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  • TDUMS 26/05/2015

    When Clemens took a few weeks vacation, Stella found the time to train / play with Crumble and visit Mira more often. Since Mira was very interested in what was happening outside the staff, Stella showed her photos and told stories about her world. The spirit was thankful for all the images Stella was sending her and they enjoyed picknicks and relaxing times listening to music together. With the time they got to know each other very well and sometimes Stella even heard in her mind what Mira would say in certain situations.
    Also, Mira loved little surprises; so whenever Stella found the possibility, she brought her a KinderĂŒberraschung and hid it in the girl’s house so she would find it later. The spirit was thankful for the sweet gestures Stella showed her.

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