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  • TDUMS 29/04/2015

    It was a nice afternoon in the city and Stella was going shopping and enjoying the weather with Crumble. A few days ago, she had left him at home when she had gone outside. But every time he had wanted to join her right away and she didn’t let him, Stella had met him IN the city later that day. He had found his own way outside.
    So she had understood that there was no reason in not taking him with her right from the start…
    Suddenly, Crumble made a jumping parade right in front of her and didn’t let her go further. She turned to the shop on the right: it was a travel agency. “Crumble, we don’t have the time and money for travelling at the moment…” He still blocked the way and now even knocked on the glass windows with his paws. “See…”, but suddenly she stopped talking. This time, she watched more carefully and discovered that the big posters in the agency had a second visible layer. One of them showed a white building with the title – OMG. It showed the Library of Magic!

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