06/2015

Crumble was satisfied and walked through the city back home in a happy mood. Suddenly he discovered a new shop which looked interesting: it was a magic utility shop (non-magicians would think this as well – it probably had backrooms with the real magic and the visible shop would consist of little ‘magic’ tricks for everyone to learn and impress the family). He looked through the windows and then quietly sneaked in. The atmosphere was magical indeed and there were lots of cool little items, most of which didn’t hold real magic though. Crumble looked around for a while and discovered the shop owner talking to a woman with a bag lying next to her on the ground. “… it was a huge success with the portal indeed. We had to stop those darn people using the libraries for good or at least long enough to finish the task. They won’t be able to do anything against it now, probably won’t even see it coming”, she laughed.
Crumble used his magic to send out his vision and searched through the bag which was a little bit opened: he created snapshots in his mind of what he could see in there until he was so shocked that he instantly had to stop. The cat collected his thoughts and then quickly hurried out of the shop to tell the others.

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