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  • The Endless River part 11 – Astro and the mystery of creation – English

    Dedication: The river infinite and always existed, or has had a beginning, Astro and his friends probably will see it soon because one of the seven secrets!

    It was day and Astro were watching the garden of the sun was near the river infinite.
    The garden of the sun was a small piece of land where the sun always shone late and Astro imagined that in that small piece of land there was the exchange of greetings between the earth and the sky.
    Chicco meanwhile was playing with Tiffy, who now never felt at home in the endless river.
    Chicco playing his flute accompanied by singing Tiffy the winged butterfly silver and everything was really happening in a unique harmony.
    Astro suddenly asks, but Chicco where born the river Endless River? Have you a idea?
    But frankly no Astro, but this matter?
    Looks at us in a happy land, accompanied by Tiffy and butterfly garden, and the stars, it is important that you ask?
    But I do not know, maybe the infinite river has its beginning, who knows if one day we are lucky enough to find it?
    Relax Astro, Tiffy had approached and with a somersault is off balance Astro which immediately makes a splash directly into the river.
    But the water of the river is inviting , cool, clear very clear, then turns to look Tjffy Tiffy, look at that dip and salt on a stone and makes a wonderful dip where the water is much more deep, Tiffy smiles and laughs Astro , and here Astro goes deep and sees something strange sees a shade of red, perhaps a red stone or an object in red.
    Salt with waves, currents and bubbles that would not leave Astro, it seemed who want to play with him.
    Chicco I saw something strange in the bottom of the river, well it will be a stone, but it is red? it’s strange!
    But now the adventurous Tiffy, but why not bring that object to the shore?
    But Tiffy and if it was heavy, or was something insignificant?
    Astro and then if it were something extraordinary, or even if it were insignificant thing changes.
    Great lesson of Tiffy to Astro, attention, my readers the winged butterfly silver is as sweet as a strong character.
    i tell you a Astro’s face when he was told this?
    He seemed almost as if someone had pulled a cream pie in the face!
    Astro you’re really funny.
    Astro after the joke of Tiffy, the first was serious, but then bursts with a good laugh, maybe not if expected but the cream pie came.
    Tiffy Thanks for having taught to Astro, Tiffy had become red, but was happy!
    Go !!! Chicco find ways to take that thing on the bottom, how do we do it?
    Astro soon had a small idea, them near the shore of the endless river there was an tree bent very very elastic and could withstand even a cat.
    Then Tiffy has a great idea, because they wanted to use the tree as a bow, to get Astro in the river at great speed but then had to be recovered because with the strong currents could drag it very far.
    And then needed to weave a large string is very durable and could Tiffy in this magic because he managed to weave grass shining (it’s a grass that grows only in the endless river) but to fix and make it resistant to a drop of dew infinite river makes this magic.
    Our friends were ready, the bow of change was built and now needed the arrow, Astro was ready and tie it to the leg for not lose Astro in the water here gooooooooooooo!
    Astro like an arrow about to arrive in a few seconds and reaches the bottom of the river where he saw this object in red, sees that it is a book, and then he could not be very heavy, then pulls the rope to alert friends retrieve, and Chicco began to retrieve the rope floor because the current was very strong, it seemed almost endless river bothered by this recovery, and had generated the strongest currents and foam white.
    Astro was swimming with all his might with this red book under his paw while Chicco and Tiffy were making a huge effort to help recover Astro.
    Force Astro loudly Chicco was trying to give strength to his friend, and with difficulty managed to get on dry land. He was exhausted,
    Tiffy approaches to give comfort, Astro had drunk a little the river water, it was lying limp, but slowly a small smile appears to calm everyone.
    Chicco his faithful friend, rest a little Astro Astro are tired and lying on the shore in a full afternoon of a spring that was dressed in summer began to dream.
    Astro see when he was a little kitten, her mom and her dad, is happy in that situation, running plays and laughs, it seems that his life has gone back in time, the same situations, the same feelings.
    It then finds its games, the small tree where he thought that was inside the ship the most beautiful and powerful of the world, where for small admired the stars, planets and loved the rain, the wind and the carefree days of sun, and when he was tired he lay down on the grass to see if it caught some sign in the sky.
    Another game that he loved to laugh and laugh, and then smile and then smile and then poke fun, because it was funny, because his only miss was that if rested too would have lost something interesting, important, or contact with the infinite.
    Then the image of the dad who comforts him in his errors and a caress, and tells him to smile more and more because, so the smiles multiply indefinitely and could fill the earth and the sky.
    Suddenly it is located on a cliff top and a transparent rope connects the two worlds, Astro is moving towards the other land on the rope and does a good job to continue, on the other hand a warm voice calls him and reassures him, but when it is at the halfway afraid and unconsciously looks up and the radius of Antares that smiling and convinces him to retrace his steps, Astro and smiles and back.
    Astro wakes while Tiffy was scared on his nose tro try to bring Astro to be present.

    Astro Astro Astro !!!! Here I am, but because you’re so worried, you see friends that I did !!!
    Chicco approaches him and while you are going to turn up, the friend says rests now you’re safe, but you have to rest a lot.
    Our friends brought Astro in the house with the book recovered and the evening came, Astro today could not look at his star, Tiffy and then went out to him to the river and with the help of the butterflies in the garden and drew with fireflies light a small star with a light so beautiful that came into the room of Astro and in this way the night came on a tough day where Astro had risked so much.
    But this risk my readers will understand that it’s worth it because the book is something extraordinary, even more than our friends could imagine.
    The morning was still hard for Astro, although very tired but managed to get to his feet and Tiffy and Chicco were happy to see Astro, Tiffy kept fluttering with infinite energy, Chicco and his eyes shone.
    Astro today we make a small party, we will do lunch outdoors on the banks of the River infinite, there are you?
    Great idea Chicco and Tiffy prepared all that when it is on the riverside infinity.
    Meanwhile when we will rest a little , but certainly Tiffy, I prepare everything and Chicco.
    He arrived in time for lunch and our friends with an Astro a little tired arrived on the riverside the endless river, Chicco thought it well to bring the red book, so they could have a look at the gift of the river.
    As he was getting close to the river Astro paused a moment as if the river was the infinite for an active enemy, Chicco knew that the flight took him by the leg and said Astro you’ve risked a lot yesterday, but the river is not the enemy our desire to know that many times is beyond our capacity, but do not worry it went well, Astro said thanks friend, thank you for this hard moment for me.
    Now Astro had removed all doubts, and with a super Meeeeeeeeow, so friends today we have lunch and we celebrate and so was having a good day like so many in the endless river.
    Was spending the day with extreme happiness even if Astro has been lucky because he had perhaps challenged the endless stream, and instead of a caress received a slap, but Astro is strong and knows that sooner or later he’ll get.

    After lunch Chicco called Astro, Astro looks have brought with us the red book that you’ve recovered from the river do you say we look at it?
    The book was made of a red cover with a wire drawn in gold and a central square where he had represented a star.
    Astro gaze of someone who has just discovered something beautiful and extraordinary, look at his tattoo that represents the star and see that is completely identical so much that brings him closer to see if it fits.
    Astro approaches with wide eyes to the book and tries to support his leg tattooed with the star, and like magic so opens the book pages are illuminated with a warm, yellow, words materialize in an instant, Astro has a little fear of what is going on, the book is alive, pages breathe feels the presence of something extraordinary, and at the end when its fully opens a fearful sentence makes our friends, the sentence says in the book of welcome seven secrets, those lucky enough to meet him can be a part of the mystery of creation.
    Astro scared closes the book, Chicco but maybe we found something that perhaps embodies the mystery of it all.
    It is not easy to deal with my readers this issue very seriously and very challenging, yes, Astro and our friends had found the book that explains it all, perhaps the very beginning of life, perhaps even the mystery of the stars and the nature, the eternal questions that science, religion and critics discuss it for millennia.
    Neither did I write Astro is easy to imagine what the book contains is why Astro closes the book it should reopen because the imagination can fly on these mysteries and countless incredible.
    Who among us would not want to find such a book, discovered by chance, and perhaps without the knowledge about the importance?
    We return from our friends.
    Tiffy approaching Astro, OK Astro ! open book let’s see what he says, perhaps his knowledge can be of help to many, Chicco tries to open it but in vain does not open.
    Astro only has this ability, perhaps because it is the guardian of the stars.
    Astro approaches the book and still with his paw opens the book, the words flow as if they were born at that time and materialize on the pages Now the book says welcome Astro, Chicco and Tiffy, you’ve come to the book of the seven secrets.

    Astro through the book and the seven secrets appear on the pages:
    The secret of the endless river
    The secret of happy butterflies
    The secret of happiness
    The secret of the stars
    The secret of the Knights of light
    The secret of creation
    The secret of music
    These are the most beautiful secrets of the universe determined by the stars, not from men, but that most beautiful of all is the secret of the creation of life and the worlds and universes.
    Astro turns another page and another sentence says now it’s up to you to choose which secret will be shown, only one can be revealed, others depend on the goodness of the stars and only they can reveal them.
    Touches with his paw the secret and everything will be clear.
    Astro stops, looks at his friends, it’s hard to choose, Tiffy looks Astro, Chicco looks Tiffy and Astro looks at the book.
    Friends what we do, we have a unique opportunity to understand maybe life is a great gift that the endless river made us.
    Tiffy looks touched the secret of happy butterflies, Chicco and the secret of the endless river, Astro and maybe want to get to first moment of life.
    Suddenly without question Tiffy approaches it is to Astro, Astro force you choose, and so Chicco in agreement, Astro will choose you really deserve this choise, you have also threatened to bring us this book.
    Astro, approaching his paw into the secret of creation. It touches the secret.
    The book changes color becomes first red, then green and finally blue and dials the following phrase, bon voyage Astro, Tiffy and Chicco were to live in the moment first of creation, when there was nothing, there were no stars and planets even the man on the earth, and even the endless river.
    Good trip and remember to return to the endless river you have to find the source of the water completely immersing.
    We’re friends, Astro, Chicco and Tiffy are leaving for the time zero, when it all started, and when there was still nothing, when popped the first second of all.
    I’m excited to tell this, so excuse me if there will be some typo, but it is exciting, but I know that Antares will guide me in this and I know that you always have the luck on my side.
    Here everything becomes dark our friends are going to live in the moment of creation.
    But what is the climate in earlier time?
    Chicco, Tiffy and Astro huddle together, are now at the previous moment, everything is dark can speak and feel, but it’s really strange darkness is incredibly different from the darkness that we understand it, has substance, has the subject, a color, or rather has more colors, not scary this absence of light because it’s like a state of absence of normal light, they perceive clearly the tonal variations of the dark and as if the large strips of dark tones pervade the space, time, dreams, ideas.
    The time is not perceived because it is perhaps not yet born, the space is something personal, Astro is touched to understand how to feel, it seems that it is made of small strips of soft cream, wings Tiffy are almost gelatinous, and Chicco very real it seems that its tail to a small brush dipped in dark color.
    Astro called Chicco, is extraordinary we are to live in the moment of creation this is a great gift that made us the infinite river, we are careful to perceive everything, because only we have this privilege.
    Tiffy come on my paw, do not tire the journey is long, Tiffy approaching Astro and lands on the leg.
    Darkness is a dark little static, at times perceive the currents like the wind blowing from the top down, but the space is really difficult to perceive it as being in a bubble where size does not exist. there is a way.
    Suddenly, a small light comes is a firefly that comes to our friends.
    Good life, but then you are the lucky ones who found the book?
    But who are you?
    I’m the first light of creation, waited a long time because what you are seeing is reality.
    How can I explain to you what’s going on, ah here we are having made the choice of creation is as if you had created a new zero point, what is happening is what happened at the beginning of the times, soon you will have everything clear.
    Good luck, but remember that you’ll have to find the origin of endless river to get home.
    Then turning to Astro, Astro said I know you have many questions you want answers, but you will see that some will come true.
    The light of creation start his work, called in if thousand of small lights and created a dense network of light, and the darkness gave way to light.
    Now everything is clear, our friends will see, but the light is still not all the same shade only light without shades, but here comes a small radius that invites our friends they approach and are worn over a boulder like primordial asteroid, perhaps to see better what was going on, the beam resembled that of Antares, Antares but perhaps not at that point been created.
    From a distance you see a huge wave giant, frothy and very powerful that is going to invest albeit that it encounters.
    The wave separates the visible matter, the invisible matter, now we see something different, you see the first clusters of matter, but of a sudden like a party suddenly a blue light strikes this matter, fragments of these come off take the blue color and high rise in whirling, here is that the stars are being born, the biggest turn yellow and glowing.
    But something extraordinary is about to happen, Astro is following all with eyes to this wonderful show, but suddenly a small blue light fills the sky is approaching, Astro understands that it is Antares, was coming directly to greet them his favorite, Astro was moved with happiness, Tiffy and Chicco observe in silence.
    The star had approached much to Astro, and he reached out his paw to greet almost Antares, its star tattooed brightened with blue and he was happy about this meeting, although small, but important, now Antares was rising, when a small tear Astro was coming from his nose, Antares stopped for a moment this important time for the world to the universe and life to extend its reach to the paw of Astro.
    What a wonderful thing that was happening, Tiffy looks Chicco and says must be just important Antares stopped the creation for greeting guardian of the stars.
    Tiffy was true, but I think Astro is also important for Antares.
    Then after this greeting, Antares took his place and the wind life blew so hard , so much so that Astro Tiffy and Chicco they’re very close, the wind shifted in an orderly fashion the stars that took their natural place, the stars were just born and as children played in the sky and their games made sure they returned the constellations, as groups of friends if the aggregate to form a team, then again the huge majestic galaxies, rotation of the stars some more formed such a great energy that created light more ‘beautiful of the stars that shone impressive in galaxies. l our friends were seeing all this.
    But now it was happening the best thing, the time isn’t what we think, now also knows Astro.
    The stars emit a steady light for now, but here’s the wonder, the breath of contemporary stars causes the birth of time, for a moment have retained their light and so was born the stars twinkling and comes the time that is the time that passes between a twinkle and another.
    Now the time may come forward, the size you are creating.
    Astro pauses for a moment, Chicco I have never seen anything so exciting, Astro lucky we are, many in their life looking for answers, we have this chance to live it. But now something is going to happen even more spectacular, the first two galaxies of stars that formed in a swirling turn and approaching Astro , Chicco and Tiffy afraid, Tiffy but soon there will be a collision, and the power will be huge and perhaps destroy everything.
    The galaxies approach are very close, but at a stretch before reaching the contact a large slab of transparent light is formed between the galaxy, galaxies come in contact with the sheet and of the huge masses and small masses with an order almost always calculated expand in space and time that has been created, the masses in contact with the sheet become cold, planets form, the universes and the material occupies the space.
    Tiffy says Astro but time is how we perceive it and the universe is just one Astro does not respond to Tiffy, because they are to see that too.
    The time for us is linear, but right now the time has the beauty of the infinite time, welcomes many much smaller than we perceive.
    Astro called Tiffy it is seeing something special, look !!!
    The masses of planets that have formed, some of which reach a red color and disappear, some a blue color and disappear, and so on for each color.
    Maybe they met a multidimensional area, so they are as contact points between the parallel universes.
    In the universe there are still these points and there is perhaps the secret of a technology much more advanced that allows these trips.
    Star that is the guardian of the stars, look at the sky, you see where there are twin stars, very close, you call them the doors of the universes is a natural gateway to the multidimensional universes, so here, when man will be able to travel in that way maybe many achievements will be made, hoping to have the wisdom not to challenge the universe.
    Our friends never tire of trying to understand everything that is going on, then appears the light of creation that speaks, you’ve seen the first part you will now have the chance to see the creation of our galaxy and the solar system, then you can come down to earth at the time of creation and live as long as humans appear. Remember, however, you see the mammoth blue, you’ll soon find the water of the endless river, because otherwise you risk getting lost in time and space.
    Remember that you have very little time, talk to the mammoth blue mantle that will guide him towards the endless river.
    The light of creation moved away from them, our friends were following the gaze and when he lost in the stars, another incredible sight was happening, one of the biggest stars are divided into two parts, almost in silence, one of These covered the whole sky up to attract to whether the planets then suddenly stopped the planets began to rotate around the star, here comes our solar system as we know it. Are seen distinctly, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto small.
    Our friends were amazed when he got a ray of sunshine that embraced the asteroid without burning it, but as you can?
    Sure it can, the star called the sun and had invited asteroid so the friends for a visit to his new solar system and then had lowered its reach to a temperature that will heat a little the asteroid, because the temperature in space is very low.
    The asteroid was moving and is heading toward the sun, Tiffy was worried, but Astro if we go into the sun the temperature we will burn, even Chicco was afraid.
    I don’t know what’s going on, we can’t control the asteroid, hopefully good.
    The asteroid was moving forward, but inexplicably didn’t feel the temperature rise. At one point, Astro nodded toward Antares, and then reassured everyone know what’s going on, but Antares is quiet and that is enough.
    Now they were very close to the sun, getting closer and closer you were beginning to feel the flames, heat and solar matter, sunspots, solar reactions, were about to get on the sun, everything now was never yellow but strangely no heat except what was provided before the sun, our friends shook because they feared the impact with the star.
    But they were guests of the sun, and the sun became light, so light that the asteroid could pass through the star. Chicco said Astro incredible we are moving into the star.
    Astro was fascinated and was watching.
    They entered the outer part of the sun was made of small shiny spheres moving between them, but they were strong, they were almost of small balloons that were seeking their place.
    Then a cloud of yellow color darker perhaps he was going towards the inside of the sun.
    It was a matter a little more gelatinous and consistently, then one thing affects our friends, you could see traces of collisions perhaps other asteroids, or planets, that’s why he took that dark color.
    But the most fascinating part was to come.
    Here we are to get to the center of the sun, a dazzling gold circle divides the cloud yellow inside.
    Astro looks Chicco , but here is blue, seemed to be in a sea is amazing, the asteroid will slow down a bit and stops, almost to show our friends the greatest thing in the sun.
    Exciting the heart of the star is as blue as the sea, the best part is that all dreams come here and you see a lot of pictures, as if the stars encase dreams of the whole universe in this hidden part and important.
    Astro sees his dreams, Tiffy reviews the world of butterflies and Chicco sees things more beautiful of his life.
    Astro still sees Bhuvi (the butterfly), and is moved, sees happy, in the butterfly garden.
    Tiffy understands and approaches, then the images are mixed, change now you see the endless river, you see the beginning, but not the end.
    Tiffy is seen as his most beautiful song draws the clouds in the shape of musical notes.
    Chicco now learn that maybe it will be the greatest wizard of all time, he was an expert in making jokes or play with the mystery.
    The mind of our three friends is confusing with the center of the universe of dreams that are in the stars.
    But most beautiful is to see the excitement and happiness in their cute faces, because this trip is giving a lot.
    Tiffy seeing Astro excited by the images of Bhuvi, understands that it is really special and unique.
    Basically for him could only be a butterfly, but instead was a deep friendship.
    She was recently in the river infinite, but he knew he had made the right choice.
    Time had almost stopped, but it was only apparently the asteroid was advancing very slowly, almost like the waters of the endless river.
    Now they had reached the very heart of the star, the blue became blue and them we lose the sense of who we are, to be a single breath the universe.
    Then the Blue gives way to blue and then to the cloud dark yellow, it was coming out the other side of the sun, then the gelatinous matter, more fluid up to the outermost part of the sun and space.
    They had come out from the sun, a little ray of sunshine supported the asteroid to the beauty of the solar system.
    One by one, the planets of the solar system could be seen as really very close, Mercury, Venus, then a giant leap to Mars, Jupiter with its majesty, Saturn and its rings, and cold planets, Uranus, Neptune and also the little Pluto.
    Astro was fascinated by this, his eyes shone.
    But the ray of sun that was driving the asteroid, he retraced his steps leading the asteroid in a precise point. Astro said we are heading towards the earth, Chicco and Tiffy were there to admire the beauty, at some point the beam that accompanied the asteroid diminish his action until leaving the asteroid orbiting the earth.
    At one point Tiffy look !!!!!!!
    It was performing a magic.
    At the asteroid a long ladder took shape towards the earth, maybe it was the invitation for our friends who were down to asteroid.
    She approached the firefly and told them off well you have arrived on earth, remember to look for the mammoth blue, never forget.
    And our friends descended gently, to asteroid, but before that Astro was very curious asked the firefly, but how do you call this asteroid?
    The Firefly laughed, but it is the moon you’ll see when you’re in the middle of your descent.
    Friends resumed their descent, arrived at some point Tiffy was tired and asked Chicco and Astro to stop and get some rest .
    And while they were still observing the asteroid, they saw that he was going to get a very large winged bird near the asteroid, left above the surface of the shiny feather whitest.
    Our friends were amazed, but they had just witnessed the birth of the moon the bird then rested on the moon and covered with a piece of the wing moon itself that became so with the form we see mostly in clove.
    Astro smiled so nice to see this wonder that Antares with its beam lit up the ladder to the ground so that Astro could not slip.
    The friends went had arrived on earth, or rather on a small islet in front of them only water and more water.
    But something was changing, and so here the water retreated more giving way to the ground, appeared all the clouds, the mountains, the valleys, then at some point a cough sun’s rays hit of light and tiny golden color and so were born the first plants, but since the stars were envious day this magic of the sun, the star sent his biggest blast that brought the seeds similar to those of shower heads, and so began to appear the first animals simple and then more complex ones, up to ancient man.
    At one point, the two stars that had looked at this magic and their laughter appeared the atmosphere and the sky as we know it.
    Astro called his friends go down force we look at this forest that has been created.
    It was incredible, our friends were about to enter a very ancient forest perhaps the first story of the forest, Astro enters gently, he sees the large plants that look like palm trees, and shrubs with an odd shape, Astro approaches to see them better and are arrow-shaped and end with a small fruit soft, almost a small cloud.
    Tiffy flits from above and all around and see the animals from a distance.
    Astro run looks that are going through the animals, were the dinosaurs, huge majestic with very long neck, our friends go out a moment from the forest and discover that they are close to a clearing, but a show is going to surprise our friends At least thirty species of dinosaurs that maybe they were going to look for food.
    Chicco was tried to figure out where they were going, but suddenly Astro, he heard a strange noise almost a howl or a very loud trumpeting.
    He tried to figure out where the noise came, past the bushes and climbed a large rock to get a better view, was the mammoth blue. It was a beautiful animal majestic with two huge fangs seemed almost ice and her clothing was a blue motto intense almost shone, was a clear signal that they had to follow the animal. Astro called his friends and followed the animal, but strangely was not going where they were going animals, but it was going in the opposite direction, with the Mammut advancing slowly westward, until they came near a river.
    Astro understood that the mammoth had brought them, the endless river and the happiness Astro made a meow that made them discover and Mammut approached in a threatening way because maybe scared.
    Now why our friends were very close to the river and the Mammut was approaching in a very menacing, was loading, Astro took the paw of Chicco and wing Tiffy and leaped into the endless rivere.
    Then the dark, our friends were in the top of the current at that time were reeling when an air bubble had joined them and repaired by the strong current. In the air bubble was the light of creation, just in time friends, I hope you have been satisfied by the experience, not for everyone, and remember when you will be home to throw the book in the river infinity is important
    Remember ….. Remember ….. Remember …….
    And suddenly found themselves close to the riverside infinity.
    Astro was happy to be home and Chicco who was near them said we had a great fortune of having lived a unique adventure, and perhaps no one else can do.
    Friend you’re right, this book is unique, sums up the experience, history, dreams, however, gave me so much, but now it’s time to throw the book in the endless river, and Tiffy but Astro there are other secrets we can find in there, let’s keep it we will see many other secrets that we do not know.
    No Tiffy, we had a unique gift, we must be happy about this, what could give still remain inside the book and maybe someone else can see it, or continue to write it.
    So he took courage, and threw it in the river forever but before he landed in the water, disappeared into thin becoming invisible, you could see the outline just because he was going up to the sky and took the same color of the sky mingling with the sky.
    Our friends were still continuing with more joy and resumed their games in the endless river.
    But what was that book, Astro did well to throw it in the river because it was the book of dreams, it is very important to be wise to explore dreams, but not all of it is life itself that is composed of reality and dreams.
    One must know how to manage the reality through the eyes of those who want to realize their dreams and that Astro had understood.
    Astro is really special, but what’s going on in the endless river?
    Ah here is Astro, but what he’s doing, he tells me to shut up !!!!!!
    He approaches his friends secretly .is night cycle is clear the moon shines, and narrows his eyes at Antares.
    Antares turn red moon, and silver as the wings of Tiffy and then the most beautiful white with black fur color of Chicco
    Chicco and Tiffy is a speechless, but this is a small gift to his friends and Astro maybe it’s so original and beautiful to show it.


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