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  • The Endless River part 14 – Astro and the planet of the little prince – English

    A flower is more important than a galaxy? In the Endless River is so.
    It becomes magical because its nature is incredibly beautiful, but if it becomes sad is very vulnerable as a drop of water.

    It was night by the river infinite was a warm and quiet summer night, Astro as usual was out to see the sky with his stars
    The afternoon wind had swept away the last clouds and had done the night before a game of streaks in the sky that went from pink to orange and dark yellow.
    These colors have been able to make it special and very different sunset in the endless river, as the reflections of the river itself gave the feeling that the sky and the river at the bottom was a unique thing.
    After sunset dusk and the dark light of the night was advancing like a wave driven by a stone in the pond of the universe.
    But the sound had distracted Astro.
    It was a moan, felt the tears, the river of pain, some sigh.
    He took his powerful telescope and tried to see if he could figure out where the noise came.
    Looking and looking at the sky he saw a small figure with head bowed she was crying.
    The planet was very small and very far away.
    But he drew a line on the ground to remember the direction to find the planet the next day.
    The next evening still feeling the sounds of tears looked toward the line and saw this figure still small, but now saw a little flower next to him.
    Astro said to Chicco, perhaps on a small planet there is someone unhappy, let’s see what happens?
    Sure Astro but we go to the library with the coordinates of the stars arrive first.
    So Astro, Chicco and Tiffy left for the library, but before leaving Astro said Tiffy take the leaves of the tree of knowledge, they are very durable and lightweight with a drop of resin plant began this protection.
    You friends because wings Tiffy are special, but very delicate and needs this for space travel.
    The library of the stars is always a special place, Tiffy is fascinated by the mysterious light, the beauty of the shelves, although the order, there is a caretaker.
    It is a very special place, and now Astro enters as landlord, climbs on a shelf to get to the right drawer, and here are the coordinates to get to the small planet where you hear the lament.
    Arrived not see anyone, try, the planet was really small, perhaps in an hour they would have been around the same.
    Then they see a small meadow near a small stream, and also see a flower, a rose that reflects its light intermittently, almost like a star, she bends almost on its stem, seems tired.
    Our friends are approaching gently, as if not to disturb her.
    Poor Rose is right down!
    Tiffy comes close to pink, until you get to its flower and rests lightly on maintaining its wings in motion not to weigh yourself on the rose.
    Tiffy looks at her, and says good morning rose and shows him a nice smile, rose seems happy to see someone.
    Butterfly Hello, I’m happy to see someone, I understand that you would like to ask much.
    I am the rose of the Little Prince, but they are so weak and so ill.
    Tiffy then moves to the next in order to be easy on the rose, but why are you so sad?
    I do not know, I understand only that day after day I become more and more weak and I can’t radiate my light.
    Astro approaches the rose, and the rose good day guardian of the stars.
    Astro looks at her in amazement and how do you know my name?
    Easy I like Rose of Little Prince can read and understand the language of the stars, and remember that you are very famous.
    But tell me, Rosa, but I have heard a cry of weeping from this planet.
    It is not my complaint I became suddenly sad but I do not know why, the lament you hear is the little prince, he would want me happy but I am so sad and he cries and complains.
    But now I do not know, and to get his attention, I launched a petal between him and me and his complaint was imprisoned and reflected in the entire universe.
    I do not know where Astro can find for me the little prince?
    But we’ll make it ? said Astro
    Well I asked for help to the guardian of the stars, he can in undertaking that no one else can.
    Okay Rose I and my friends we are always pleased to help.
    But you tell us a little of the little prince so we know better?
    Okay, the little prince is very special to me, I care, I speak makes me laugh, makes me laugh a lot, it makes me happy because of its simplicity, for his way of doing and especially loves me without anything in return, He wants only my happiness and my smiles.
    He Marvels at everything that happens, everything even the simplest thing becomes extraordinary, loves adventure, but also loves his little planet and its rose.
    The rose stops, sighs, he really miss said Astro?
    The rose said , I really miss the Little prince a lot.
    The Little Prince loves to look at the sky and the stars and smiles to each of them in the evening and greets, then tries to count them but always lose the account, but does not get angry because he always says that the number of stars is really useless and silly because It does not define their beauty.
    Then count only those with the radius nicer, but not to disappoint the other takes an extraordinary thing, raising his finger to the sky makes a big circle closes his eyes and sends a smile to all the stars included in the circle.
    The little prince is very small, but funny and entertaining, is reflected in the pools of water and laughs, because he always says, but that funny figure in the water looks a clown who looks like me and asks me to laugh at him.
    Astro was listening carefully captured by the story of the rose, looked a lot like him.
    The rose shooting, the little prince once told me, one day build the most beautiful dream, in the same moment I will dream of a ball with all the colors of the rainbow, this ball will be thrown forcefully into the sky so that a wish will be fulfilled.
    He often said, Rosa knew how your plugs are smaller than the cruelty, but I did not understand.
    Some people, some people think they have power over others and play with people’s lives, because they are so?
    One day he told me that he went into a strange planet where the inhabitants were busy trying to earn as much money, sacrificing everything.
    Approached a resident asked him but because you want to earn so much?
    What a silly question, but for the chance to buy what you want!
    With so much money really you can buy anything you want !!
    The Little Prince filming I buy a sunset?
    Of course not, so why do I need all this money so !!!
    And he left.
    But tell me Rose the little prince is really amazing you want to tell me more about him?
    Of course, one day was very worried about me, there was the wind and was afraid for me, for shelter did an extraordinary thing began over the hill you see before and called the wind to him, put his hand in front of him and stroked wind for a few minutes until it lost power and became only cool breeze freshen the hot day.
    The Little Prince makes you happy so many creatures, the fox his extraordinary friend.
    The donkey wise tells him that in reality is not so wise, but its unique beauty can be many things to change in a positive way.
    I remember one night the little prince was looking at the sky while the wolf of the night was about to attack, the smile of the little prince conquered the wolf of the night and became friends.
    The rose was fascinated in told the adventures of the little prince, she was a raging river and shooting still Astro was listening carefully, he does not want to miss anything that could be told.
    One day I asked him the rose, sighing, but what is your secret to being so, he said, I am here today, but tomorrow I might not be there, but if you will smile at a star, you will understand that I could be anywhere.
    I often smile to my star.
    Astro stopped la Rosa, but you know the name of the star’s favorite little prince?
    He told me one day, it is Antares !!!
    Astro became red, I understand, said the rose!!!
    But do not worry Astro, you are the guardian of the stars and Antares are the favorite.
    Antares is flattered by the fact that the little prince has his esteem, but she cares about the guardian of the stars.
    Astro did not know what to say.
    But his silences were filled by the words of the rose.
    One day the little prince took a liking to a small teddy bear eyes really magical.
    This bear was reading the desires in the mind of anyone who made it seem real and their desires.
    The teddy bear read his mind and conjured a large mushroom, this was intended to repair his Rose rain.
    Astro stopped the story of the rose and said Rosa i want to help, but we have to find the little prince, maybe went to look for your smile !!!!
    Maybe you’re right !
    Certainly where better to look for that in the land of smiles?
     maybe you find there!
    Astro took his super telescope, built with patience and a small additional mirror with gold dust and the breath of the stars.
    This lens allowed to see farther and finally got the confirmation, the complaint came from the land of smiles.
    The rose was now very weak and wished good luck to Astro and Astro said Rosa I am sure that I’ll take the little prince and he will make you smile and become more beautiful than ever.
    La Rose said, Antares was right to say that you are very special, everything you do is of course difficult but easy!
    Thanks Astro.
    Thus Astro and our friends, through the library of the stars traveled up to the planet’s smile.
    The planet was really wonderful, the plants were a half-moon shaped almost like the smile, so many beautiful and colorful flowers that were lost horizon felt the peace of a happy place, the animals were advancing in small paths almost gracefully not to disturb the natural wonder, but all of a sudden a cry is a cry broke this happy atmosphere.
    Our friends approach following the complaint and a small wooden bridge saw the little prince cry.
    Astro asked friends to wait for them, and came up.
    Hello, little prince, Astro stretches his paw to the little prince, his eyes filled with tears grabs shook his paw, and who are you?
    Astro are the Guardian of the stars, the rose has sent me to look for you because she want to close.
    Astro i’m desperate, the rose is sick and it might not be the same again and I do not know why and the tears flowed unabated.
    Little Prince, you have to bring your smile to Rosa, she’s worried about you you can not disappoint her.
    But at that time was going on something extraordinary, Astro was looking at the little prince so he and at that moment a ray of Antares stepped ring of Astro and the little prince, almost like a hug only!
    Chicco and Tiffy were watching!
    Then a bright light and all was as before.
    Astro said, enough tears, your rose needs you !!!
    Antares made us realize you need to leave immediately !!!
    You’re right Astro, thanks friend from that moment the little prince became friends with Astro.
    Astro that was on the wooden bridge, he saw a large dragonfly wings green and blue to see where he was going he slipped and fell into the small stream below.
    The little prince began to laugh, as you are funny Astro and everyone burst into a laugh.
    It was nice to see the little prince laugh, her blond hair reflecting all the colors of the planet’s smile.
    Astro had just got up from the stream when Tiffy!
    Astro Astro looked behind watch out, he spun around and took another fall in the stream.
    It was a joke of Tiffy !!!
    Tiffy if I catch you see !! And so more laughter.
    Now let’s all, the rose is waiting for us!
    The little prince took a handful of sand in the world of smiles at the launch in the air and fell snowflakes.
    No Astro are not snowflakes are small clouds, are called clouds of luck and happiness, who touches them will have this gift in your heart forever.
    This was the great gift to Astro, his friends and the planet’s smile, as the snow was plentiful and had touched everyone.
    Astro was going to say we go when the little prince said Astro and friends come and go from the Rose as Astro said.
    Two clouds collided is lightning came down to them, the little prince as the lightning hit the ground stopped him with a wave of his hand.
    Here get on, I usually I move well and smiled, our friends went on lightning and within seconds they found themselves near the rose.
    It was nice to see the little prince laugh, you do not know what happened, maybe the sympathy of Astro, Astro can spell or very large, the fact is that the little prince was very determined in going from his Rose.
    Thus came from Rosa, she was glad to see the little prince, but the sadness remained, the little prince did not understand and asks but why are you so sad and she said the Rose, I do not know but there is something that holds back my happiness.
    But now it never was evening and our friends wanted to stay close to the rose so built a small hut. With the driftwood found nearby.
    Astro said rose do not worry we’ll be here all night for you!
    The rose, said thanks, but soon I hope that sadness gives way to happiness.
    Poor Rose is not nice to see a Rose flower that looks low, but I think this is a special night friends we see what’s going to happen.
    They had built a small hut with trunks and underbrush, but it was now evening ever, Chicco was sleepy, Tiffy was very tired.
    Astro and the little prince out to gaze at the stars together, the little prince asked Astro but you love the stars?
    Astro said it, and you’ve never counted, Astro laughed, of course, yes, but it is useless to count because you can never tell which is the most beautiful or the most important!
    Astro also true I think so, I also believe that our breathing can influence the starlight.
    Look, Astro was absorbed by the little prince, who sat on a rock closed his eyes and began to breathe slowly, then raised his arms in front of him as if it were a big ball in front of him.
    Those nearest the stars began to light up more and shine so dizzying.
    Then he went back to Astro and said, I did not see Astro account but embrace all !!!!
    Thanks little prince’ , you’re really extraordinary, but that looks strange, look at your rose is beautiful especially when it is illuminated by the rays of the moon, look seems happy, the afternoon was not so, what can be changed?
    But suddenly the beams are interrupted and take another direction, Astro silently watches what happens! Then with a big meow that’s why !!!
    Little prince your rose is sad because the rays of the moon does not light up all night, you’re right Astro hurray, but what can we do to change things?
    We have to get on the moon, but I’ll go and Tiffy, you stay with the rose needs you!
    Astro is fine and thanks for what you’re doing.
    So Tiffy and Astro took the road of moonlight, is a small path that leads straight to the moon.
    He discovers that the moon has a lack of energy because they do not smile much.
    And then its rays are constantly trying smiles here because they leave the rose without its light.
    Astro that in addition to being a very friendly cat and a great joker, tells a funny story to the moon laughing so much that it becomes brighter and illuminates and keeps company rose to the little prince.
    Tiffy then asks Astro but what you told the moon, Astro laughs and says nothing then approaches the rose behind her and draws on a stone with his sharp nails his nose and his mustache.
    So the moon view pink lights is because he wants to see the funny mustache Astro
    The little prince now tear, but his joy rose immediately begins to feel better.
    Now reflects the light of the moon and become the most beautiful flower of the universe.
    The little prince befriends Astro and gives his magic cloak that makes us see reality as it really is in its amazing beauty.
    Astro is really excited, but before you go home, he wants to personally greet the rose.
    Approaches and the rose, thanks guardian of the star , Antares must be proud of you!
    Astro approaches the rose with his snout and reaches up to touch her with his nose, now close your eyes and Astro and Astro saw with closed eyes the reflection of light from the star favorite.
    This was the great gift of the rose, when you open your eyes the rose shooting and said Astro see how beautiful your star has just said hello and that I am the rose that rules galaxies and the galaxies most important dictate that one day a year starting today is born a new rose of a different color to celebrate Astro is so near them was born a white rose with blue highlights and starlight.
    Astro was happy and greeted the rose and the little prince and his friends returned to the river infinite, while all galaxies made with their light a big rainbow that plunged into the endless river that flowed slow in the night’s special of the rose.


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