TDUMS 24/06/2015

Everyone was shocked. “We need to stop someone who might try to repair the portal, with that strange woman around that person might even get killed!”, Stella said. Crumble wrote down his answer: He knew whom to tell, he would go right away. The others didn’t know what he meant because he had only summarized what had happened in the gemstone boutique, but the cat quickly rushed into the city again. Today was a real fitness day, so much running around and about! When he came near, he already saw the duck sitting outside in the sun, pretending to be advertisement for the shop. Noticing Crumble, the crystal started shining even more.
“Nice to see you again so soon”, the duck said. Crumble told him what he had got to know. “Oh, that’s bad”, the crystal sighed, “I will tell my dwarf to wait with telling someone to lay hand on the portal. Just make sure to give me a sign when everything is fine again.”
“Do you have any idea what we could do against that woman? If she already managed to break the portal, who knows what else she could destroy!” The duck thought about this for a while. “I might have an idea.”

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