TDUMS 30/04/2015 2

Stella didn’t want to enter the travel agency, but Crumble suddenly opened the door and pushed her inside. She was amazed by the giant posters (all with a second layer) of many magical places: the Ogre Village was there, the Chair of the Giants and the Unicorn Valley plus many that she hadn’t read or heard about yet. On the first layer, these pictures showed different cities, “real” cities that everybody knew to make the shop look normal to everyone. “How can I help you?”, a beautiful woman asked her. Stella explained that she was interested in a trip to the Library of Magic. “Then you will have to take the FWC, it takes about 2 hours for one way.” Stella must have looked a bit puzzled so that she explained the most basic infos about the Flying Whale Company. Only now did she notice the employee was an elf with long and sharp ears.

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8 years ago

Stella asked then, but where you take the FWC? And she said, follow the road, down the road you ll see a rooster tail very long, looks looks where that is the direction of the stop FWC take the color blue. Crumble star and went out and came close to the rooster and here’s the right direction. Stella I look up to see where he took the FWC, but he saw something extraordinary. She thought to find a bus or train or other means but they saw a large disc-shaped blue whale a kind man accompanied her to his place… Read more »