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  • The Endless River – English

    The Endless River

    Dedication: The music and the deep emotions and true mingling form the endless stream of life that encompasses our existence becoming the infinite rainbow of our dreams.

    The river flowed silently, clear water and move that almost caressed the large stones of his bed. Scroll through the river seems full of memories, present and future dreams.

    A special cat named Astro was mirroring in the river because it was one of his games, at each change of wave thought to disappear into the river and tried to stay with his paw, and Astro’s funny that this was one of his games that he repeated a long time, but the strangest thing is that every time he marveled.

    From a distance he heard a distant voice calling for help.

    It was a gentle voice that seemed to come from the water, Astro walked toward the voice, he thought he could help someone in need and came at the exact point where the voice shone through the water and felt strong and defined.

    At one point his gaze to the water where he was born a whirlpool of water and the water itself usd a man with a black cloak and handed a vial, the figure asked for help to open around the world.

    Astro who was a very intelligent cat, but also curious and opened the man in the black cloak laughed with a very evil and wicked laugh and said, who with gentle hand will open the ampoule magic will stop the endless river and the time will be infinite and finally my !!!!!!

    And so the bulb absorbed with a little ray of light gear of the river and disappeared into the vortex with the man in the black coat.

    At that time the river was almost stopped, as if suspended, but what happened?

    A sad fact, the infinite river was like frozen and could not slide and if he could not scroll the time almost stopped as crystallized.

    The river was a guarantee of the past, the present and the future, but in doing so it was just this.

    Astro realized the mess he had done but could not think that it was his action that could affect the way the infinite river.

    But the cats in their curiosity they have a great gift, to not ever become demoralized, so Astro realized that the only way to return to business as usual was to find the gear of the river, but how?

    And with this doubt, and with the knowledge that you have combined a beautiful disaster, Astro looked at the sky and its stars to have an intuition without any luck, then went to sleep that night as the moon with its rays and the light shone on his body and dreams.
    Astro woke up like every morning, but soon discovered that it was morning, but still night and this was to be expected, the infinite river did not flow more then it was gone the alternation of night and day and Astro decided to do something good.

    Astro who had a small spacecraft, thought it best to go to find an expert in the magic world of the imagination, but to find the Wizard who could manipulate time called the magician of happy hours, had to do a very dangerous trip over the moon where there was a hole in space and tear over this space could be found the world of fantasy.

    Then he took his vehicle, said goodbye to his beloved land with a promise to come back with a solution for his land.

    Went with him also his faithful dog named Chicco, charming and had a really great quality to be the greatest friend of Astro, and even a dog very accurate, neat and very realistic.

    Chicco having learned of the incident was not afraid to go with Astro.

    The future of the world was bound to them. And then off to the moon, the trip was very nice because Astro had the ingenuity to build him tell his spacecraft was like being in a transparent bubble, or maybe it was really a bubble?

    I do not know but it was all clear and you had the feeling float in cycle, a good feeling, Chicco was placed at the bottom because he knew that when he was in command Astro flutter like doing somersaults in the sky so he knew how to make sense of the flying is that feeling of happiness that for a moment we can feel where it counts only follow the floating wind cieto and feelings.

    Astro was happy about that, but it had an important task, and then off to the moon You do not know, but we are near the moon rings very thin, almost transparent where you can express desires, are called wheels of fortune, so once passed slowly, because you can not quite shake the dreams and desires, Astro expressed his wish.

    Are you wondering what he thought? ah I do not know, who knows maybe Astro eventually will tell, but we are not certain.

    And here we are very close to the moon and how do you move on, you have to turn around?

    No Astro pass directly through into the moon, right in the middle there is an opening almost invisible as a tunnel to the other side of the moon and is driven by the thought, then Astro them close made him open the door and go into the tunnel until out the other side.

    Here we are over the moon, now the hard part was finding the invisible area where there was a laceration of the space and where was the world of the imagination.

    But how do you find the hole to get to the planet, Astro was to reflect Chicco, passed hours in orbit the moon to think and to have an idea, then at some point a flash of light struck Astro, Astro Had big smile found a way.

    He took his favorite cookies, crumbled them took his sling and off into space, the grain looked at his friend in amazement, the cookie crumbs Astro in contact with the space turned into red balls colorful enough to follow the trajectory.

    Hooray behold, he saw a point where the red balls were lost, that’s the way it was just that.

    Now a turn of the spacecraft to that area, and the closer one gets, the more he saw the dark hole in space, a really dark black, until the vehicle Astro was drawn from that patch of space, Chicco held very strong, there was a sharp acceleration after a few seconds, a thud and here we are in the space of the imagination, the sky is the color of the rainbow and constantly changes colors depending on the density of the material which is surrounded, in the wake of the vehicle moved in a gentle space particles had a blue strip which followed the same vehicle, but the space around was changing from green, red, orange and white.

    Astro had almost reached its destination with his faithful friend Chicco, saw from a distance a planet and decided to get off, had to be the planet of fantasy.

    Astro which was very decisive in his actions decided to go down, got to the planet and with a turn to the master came down gently on the planet.

    Analyzed the atmosphere and with amazement saw that they could breathe, and then boldly went down the ladder, first Chicco and then Astro.
    They saw a sign on a stone, it said: “Welcome to the world of fantasy, where everything is special, nothing is impossible, the logic does not exist, but only the imagination and genius govern things” that Astro needed a miracle for the damage they believed responsible, he realized that maybe he had arrived at the right place, and then took courage and followed a footpath to cross the enormous bring home the fantasy planet, which was not made of iron or wood, but air bubbles all close and transparent, but now that he was in fantasy planet as the magician could find happy hours?

    Astro stopped to think a little ‘with his faithful friend, but no idea until he saw a pink flamingo in the sky, majestic, and with a very nice flight, followed him with his eyes, then he went to another and then another still in the same direction.
    Follow the reasoning of Astro, struck by this idea, flamingos looking for warmth, so if they’re going to fly safely in the house of light, and the light house is probably where the time is set, and if there is to be regulated who could do it if not the wizard of happy hours?

    Many times the feelings are right or wrong, but in this case we are in the world of fantasy where everything is possible, so here’s one that intuition could be right, maybe at the bottom of the matter could be manipulated by thoughts, I’m not sure but maybe This was the rule that governs and keeps balance in the world of fantasy.

    So Astro and Chicco immediately put on the trail of flamingos, but it was very hard to follow their flight was still fast, another insight Astro, thought hard for a bicycle, and a little later appeared the bike, loaded it on the trash Chicco in front, behind and away the flamingos.

    Astro began to understand how turning the world of fantasy that’s why this idea, indeed this good idea.
    the flamingos were tens and followed a trail that went between two mountains, maybe the back was a valley.
    Astro was tired, do not take it anymore from the ride, but had to resist, but it was really hard, until a pink flamingo slowed and stopped in front of him now The others were never far away but the pink flamingo in front of the path blocking the road and Astro The Flamingo stopped spoke, Astro rested, I’m ready to take you where your imagination wants to go. Who are you? are only extension of your dreams, and I’m ‘waiting because you need to get to your destination. Astro was stunned, but you speak my language?
    My readers have never seen a pink flamingo laugh out loud, the motto should be careful because the wings are very long and if the shaking problem.
    The flamingo, Astro said you have to follow me, I can take you where you want.
    Astro recovered quickly, take me by the wizard of happy hours, I need your help I’ve made a big mess, Flamingo, opened its huge wings, power climbs, and Astro was hesitant, but how can you take both Astro’re in the country of the imagination and I am the pink flamingo unspoken dreams, I can really all !!!

    Okay flamingo, Astro took courage rose above the flamingo and also Chicco, stay strong, and go to heaven. Amazing Astro and Chicco were flying above the flamingo that was flying majestically towards the goal.

    The flight of the flamingo was so beautiful that all the animals of the planet of the imagination, they stopped to see this wonder of the sky, the Flamingo knew he was being watched and took the long way in order to satisfy all those who were watching him.

    And with a turn high above the clouds went through the mountains finally coming to a clearing where there was a wooden hut very nice.

    Each piece of wood was numbered with a series fluorescent numbers tell who knows what would be served. Astro had arrived at the home of the Wizard of happy hours.

    He had come to the door when a voice said come expecting you, have no fear, Astro was a very polite cat came in a very nice and quiet, just inside they found a young girl with long blond hair, gasped.

    The girl with long hair, told him come out I’ve been waiting, Astro had more question marks coming down from his ears and said, but I know that I was wrong, I was looking for the wizard of happy hours, you do not know where can I find it?

    Astro you have in front of you, I’m the Wizard of happy hours, but I was expecting a whiz with white hair with thick hair and a long white beard. The Wizard of happy hours, laughed, Astro’re just a mess, I know everything and I know that you have been deceived, but it is not your fault, but now you can only restore the river infinite.
    And you have to do really early because there is not much time, the future of the world rests in your hands Astro, listen well the evil has in his hands the magic glass ampoule which contains the gear of the river.

    This gear is kept in the depths of the earth, there is only one chance to break the glass and repair the gear, you will need to collect the puff flower light (overhead) and throw it at the point you saw disappear gear, then the ‘gear tea will find it again in your hand and you have to run the point where the river has the highest jump and throw it in the river so you can save the river, your world and the world of fantasy.

    Hurry hurry Astro, Astro had a lot of questions to ask the magician but finished this little speech, the magician disappeared with his cabin and found himself with his faithful companion Chicco in this field with many doubts and questions that haunted him and that perhaps only luck could give the strength to finish his task.

    Astro had been a little ‘disappointed because he thought he had more answers, but the faithful Bean came up and said do not beat Astro ever because you have an important task and then a friend who stands by you and you will be able to lend a hand.

    Astro refreshed decided to stop the clearing resting in a cozy little cave, it was a very busy day and hard for both of us and for the world of fantasy.

    Chicco was happy with his friend, and then all of a sudden he saw Astro out of the cave that was watching the sky who knows what he was thinking while watching Astro is great to see the sky and its stars because it fills their light, and it was his Chicco friend did not want to ruin this moment returned without disturbing the cave, then finally after a few hours Astro was overcome by fatigue and closer to his friend, he took the way of the rest, while the starry sky gave significant presence in the sky The sun was high when Astro and Chicco woke up.

    Astro had gone to wake Chicco who was still in a dream world, saying Chicco hey !!!! today is the day when we will cancel our bad dream.

    Yes! Chicco had realized that Astro was very inspired and so on, had to immediately return to the river near infinity.

    But how do the flamingo was already far away, then Astro was thinking, hmmm yes you sure can, Astro had seen that roamed many clouds in the sky, but what do you said Chicco, a simple motionless cloud that will bring us near to the infinite river, Astro as he raised his arms to simulate the flight of the flamingo, a cloud came down and went up !,
    Astro and Chicco get on , and Chicco was really impressed by the determination of Astro, Astro but how are you going to drive the clouds towards the river infinite?

    Wait and see, once you climb, Astro said: “Cloud strength of the wonders that you are familiar with the sky and the stars take us straight to the river,” the cloud without any problems brought Astro in a few moments where he wanted to be. Chicco was flabbergasted, but Astro was too. With supersonic speed the cloud came near the river and brought down our friends, you wonder how Astro said goodbye and thank the cloud?

    Astro took the red colored powder, and made a huge soap bubble to the cloud, the bull came close to the cloud and the cloud burst of red coloring.

    Now, you are a very special cloud, Astro-cloud , the most special of all the clouds, Astro was able to make happy even a cloud The cloud greeted him with Astro, you’re the most special cat in the world.

    Chicco smiled and said to himself, it was really so.
    Now they were near endless stream, you had to follow the instructions of the wizard of happy hours, and Astro had to find the puff flower light but it really was this flower, Chicco strength we need to find a flower will not be so hard on mica ? no?

    But no, there were flowers but they were the ones who maybe interested, and if the magician meant something else?

    and if the flower was a way to say, there were so many doubts, Astro Bean said we need to think well what we’re looking for.

    To think Astro loved to lie on the grass and watch the clouds that pass, or did one of his favorite games.
    Still lying on the grass, took a soffiane made him turn with his mouth until all the seeds were released into the sky and then stood there waiting for them to come down on the muzzle.

    And so he took one, then another, until the third rotated towards the sun and the effect of sunlight seemed a shower of light. Chicco !!!!! cried perhaps I could find.

    Here I found the flower by the breath of light, is the soffiane, see if it addresses to the sun have the effect of a light rain, maybe it really is that.
    Chicco was happy, great idea Astro, here is full of dandelions in let’s take a look and try point we left ampoule.

    And so our friends came to the point where they had seen the ampoule disappear, and Chicco now, but Astro you have an idea of how to throw the soffiane at that point, is ultimately not be able to get away.

    Do not be afraid Chicco, and immediately took a soffiane and with a breath of very strong and the help of the blowing of the wind and the desire to succeed in his business,
    the wind blew the seed-bearing plane reached the spot at one point he saw a small mulinetlo water in the river and the extras bulb,
    Astro stretched out his paw as he said the wizard of happy hours,
    and appeared on the gear leg He was fulfilling the prophecy of the wizard of happy hours, and immediately ran with Chicco towards the upper part of the river where you could imagine that the jump could be higher,
    Astro had misgivings and point what will happen if I’m wrong, but Astro has on his side the nature, passed them to the pink flamingo and a mention of the bill said Astro Jump, you’re in the right spot and Astro after a deep breath threw the gear, he was exhausted by the responsibility of that gesture will put it on the edge of the river as the gear touch the river water began to run toward the The direction of the current river seemed to awaken from the dream evil, you could feel that the glass was broken and now life was recovering, at that moment an extraordinary thing happened, the sun was high and lowered the height of the Moon for a moment the sun, moon and stars were in the same space and time, Astro did not understand, until a hand caress your head, it was the wizard of happy hours.
    Astro see what you’re seeing is a sign that the endless stream resumed its normal course, your world and the world of fantasy are safe, thanks to your intervention.

    I’m grateful and I have a little gift for you, keep this necklace with a small charm, if you listen the heart and with the help of the amulet you can stop time when you want, with this amulet you become the guardian of the time, a very important recognition’ve got to be proud of.

    Thanks Wizard, for the important award, I will be proud of this post.
    The magician waved Astro and Chicco and gone where clouds merge with the sky.

    Astro and Chicco resumed their games in the happiness of afternoons spent together.
    Friendship is really nice and should not have it, but only moments of understanding, spontaneity is the fuel.

    One day while Astro and Chicco were playing by the river, they saw from a distance a figure of a child looked almost like a child who was lost.
    Came to him, he had lost, he lived over the hill and had delved into the river because he was just hungry.

    Astro and Chicco took him into their home and after they had calmed and refreshed, they saw this baby much happier with a full stomach.

    The baby was really grateful to her new friends, Astro asked but how do you get so hungry, your parents do not prepare the food, he said unfortunately they are always busy and live life the bull quickly and sometimes leave out something, but I want the real so well.
    Astro was struck by that child, called Chicco.

    Chicco I want to do something important so that what we saw never happens again, I will use the amulet.

    But as Astro? Do not worry I have an idea.

    Astro took the amulet in his leg and shaking it to the sky, the weather suddenly stopped when he called to the Flamingo and told him to bring him a piece of the cloud, the highest close to the sun.

    The flamingo, took away the clouds and a few minutes later he returned with the piece of cloud, Bean was curious, but what are you doing Astro.

    Wait, close to the river there was an endless prairie, not great but a beautiful lawn, dug with his paws and put a hole in the piece of cloud.

    Watch what happens Chicco, Astro still waved his amulet and time is unlocked and with it the power and wonder of the sun quickly grew a very large plant, and the flowers bloomed and the fruit looked almost like small clouds,
    Astro and Chicco said now got one and taste it, but I can try Astro as a cloud came and tasted the mysterious fruit is very good, but wow, what is this fruit?

    We’ll call it the bread of the clouds.
    This bread will grow to infinity and each plant will feed even the poorest places on earth Astro Okay but how are you going to bring this fruit?

    Born alone, look what happens yet.

    Astro for the second time stood still shaking the time the amulet when he called to all the pink flamingos and each one brought a piece of the cloud to collect a lot of pieces.

    Then he called his favorite star Antares and asked her a spell, Antares asked the rainbow nicer to be flexible, with the power of the most beautiful star was fulfilled one of the most beautiful gifts of Astro.

    Were thrown to the sky these thousands of pieces and scattered in all countries fell delta land.

    Astro unlocked time with his amulet, and in all the earth grew the sponge cloud, so that Astro had a lot of imagination and was very brave, he managed to defeat one of the ugliest evils of our times as hunger.

    This is due to the smile of the child who had produced all this wonder.

    Chicco paused for a moment and said Astro’ve done a great thing, now what will you do?

    I have an idea, you want to follow me? Sure friend, and then Astro and Chicco without thinking, began at the point where the jump was higher and they fell together in the endless river.

    The endless river , a river was not true but it was a vehicle of the time and Astro understood it and understood its mechanisms and according to his way of thinking and also for the post which he had received to be the guardian of the time, had also had the knowledge of time travel Chicco had trusted, and once you hit the water, their destination was actually a desire Astro That will take him to the land of smiles and from there every now and then with his amulet stop time only to see as long as the sunsets and the stars his favorites.

    And Chicco, his friend whom he admired Astro always had to stay by his side because Chicco was actually only the projection of the will of Antares that was his favorite star.

    I’m the ‘writing this story I have a small question for Astro.

    But Astro wonder why you did this for the world?

    Astro smile me !

    Hey Astro you are really the most beautiful cat in the world.

    The End

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