TDUMS 28/05/2015 2

There were several strange things about the postcard: the way he wrote his name, that he forgot to mention Crumble and Jenna and the fact he used the terms ‘student and master’ which he had never said before. Also, it wasn’t clear at all what the ‘Artifact of the Manticore’ was supposed to be.
They all sat in Stella’s and Crumble’s living room and contemplated what this might mean. The magic spells they tried using on the card didn’t show any effect (these spells kind of made them frustrated – remembering nothing had worked at the White Library’s doors either).
Stella was looking around in the room and tried to find a clue somewhere. Suddenly she got an idea and picked up the paperweight she had gotten from Clemens after successfully finishing a hard magical task. This gift could also be used as a magnifier and she laid it on the postcard to find something hidden maybe.
After a short while the letters began to change and be replaced by others! A different message appeared below the paperweight.

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8 years ago

The magic is about to take, but leave pending the reader, and in fact it works;)
Excellent choice Tifa :-))