TDUMS 23/06/2015

Crumble ran faster than ever and arrived home out of breath. Everyone was looking at him expectantly and wanted to know if he had succeeded. Oh, the mission, yes… He had almost forgotten about that, there was something way more important now! Crumble summed up that the package was hidden and would be discovered soon, the mission had been a success.
The cat had to keep the others from partying now (they were so relieved that there was finally a way out of their (mainly Clemens’) miserable / fluffy situation) and quickly told them what had happened on his way home. He talked about the strange woman in the weird new shop, what she had said and what he had found:”There were plans in her bag, sketches and scribbles of something terrible! It’s this woman’s fault that the portal is damaged and now she plans on setting up a different portal… One that will steal the imagination of those who walk through!”

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