TDUMS 23/04/2015 2

After several hours of running through the forest, he eventually found the path to a park and the city. Finally! There was a place he could rule! Maybe it wasn’t that bad the way back home had been blocked if he now found people who would obey him. Being a king… Just when he started getting a king-like expression on his face the loud MEEP of a car right next to him almost scared him to death.
A few minutes of running around frantically later, he suddenly sniffed something terribly delicious in the air: this had to be cherry… a cherry cake or muffins! OMG! Quickly he had found the apartment this scent came from: there was an open window in the second floor! Unfortunately, the door of the building was closed. It was certain that this food had been prepared just for him though, how could it be different! So he started jumping at the wall and swang from one balcony flower to the next until he could already see the ceiling inside the apartment. Just one more jump – it made CRACK and together with pieces of the flower he fell down all the way until he landed with a loud THUD CRACK.

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8 years ago

But who was the King and who had prepared the cake for him, maybe it was a fairy or a trick of a wicked witch who wanted his power? Interesting !!