TDUMS 25/05/2015 2

But now to Stella. She learned how to ‘cover’ her reality in such a way that even if the other person was a magician, it wouldn’t be totally obvious and easy to see through her second, magic layer. In case the other one was a powerful magician, he might still look under the cover though.
Just like everything else, she trained using this even with her eyes shut which was hard because she needed to use her imagination much more. She first had to imagine her real self and then ‘draw’ the new layer above it. With a mirror, she only had to draw the magic. In dangerous situations, you might not always have a mirror though.
There was also something strange these days. In the evening, when she was sitting on the sofa with Crumble, he sometimes seemed to emit a white light. She tried turning off the lamp but then it was totally dark. Turning it on, there was a white glow again. Stella was wondering about this and the cat thought the intense magic training might not have been too good for her mind. He decided she should have more rest, laid on her lap and purred.

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8 years ago

The Story is growing and very well
Brava Tifa , smilessssss Astrocat