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  • The Endless River part 12 – Tiffy and the tree of knowledge – English


    Still true is the story that a tree can lead to all the knowledge of something special, Tiffy will have this chance, and will have the patience to learn more, but just to show that a butterfly with silver wings can do magic really great.

    Spring forward into the river and nature in its infinite wonders expresses the most beautiful things.
    Green trees enriches the sky lit the fresh sensations of the growing season, the waters of the infinite become restless, frothy.
    Water of tuhe endless rivers caress the stones, listening to the plants that enriches its vitality, then all of a sudden calm that seems to expect something to occur.
    But suddenly it flourishes a particular herb that dyes the endless stream of his green and the color of its flower, and white makes a unique moment, because right now only lasts a few minutes.
    The time in the river is so infinite that happens in a season takes a few minutes and what happens in seconds it lasts a lot.
    It happens that in a small stream near fall two drops per year, but it seems to see a small stream of water infinite.
    The river is infinite too, lengthens the time and feelings, maybe he likes to play and have fun!
    Astro remembers very well one day he wanted to see the reflection of the moon in the infinite river and the shore was the limit to see, until the reflected wave moved slowly until a big thud and lots of laughter because he had fallen in water.
    It is also the infinite river smiles, Chicco after the crash saw the waves almost a half-moon smile.
    But who knows what is in store yet so extraordinary and magical river endless, dear readers be careful because there will be a lot of water in the river.
    Tiffy was very adventurous and loved the mystery and magic of the adventure.
    He loved the quiet moments imagine stories then departed on a flight to follow his instinct and what he imagined.
    But quietly we try to follow his story, but how? I will give the ability to see the Astro dreams!
    True that we Astro? He smiled now see.
    Here it is, Tiffy seems to be a queen and is going to fly to his castle where there will be his subjects.
    Arrived at the castle lands right in the middle and the subjects the acclaim.
    How many people, she puts the best robe and the crown royal, while the subjects one by one bring a flower to celebrate.
    Then a guard carrying a small piece of paper where we have some bad news.
    The army of the Bees sting the arrow, are about to attack.
    Tiffy not lose heart, and immediately called the real spiders that are now very thick cobwebs in defense of his kingdom and his subjects.
    Now what is he doing Tiffy?
    He is flying to the highest tower of her castle.
    Is waiting for the attack, the spiders now never had finished their canvas.
    Bees remain trapped in the network and Tiffy with a magic hit of its antennas freezes all the bees.
    The subjects now the acclaim, it’s nice to see the imagination of Tiffy its wings and flies take brightness happy in his dreams and in his adventures.
    But when it is in his adventures happen to be lost so this time it went to the south than the endless stream, they are meadows and woods with different plants.
    He stops for a moment to see where it could go.
    From a distance he sees a tree very strange because it changes color at every breath, because breathing the trunk fluctuates with every breath.
    Tiffy is curious he is getting close but so close that its wings take the color of the tree now has red wings, but he understands that something changes in his way of thinking, for a moment he seems to know everything about the ability to build, which really strange that the tree.
    Now go back to his friends, Astro said Tiffy you want to do a race with me then we build a raft, I want to cross the endless river.
    Of course he replied to Tiffy, and they came and tried to clear the woods.
    Astro was building when Tiffy said Astro not take that wood will not hold the weight, but he smiled and pulled ahead, so they ended the raft.
    Astro called Chicco and so tried the raft, but the paw of Astro purposes over wood and Astro purposes directly into the river !
    Tiffy said I told you so, and it took a bit around!
    Okay Tiffy I hear more, but you’re so good that you would know to build a bridge that crosses the waterfall to the south so they can get off the waterfall without ruining it?
    Astro will I point to the woods measures and more so in a few hours Astro built the bridge.
    Astro said, but Tiffy six talented and was amazed at this.
    But you tell me what you did and some days you have your red wings and have a capacity to build which is really incredible.
    In fact I was in the woods and I touched a strange tree and from that moment I think I’ve learned a lot.
    Ah !!!! Now I understand you met the tree of knowledge is what it was !!!
    Tiffy this you know that this meeting makes you special but not longer than a week.
    Tiffy can make a big magic for all people, build the infinite river a huge scale that reaches the moon.
    Tiffy happy answer, but certainly, but Astro and Chicco and give me a hand?
    Sure Tiffy, said friends in the choir !!!
    And then we start took many pieces of wood and flowers and built the stairway to the moon.
    And Tiffy did a really extraordinary work in no time with the help of his friends built a beautiful staircase that reached the moon.
    But then once it built, approached and asked Astro, Astro but why have you done to build a ladder to the moon?
    Why could remain this wonder as the work of Tiffy, and mainly because anyone who wanted could reach it and launch a dream to the moon reflecting the infinite.
    Oh Astro is beautiful !!!
    Now Tiffy and Chicco on the moon, we have our three wishes to be launched to infinity.
    Finally our friends arrived on the moon and Chicco was the first to approach the boulder wish, closed his eyes and his desire was launched to infinity, then was Tiffy, she arrived on the boulder was a great flight in vertical and expressed his desire.
    Now it was time to Astro, closed his eyes and sent his desire to infinity.
    I do not know Chicco Tiffy and what their desire, but that Astro was really very clear, because he expressed the desire to stay close to his friends forever, because it also his desire after the moon is colored in red is the color Antares and Astro for a moment had the feeling that you have at your leg his favorite star.
    Meanwhile initially colored red river also infinite because basically also the infinite river is a friend of Astro is a sign he wanted to give it and then for once just for Astro river went from red to blue color of the sky and all fish of the river took the red Antares.
    When they got off the moon looked at the endless stream Astro and did the best thing to give thanks, he smiled!

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