TDUMS 29/06/2015

It turned out that Rufus, Jenna’s brother, was a member of the Black Raven. They had not been able to meet frequently because of this and even though she knew he would always stay somewhere close enough for coming for help if in danger, this was a hard time for her. The two of them (and including Clemens the three of them) had been inseparable as children and the decision of joining the Black Raven had been hard for Rufus, but he supported their main goals and, to be honest, in situations like this it was very useful having a friend among them. It made him proud to be able to help his sister and her friends.
Clemens had known this all along. He had suspected that Rufus might have joined the group earlier and now that they had kept him for a while he knew for sure.
The magician didn’t have a problem with the werewolf having his own opinion but he had to admit that he was still a bit surprised and maybe shocked. Now that they met again right here, he noticed that his old friend had not changed at all and was still the loyal and great person he always had been.

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