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  • The Endless River part 13 – Astro and The Treasure of the Pirates Invisible – English

    the adventure of a dream is not visible is no less real battle began when the eyes could not see.

    In the endless river it can happen that a game becomes immediately reality, never mind though always need to understand the difference.
    A day at the endless stream had appeared the first flowers of spring , so Astro loved to make a simple game, was always a color, it was the turn of the yellow and Astro with its amazing jumps came to the next flower, but had become so good that he wanted finding one more difficult.
    It was lying on the grass fresh when he came to a conclusion, he decided to jump on the shadows cast by clouds.
    Thus began his new game and go on the first cloud, then jump on the second until the shadow of a pirate ship, raised his muzzle to the sky but saw nothing.
    Strange Chicco, see what I see? Sure Astro is a beautiful cloud of blue mixed white you have been good, but it looks at his shadow, but it certainly is very beautiful.
    But you don’ see a ship? Perhaps one of the pirates?
    But Chicco did not understand and thought it was a joke Astro.
    Thus Astro gave up his explanations, which only saw this sinister figure of the ship that was nearby.
    The ship came from the cloud and down a rope and came fearsome pirate who captured Astro , Chicco and Tiffy and carried them on the cloud.
    Our three friends, were going to be taken by their leader, the Corsair John.
    But who was the corsair John?
    The corsair John was the one who was in the service of the king’s most powerful and successful in all the tasks that had been entrusted.
    Just to tell one of his businesses when his crew was under the command of a powerful king, won a very important island for the king’s business with a cunning one, did not attack immediately as all the pirates could do but wait for an evening because with a game of shadows and lights he gave the idea to the opponents that had a huge crew and that way managed to win many battles.
    It was almost invincible, but it was also driven by a sense of justice and also one of loyalty to his crew.
    He was loved and highly regarded by his crew, it was feared, which is rare for pirates.
    She loved art and loved even people smart, capable and that had a lot of imagination.
    A day didn’t forgive a pirate because he had betrayed the trust of a person and had the chance to kill him, but stopped before not because of pity but because the thought of being a coward could accompany him for a lifetime.
    That’s who was the corsair John, great intelligence, cunning, loyalty, was not the worst of all kings who lived in his time.
    One last clue to know the pirate was also one who loved the company and also laugh a lot into account this feature because it could be vital for our friends.
    A guard of the pirates was bringing our friends to the Corsair John.
    The ways of the guard were not kind, were rude, is very convincing.
    They brought our friends before the corsair John.
    Welcome to the inhabitants of the endless river, I am the supreme head of all this ship that plows through the sky and the universe.
    I never lost a battle, are the privateer John, for whom I have as an enemy, are terrible for those who me as a friend, I’m right and fair.
    Good morning said Astro and his ready wit, he said of course we would be friends.
    Hmmm cat have a ready answer, you have character and you aren’t scared, but it’s not easy to be a friend of the corsair John, because his enemies end up at the bottom of the sea and his friends always have a place in his ship, we’ll see!
    For now guards bring guests into the cell of thoughts, you will have food and you will be treated well.
    But now it’s late, tomorrow will be a new day and you’ll see what the future holds.
    Astro saw that the corsair John was distracted, and before being taken away he saw that he was looking at the sky, maybe he was looking at the stars, and before leaving, he said, Corsaro John looks at the radius of the star Antares today is really nice because it turns red .
    The pirate looked with amazement Astro and how do you know?
    Astro said, you are the captain of your ship, but I am the guardian of the stars do not forget.
    The pirate ordered the guards to bring guests in the cell of thoughts.
    I have a feeling that the radius of Antares is truly magical and can save our friends.
    The day after the Corsair John wanted to see our friends.
    Astro well so you know the stars and believe that we can become friends.
    But if you know the stars you know to navigate safely.
    And then I want to trust you, you will have the command of the “southern star”, my ship and help me to bring food supplies to my men, and for that you will have to face the terrible shark guardian of the murky waters.
    If you have courage and determination, we will succeed and we will be friends, if not, you will discover the island’s prisons invisible.
    The Corsair John turned to one of his officers and ordered him to find 15 men for the crew.
    No one came up to the danger of the mission, but in a few minutes the crew arrived.
    Here Astro this is your crew, they will be faithful because otherwise they will pay with their lives.
    Astro said, I am also very loyal and you’ll see me and definitely become friends.
    I would also bring my two other friends, is that possible?
    How do you want Astro!
    Thus Chicco and Tiffy were also their mission.
    Tiffy said Astro but you know how to sail a boat?
    No I really do not know, but it will not be difficult , is true?
    Tiffy, said Astrooooo !!! Maybe you’re exaggerating.
    I do not think Tiffy, you see.
    Astro, had never driven a boat, but remember a little game of endless river, when he gave the command to a raft believing that it was a large ship and then close your eyes start to take command.
    Tiffy was speechless, Chicco could not believe that Astro was driving a pirate ship.
    And gradually open your eyes and behold the guardian of the star was trying to get his freedom and that of his friends.
    The eldest of the crew, came up to him and said, you’re smart Astro, but tell me you drive a ship?
    Astro said, no, I never did, but the stakes and high and I can’t make a mistake and then I also have the responsibility of my crew.
    The old smiled at that.
    You’re right, Astro, thanks now I understand why you are the guardian of the stars.
    Your loyalty is always worth the maximum of fortune.
    Let an old sailor, he knows what are the best routes to deceive the terrible shark guardian of the murky waters.
    Now rests Astro evening, I’ll drive you to the ship tomorrow morning you’ll be back in command.
    Thanks friend said Astro, the old gasped, but before resting, while the old man the helm, Astro gave a look to its star, the old man was watching him, and said to himself, he deserves my friendship is loyal and very special.
    It is the night’s darkness was advancing, while the stars watched Astro and his friends and the ship was advancing slowly in the sea dark and mysterious.
    Because it creates the dark mystery, but also the foundation for endless surprises.
    Astro was morning and took command of the ship.
    The waters of the sea were a little shaken and the old man had always tips for Astro, when suddenly a large octopus had stopped the ship with its tentacles, Astro was scared because he had never seen an octopus so great.
    Chicco and Tiffy were thinking how to help Astro and even the old sailor was thinking when Astro was an idea.
    He took his flask of bubbles and began to bubble in front of the big octopus.
    The octopus had never seen the transparent spheres flying and wanted to take some.
    Let go and began to chase with all its tentacles transparent bubbles.
    Smart is very intelligent repeated the old sailor, you have shocked and amazed at the mind of the octopus.
    Even Tiffy and Chicco were happy idea of ​​Astro.
    But the way was long and full of pitfalls, and after a few hours the old sailor went to Astro.
    Astro strength rests a bit , it probably should thank sailor.
    Astro did not know but he was plowing the waters of poisonous algae and deep, just a great sailor could overcome that trait and the old man who knew so much had a great experience and sensitivity.
    Astro faces the boat and sees a seaweed very long and try to touch her with his paw, but the old sailor with a touch of the helm by a blow to Astro slipping away, then a laugh Sailor calms Astro.
    Astro see the sea and the waves are always unpredictable.
    He did not know but the old sailor had just saved his life.
    Astro rested still takes the helm of the ship and this time Tiffy’s is very near the front flutters every time you turn the wheel, but at some point the sea becomes darker and the color changes from blue to deep brown as the Earth.
    The old sailor puts alert the crew and approaches Astro, saying be careful, now you’re in murky waters and soon her guardian will get sideways so you do not move, be careful is the shark we look at the murky waters and It is really fierce and terrible.
    Astro was scared but thank the old seaman’s notice of prudence.
    But Astro said, I have no fear I am the guardian of the stars and I have a mission that the privateer John gave me and I want to finish it, his men have food supplies.
    But here I’m just say that this a huge shadow to check the ship.
    It was the largest shark leaped out of the water and shows all his teeth shining like diamonds, Astro remains scared but continued on his journey.
    The terrible shark starts hitting the ship, the crew begins to fear, the old sailor tells Astro not be afraid, you are studying, you fear, not many boats that dare sail these waters.
    Then a shot, Astro closes his eyes for a second and see men of corsair John who look forward to their provisions.
    The shark still a very strong shot making heel the boat.
    Then he pauses for a moment the shark looks up and looks at Astro, then said, you shall not go ever from these waters because you do not have courage and you can’t trouble the guardian of the murky waters no one has ever passed without my permission.
    Astro was trying to figure out what he could do, as the old sailor was watching curiously.
    Now guardian of the murky waters you’ll see what can the guardian of the stars.
    Astro swung his leg in a counterclockwise direction and the ship found itself back in time, enough for the shark was still a puppy.
    See large shark I know also travel through time and now you’re a pretty puppy stretched his paw and the little puppy did caress.
    Then crossed the stretch of sea still rolled his paw two turns clockwise and the time he returned to run as before.
    He approached the old sailor and said Astro are really resourceful and have passed a big test very risky.
    It’s true, but now we go to the island pirates we are waiting.
    Chicco that followed the start of the trip Astro, he wanted to try to be at the helm, the old sailor said Astro do you prove to your friends this ship I’ll be close to them if they needed.
    So even after a few hours, finally he saw an island from afar.
    Astro shouted hooray !!!!!! we did it, took the helm and calmly walked up to the island.
    Waiting for the ship were all pirates the Corsair John.
    Astro disembarked and the pirates immediately tried to capture Astro and his friends.
    But the old sailor said stop, do not touch him is my friend, and is the guardian of the stars.
    When they saw the old sailor, pirates all stopped.
    The old sailor, approached Astro, took off his old hat and beard and white hair to show.
    Astro and amazed, because he recognized the Corsair John.
    yes, Astro I am the pirate John, I want to follow closely.
    See the pirates are not all bloodthirsty villains.
    They know what it means courage and sacrifice and you are worthy of having the pirate treasure.
    Thanks Corsair John , I’m honored by this your gift, but what is it?
    The pirate treasure invisible and the ability to face life with strength, loyalty and self-sacrifice.
    With this treasure, who will accompany you forever you will have the feeling of being able to guide the ship of your life so brave and fearless, but in a fair and just, as supreme head of the Corsairs.
    Now Astro drink a sip from the cup of honey, it’s important, Astro approaches and takes a sip.
    A round of applause goes to all Astro, now John said you pirate treasure invisible.
    Astro watch the pirate, but in reality he sees two, a drop of wine he was poor and he was accustomed to milk.
    And so ears with a little low thanked the corsair of this great gift.
    In a few minutes we’ll have a party to celebrate this day, thanks friend Astro.
    Our friends mingled with the terrible pirates privateer John and after games and songs sung, arrived yet privateer John who explained that the end of the party would be ready to bring a cloud Astro and his friends to the endless river.
    The big laughs for the party were leaving a bit of melancholy in Corsair John, soon Astro, Tiffy and Chicco, but before leaving the Corsair John did as gift his dagger.
    And the way to the infinite river.
    Our friends arrived in a few seconds with the cloud.
    Astro was happy to be back home, then remembered the gift of the Corsair John, he took the knife and the knife was written:
    “The friendship, listening, loyalty and the smiles are the most beautiful quality of Astro signed the Corsair John. “
    Astro turned red, but he can afford it because it has won the trust of a Corsair, not a thing to everyone, but opssss !!
    True, he is the most beautiful cat in the world, and the stars reflected rays most beautiful river in the infinite for the occasion is the most beautiful colored reflections, the stars they saw were laughing, but I write because I smile Astro me wonder , always with his adventures full of fantasy, magic and endless smile.
    Now I want to surprise Astro.
    Hey Astro, turned around and I just laughed at him!
    It went well, but he was looking at the stars, because infinity and beauty is in his eyes!

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