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  • TDUMS 23/05/2015

    Jenna looked straight into Mira’s eyes and walked through her to a shelf on the other side. Later, Mira and Stella concluded it must have been similar to the fact that magicians also couldn’t visit other spirits and only felt the basic magic. The day at the library had been very excited and Clemens, Jenna, Crumble and Stella were all very satisfied with what they had found out. Even Crumble had got himself some books for research and laid on one of the pillows as they were very comfy. Everyone was wondering what Clemens might have looked up because he seemed to know everything there was but he kept himself busy with books just as long as the others did. Maybe he just checked out the ‘Sexiest Magicians of the Year – Women’, who knows?
    Tonight, Stella also visited Mira in her staff to tell her the way home had been fine and she was happy to meet the girl in the library. When she entered Mira’s world, she couldn’t find the bed on the grass, but a whole little house! It looked like only one room and Mira was happily waving from a front window. Even if I’m not yet happy when coming here, Mira will make sure I’m going home with a smile, Stella thought. She honestly couldn’t have found a better spirit.
    They were talking for a while and when Stella left, she saw the girl waving from the window again. Only when Mira turned to the living-room again, she looked at the table and was surprised: there was a miniature magician and a shirt of the White Library!

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