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  • TDUMS 27/06/2015

    At least they had a new clue now so everyone went off to look for the name in books, the internet and the SpiriTab. Yet, this didn’t bring them any more information or helpful tips. They made a list of what they knew about this person, her plan, the name and her appearance. Also, the group was wondering about her motives. In the media, such people usually had had a bad childhood and that would (more or less) explain why they were capable of doing something terrible. Of course these were never reasons to justify any cruelties but especially in films people sometimes started feeling pity for the villains (who usually were just as good-looking).
    The suggestion of teaming up with the Black Raven came back up. “Even if we considered doing this, how would we find them just now? We wouldn’t have a way to contact them.” Jenna and Bunny Clemens looked at each other. “We would”, the werewolf-girl then said. Stella was confused. “We have to be really sure about this though, we should have a tactic prepared on how to solve our problem with them”, Stella added.
    After discussing about this topic for some time, the whole group went outside with a serious look on their faces. Clemens sat next to Crumble on the grass and everyone was watching Jenna. She collected her thoughts for a while, then stepped forward and howled into the sky. They waited and nothing seemed to happen. After some long seconds, they heard an answer which almost sounded like an echo. But they knew it wasn’t.

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