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The Black Raven turned out to be a group of rather radical magicians who didn’t care all that much about normal people because they believed it was being magicians that made them worthy. They also supported the rights of other magical creatures though and tried protecting them when there was danger in sight.
“As everything, they got their good and bad aspects. Many times the Black Raven contacted Kiwi and tried to convince him to join; there are even Black Raven support groups consisting of werewolves and other magical creatures. Kiwi didn’t want to be a part of this group because he disliked some of their demands.”
Stella and Crumble had understood that Clemens was in a pretty bad situation now. Maybe they had even used violence against him! “So what’s the plan?”, Stella asked. Jenna thought about the first step for a while. “I think we should find out where the real place on the postcard is located”, she said after a while. Let’s head to the Library of Magic tomorrow morning.”

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7 years ago

I hope that at this point in the story where the three friends must save Clemens, perhaps in danger to come out a bit strong figure Crumble, in my opinion can we expect some surprises;)