TDUMS 24/05/2015 1

Stella became more and more skilled in using magic and that also included illusions. She had mainly just changed her hair or eye color before and even though she got good at that, it wasn’t all that useful. Jenna had grown up with her ‘girl illusion’ which was needed at a certain time of the month (and especially when being outside in the moonlight). She WAS a girl, but sometimes not totally; there might stick out a hairy ear or sharp teeth. Well, you know the common problems of werewolves! Jenna hid these with an illusion fitting to the rest of her body. Crumble didn’t actually need a disguise since a cat wasn’t THAT extraordinary but he learned how to change his fur color and used this to fool the others when he felt like it. On a trip together or on a city evening he would disappear and later on wait for them laying somewhere on a wall looking different so they would walk by him, unsuspectingly and not paying attention. And NOW was the time for Ninja-Crumble to surprise them and look at their funny faces.
Oh yes, being a cat could be much fun! Especially being a magic cat.

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8 years ago

I’m sure that Crumble will be a great Cat , very nice and very magical !!!!
Yesssss :-))))