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  • The Endless River part 10 – Astro and the spell of the sixteen swords – English

    the infinite river is magic created where hypothesis and certainties have only the time duration of a dream, a spell a few times is not always negative can be a desire suspended where expects only a moment to express themselves fully only when it is dissolved.

    One evening Astro was looking at the sky and counting its stars.
    He thought he was smart at counting the stars and he said , Chicco now at this time with a breath account all really.
    Chicco laughed, and Tiffy distracted him because when he could count a bit flapping where he was looking so lost count.
    Tiffy if you go on like this we’ll put all eternity to count them, and showed his face so harder, yes then turned and laughed.
    Then when our friends were tired of that game, he continued, but at the end he’s tired, very tired, so very very tired, fell asleep in the shadow of the stars.
    It was a hot day and as Chicco didn’t want to disturb him because he had the smile of those who dream of happy under the stars, took a small blanket and covered him.
    Chicco the next day had a great idea, let’s discover new places near the river infinite, I heard that there is a place after the bank’s highest river where there are very beautiful meadows, and where there is a well, it may be the wishing well?
    You know anything about Astro?
    No, but the wishing well should be one of the points where if one flips a coin, one important thing in the well itself, and makes a wish, in a short time is achieved.
    Tiffy was exicited, she let’s go !!!!!
    It’s so magical and then I can express my desire?
    Astro asked and what would be?
    Shut your muzzle Astro !!!!!
    you know that you can’t say, is secret and then goes guarded their desire !!
    and there was a great laugh, Astro blushed and curled mustache down.
    You’re right that Tiffy fool I am!
    Chicco then said it is morning and we have the whole day and then took the path to the highest which is what led to the upper part of the endless river.
    Chicco was about to cross the trail, when he saw a tree very strange, was shaped like a huge sword, bark-free and at the base a robust root that looked like the handle of a sword, Chicco came up and walked away for a moment from his friends, then he saw a sign on the tree, came to understand the words and with his paw touched the plant and immediately became as small as an ant.
    Our friends who were seeing the scene, approached scared, but what happened Chicco, a voice behind a rock, he said has happened what happened to me, it is the spell of the 16 swords.
    The creature came up was a small elephant, I’m the biggest elephant of the earth and see how they are reduced, it was not much bigger than Tiffy.
    I was lost in the waters of the endless river and I found it here, then I saw a strange plant I touched and here you see how I am now.
    Even your friend has happened to me has happened to me.
    Astro spoke up and said, laughing, and you’d be a big elephant, but if you are as big as a butterfly as it can be?
    I know it’s incredible, and you can’t believe it, but they are under the spell of 16 swords, and what is it?
    One day the king of the kingdom of swords, was very angry because he had grown flowers very special just called swords, they were put to a clock and their flowering that happens once a year in all contemporary was a happy event because the sum the colors of the sixteen swords gave a shade of color that filled the sky for an hour and gave to those who were under the sky, health, serenity and want to laugh.
    It was important to him because many times the subjects were not happy, had removed taxes and had also tried in every way to make happy his subjects, but no luck.
    The king was a great king, because he thought that his fortune was to have the great subjects and that’s why I was very keen to their happiness.
    One day he met the supreme wizard spells, that after years of study gave him the task of reigning in the reign of 16 swords, and so the king ordered the construction of a garden just to watch the 16 swords and everything worked well for a period but one day with his guards had gone for a hunt and when he came back everything was ruined.
    He was so angry that he vowed revenge for those who had made the gesture and the spell of the 16 swords is this.
    The king of the kingdom of the swords cast this spell in all possible worlds, he grew the plants in the form of a sword as a weapon, and that all those who come into contact become very small.
    The only way to break the spell is to demonstrate their goodness of heart searching and finding the sixteen flowers that make up the clock of the sixteen swords and taking them to the King of the Kingdom of the sixteen swords.
    But tell me, what’s your name Elephant? My name is Bellatrix.
    Astro spoke, then the only solution to bring back to the original shape Chicco is to find the seeds or flowers of the sixteen swords, you have no idea where they might be?
    the seeds you would find in the constellation of Orion, the guardian of the stars can find them and Astro are you.
    But then to bring the seeds of flowers, must travel to the edge of the knowledge they are the King of the Kingdom of the swords.
    I don’t know where she said Bellatrix.
    Astro is not simple, but believe me it is the only way to break the spell.
    Astro said we should try it because our friend is in trouble and friendship makes situtations impossible into possible and when the friendship is true flies over the line of dreams.
    Bellatrix gasped for words of Astro.
    Now I’m going to the library of the stars I have to find the seeds, wait Astro come even I said Bellatrix you need a hand I know.
    Bellatrix but you can’t fly on Orion, this you say take me and you’ll see!
    Okay let’s go, Chicco and Tiffy been waiting for, and take care of Tiffy Chicco please.
    Tiffy did a somersault that meant, okay, good luck Astro.
    And so Astro and Bellatrix reached the library, and in a moment Astro closed his eyes in thought Chicco and the history of the king and of his kingdom, and lit up a book them near them, they opened the book and inside was a note, however, it said, to bring the light blue Rigel to Betelgeuse to reassure the only warrior Orion can bring him this light and they were near the coordinates.
    Astro didn’t understand, Bellatrix worry I understand what is going on Rigel, Astro closed his eyes and in seconds they arrived on the star Rigel, beautiful star of the constellation Orion, with its light blue and blue with its shades of blue ranging by the intense light of blue almost white to deep blue almost like the deepest sea. Astro was admiring the beauty of the star Rigel and its surface, when he turned to say this to Bellatrix, but he saw something exceptional, that Bellatrix was the endless river a small elephant with the size of a butterfly was turning and was changing shape , to become a great warrior hers hair long and thick black is really incredibly beautiful, even had a bracelet so bright that seemed made of starlight. Astro was left speechless, but Bellatrix !!!!
    It’s not my nature , I’m Gamma Orionis, or call me and Bellatrix , I’m the star you see in the constellation of Orion Astro here see every star has a chance to become visible and assuming a form as if the star has two faces one in heaven is one on earth if he wants to show himself.
    That’s why I told you that you needed me only I can bring the light blue Rigel to Betelgeuse, you are the guardian of the stars and you are very important but this is a task entrusted to me.
    Astro was excited he was talking to a star is so asked Bellatrix but you know how it shows Antares?
    Of course I was, I could tell you, but I can’t because you would lose your job to be the guardian of the stars, then Bellatrix turned to a distant point in the sky lit up as the warrior to have communicated something.
    Astro , Antares is a day to show to you. She’s told me but you’ve to have patience.
    Thanks Bellatrix was what I wanted to hear.
    Now Astro wait, and Bellatrix took the road to a point that perhaps only she knew to capture blue light to calm Betelgeuse.
    Bellatrix back with a small chest transparent with light blue.
    Now wait again, Betelgeuse has a difficult character, come with me, Bellatrix could travel and to travel to the stars and in a few moments went up both with destination Betelgeuse.
    They arrived on the surface.
    It ‘amazing Astro was with Bellatrix on the surface of Betelgeuse, was on a star. Astro was fascinated and looked around to see how he was the star.
    The warrior had understood Astro and let him do it.
    He was looking at the horizon, how many times he had seen from afar that star, and now was admiring its beauty only because of this star were seas of light, were used to illuminate the star then the red colored stones were cold, Astro had in one hand, but they were the ones that gave the red color to the star.
    Then he saw the bushes, but they were not plants, said in wonder, but Bellatrix What are these?
    Bellatrix laughed, of Betelgeuse those bushes are the tail of comets , see Astro, all comets are to greet before leaving for their trip the big star Betelgeuse, is very important here and take this bush in contact with their light forms the tail of the comet.
    But what is the blue light of Rigel to Betelgeuse?
    Again Bellatrix laughed !!!
    See the stars are sometimes capricious and want something they have not.
    Watch now harbor the chest at the point that Betelgeuse wants.
    The warrior took the casket and went over the bushes in a very open, open the chest, light blue Rigel, Betelgeuse is mingling the light to form a rainbow that will always remain.
    See Astro, the star is now happy because he has his tail like all comets and is more beautiful because blue and unlike any other we can now ask Betelgeuse where are the seeds of the flowers of the swords.
    Bellatrix sent a beam toward the center of the star and lit up the bracelet, maybe he was talking to and after a few moments Betelgeuse, Bellatrix spoke and said we have to go on Rigel, because it is them that are hidden the seeds of the flowers of the swords, because they were hidden so Betelgeuse could watch them from the attacks of the realm of antimatter.
    So Astro and Bellatrix returned on Rigel, watch Astro said Bellatrix, go behind that boulder blue, you will find behind the yellow leaves, raise and digging and you will find below the seeds.
    I can’t touch the seeds because they are a star and the guardian of the stars can carry the seeds to the king of the kingdom of the swords.
    So Astro went around the boulder blue and began to dig, and it occurred to him while he dug a little game he did with Chicco, where he hid the bones that he was hiding and he thought of his friend and how he could help.
    Finally after a few minutes, Astro found a huge seed, was a coconut, however, had a lock, opened it and inside were the seeds, were like gems, counted them and they were sixteen, here’s cheers had found the seeds flowers swords.
    Astro said , and now back to the river infinite, Bellatrix stopped Astro.
    Bellatrix was communicating with someone, wait Astro.
    Are not you curious to go at least for a few moments on Antares, is a great gift that she want to do, but you’ll go up by itself, because it is a small gift and why Antares, wants to show, to those who always looks to be down.
    Astro was excited, of course he was excited, I didn’t expect.
    Bellatrix sorry, but I’m really
    You will see it as it is, one day you will like me, but this will happen later.
    But how do I, where do I go?
    Don’t worry Astro, don’t have to do anything, just close your eyes and relaxed.+
    And a ray came very slowly, as if not to disturb Astro, Astro and taken to bring it to the surface of Antares.
    Bellatrix who was watching in silence, Astro you’ve earned it because the guardian of the stars can’t know his star.
    After a few minutes Astro opened his eyes and found himself on Antares yes, his eyes were bright with happiness, it was a moment that has been waiting for Antares showed himself in his infinite beauty, the star had created a small step only for Astro, colors delta star were from the blue sea, the red of the sunset, in a few moments all nature was in Astro, there were the colors of the earth, the green trees, blue sky, white clouds and a little away from him was a chair almost looked like a throne that was an invitation to sit Astro who was admiring how beautiful was Antares, followed the path and came to the chair stood above.
    At that precise moment Antares arrived with his range more beautiful and Astro reached out his paw as if to feel the contact.
    At that moment, maybe time and space no longer mattered, maybe that’s what you call getting lost in the infinite, Astro had the great honor, he’s lucky to meet his star Antares.
    The beam gradually ended and left to Astro footprint on an A star that had on the paw.
    Then Antares, left Astro that you looked around, she could see that Astro was very excited, and gently Antares brought Astro near Bellatrix.
    Bellatrix who was there waiting for him, she saw the happiness on the muzzle of Astro and said she was right Antares want you to say hello in person.
    Astro , you’ve had your personal greeting and particularly of Antares, you had her caress and something even more, look at your leg now you’re the prince of Antares, this means you can use the full potential of Antares.
    And then the prince of a star is like the favorite of the star itself, so use in moderation and be always right on every occasion.
    One day she said Bellatrix always, it will show as I did with you, but this will happen later.
    Astro who was stunned, he said I had enough, Bellatrix could see he was struggling to get away and so strength Astro now we go back to the endless river. And so with a little melancholy Astro and Bellatrix returned, Tiffy and Chicco were happy to find Astro, Tiffy realized that Astro was a little thoughtful, Bellatrix said Tiffy no notice will be so for a while met for Antares the first time and Tiffy happiness began to flutter for Astro drawing of the stars and planets with shadows.
    Astro start to Tiffy, thanks Tiffy, Tiffy to bring it back to earth immediately pulled his mustache !!!
    Ok I understand, but now Bellatrix, we have the seeds and how do we get them to the King of the sixteen swords and where you will never find this realm?
    Bellatrix said I do not know but we have to find as soon as this kingdom.
    Tiffy immediately called his friends, maybe he found something that might help.
    Astro I found him shouting, you found it!
    Come and so Tiffy had found a wishing well near the river infinite, all came to see the well pit Maybe this can help, and so Astro saw that the coconut had a hole where the light coming out of the seeds, it was now evening and the moon was full and was reflected in the well.
    Astro saw that weird if I put the coconut on the well moonlight passes through the hole and projects a beam strange, but you !!!!!!
    Hurrah is them that we must go !!!
    The beam reflected from a specific point of space, it can be said Bellatrix maybe you’re right.
    Come on let’s start, now I drive Bellatrix said , so in a few seconds Bellatrix took Astro, Tiffy and Chicco on the planet of the King of the sixteen swords.
    Arrived, the King received thier with his guards, and who are you, what do you want?
    The King had become bad after what had happened, he ordered the guards to take the intruders Astro said with authority, stop King’s reign of sixteen swords, I have a gift for you, are the seeds to grow the flowers that you had destroyed
    Ohhhh thanks !!! then you’re friends for sure, still guards ordered honor to my friends.
    The King took the coconut and immediately planted the seeds, but suddenly an army of enemy ships were ready once again to destroy the flowers Astro saw the scene, the king was powerless to weapons so powerful, and was unhappy, and so Astro raised his paw with the letter A to Antares, and with a flick of paw destroyed in one go all the spaceships were perhaps more than 100, and saved the seeds.
    Bellatrix said, here Astro just wanted to advise you not to put so much power, you have the Antares force now.
    Tiffy and Chicco were speechless, but also because Astro had acted on instinct, he could not know the power that he had from that meeting.
    Then it all ended with a general laugh.
    The King was impressed by Astro.
    the newly planted seeds were so special, the seedlings sprouting from the ground.
    Thanks Astro, now take off right away, and so the spell with a blow of his scepter ordered two things, the end of the spell of the sixteen swords and ordered the eagles of the swords that were trained to oversee the flowers, to take a seat beside the flower in order to protect them forever.
    Chicco had returned to normal size, Bellatrix that had turned into elephant, became the size of the beautiful animal impressive and powerful in its beauty. Bellatrix said Astro thanks, thanks for the help, Antares is fortunate to have you like a Prince!
    They were now all tired but happy, the King could do his subjects happy, Astro Ant had met Antares and had saved his friend Chicco.
    Now we return to the river infinite Astro said, the king stopped Astro wait, I want to take you to this in the endless river, was a telescope, with this telescope will see the wonders of the sky because only those who have kindness can use this telescope.
    Astro speechless took his gift and returned to the endless river.
    The endless river Bellatrix was greeting our friends became the warrior Orion , and once again Astro, remember sometimes to even look toward the constellation of Orion, because I spoke of you to Betelgeuse and he told me that he appreciated the beauty of your soul and that of your friends so you can watch tonight the spectacle of comets flying around the full moon.
    And after this Bellatrix returned home.
    Now never was evening and Astro with his friends near the river were infinite, and he wanted to try his gift Astro telescope, to see from the nearest stars.
    He pointed the telescope at Orion and as pointed it saw an extraordinary sight, all white-tailed comets in a row to the moon and gently formed a halo to the moon with the tail of comets.
    Astro had tears in his eyes , but because of the inifinte happiness many times this feeling.
    And I have written this story , I’ll watch the moon tonight who knows what will happen.
    Laugh Astro is very nice to see you laugh !!!!!!

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