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  • TDUMS 30/06/2015

    They all sat together and prepared an agreement between the group around Clemens and the Black Raven. Those had to promise not to threaten or hurt any of our friends and their families; it was mainly a peace contract. Then they would be able to work together against potential dangers. The letter of agreement was very long and detailed so that the Black Raven wouldn’t find a loophole. Crumble was the person writing everything down and Rufus would take it to the leader. NOW they could first start talking about this weird wizard and her plan. Hopefully everything would work out correctly…
    The whole time, Rufus was watching Crumble with both an amazed and a confused look on his face. Later Stella heard the werewolf ask him:”What in the world are you? I’ve never seen anyone like you.” Stella was surprised but unfortunately couldn’t hear the cat’s answer.

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