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  • The Endless River part 2 – The Clown of thousand faces – English

    The Endless River part 2 – The Clown of thousand faces

    Time is an important vehicle where the memories, the present and the future are linked together like a string that accepts the reality and the feelings that come to us.
    Some think that dreams are so far away and unattainable, but it is not because you should always have the strength to support them so that our “Endless the River” always carry our smile that could help in the future to be more beautiful.
    This is my wish and fantasy and the stars would support this idea.

    A message in a bottle had arrived in the land of smiles.
    He said: “Saving the planet immediately of the fantasy, danger is the world of red-tailed comets”.
    Then he went on “Is important that the guardian of the time take the road of true smiles at the time to report the right size and make a great smile to clown of thousand faces ”
    Astro was preparing for stargazing one night in the land of smiles, when his faithful friend Chicco, brought him a bottle that the endless river had left on one of its banks.
    Astro took the message in a bottle that had arrived in the land of smiles.
    Immediately opened the bottle to read the contents, a very strange note with a few words and a little complicated for his way of thinking.
    The guardian of the time, it was he and what those words meant.
    But what mystery could hide those words, and if it was a joke by some fool who wanted to shake the world?
    Astro was not convinced, however, could not ignore the sign of the river, sometimes there are things that you hear without understanding that we need to act, and so he called Chicco and asked him who had to investigate this message, and so they decided to go back to the planet imagination to figure out what the problem was.
    Let me explain briefly how the endless trips to the river, the river is normally transparent and to move from the present to the future we need to find where the water is colored blue with yellow stars.

    While traveling in the past we need to find the point where the river turns dark blue, but to go to the planet imagination, the journey is completely different, it is in a parallel dimension, is neither past, nor present it the future, it is only a precise moment a moment that elapses between one thought and the creation of the imagination itself.
    It is called the point of bright light, at that point fantasy becomes reality
    To go back in fantasy planet Astro and Chicco they have to go, the point in the river where you can see the pictures that represent their fantasies .
    So they have to try and understand this point.
    Astro sees a glittering reflection next to him, approached and saw a scene that he is traveling with a boat and seagulls in front of him form his army, and listening to music and singing creating a new sound that no one has ever understood as it may sound but the sound of happiness.
    Astro would be to see how it ended, but this is not possible because if the dream was seen in full you crystallize forever without future .
    So Astro looks away and tries Chicco .
    Our friends are in the point we have to go and jumped in unison threw themselves at that point in a few moments our friends find themselves directly in Fantasy planet.
    But they see a strange thing is coloring the sky red, the fantasy planet seems to turn, you feel the danger, Astro and Chicco see the sky for the first time and are afraid.
    At one point, a lightning splits the road in front of them, but with a leap Astro and Chicco takes for the queue and saves him from certain doom.
    Looking for a sign or something to figure out what was going on, until all of a sudden, not far from them was the Wizard of happy hours.
    The Wizard said : Astro and Chicco, I’m happy to see you, the world of fantasy is threatened by the comet from the red beam, you saw how changed the world since the last time you came into this world?
    And ‘the red ray delta comet that is consuming the imagination of the world, it is hard to admit, but the fantasy planet is near the end, and the effect will be devastating for all universe.
    Do you think my readers what it means not to have imagination, the music can’t fly, dreams and even what we call brilliant insights are not allowed, there would be a flattening of the world view.
    The nature would be compromised and the ideas and words that create emotions and the emotions would be compromised , it would be a world without smiles and without the ability to get direct knowledge of what is the future.
    The Wizard of happy hours was sad, for Astro was a star shot to the heart, could not see the magician in those conditions, was to help by force.
    Then the magician spoke again, only the guardian of time can save the world of the Fantasy, there is only one way Astro must find the way of true smiles, this way you do not know whether there is or is to be created , and raise a smile to take the Clown of a Thousand Faces .
    Astro true that you will do this for the world of fantasy?
    Of course I will not finish it this way, you have my commitment and then go Astro, right away, but the Wizard is where?
    And The Wizard of happy hours disappeared in the mist still glints red.
    Astro must only find his way by the real smiles, not be a problem for you said Chicco, and raise a smile wearing the Clown of a Thousand Faces.
    Of course Chicco, my friend, let’s go have some way to go.
    Astro look this way with no luck , try to think about where it can be this way, but Chicco at one point had an intuition, thinking maybe you do not need to find your way from the real smiles.
    Astro, now we need a good advice resumed his faithful friend.
    Near the river there was a forest and Astro decided to go to ask for advice at the old oak tree.
    Welcome back Astro said the oak tree, I know why you came to see, you have to bring down a thousand faces a real smile?
    And how do you know, and oak laughing, I am the wisest oak forest I always know everything Astro Remember you are the “Guardian of time” and the most beautiful smile of all is that of the person who can travel through time.
    Astro just felt that he understood that his smile was the one who had to wear as soon as possible Clown, and began to smile, but he always did of course.
    But something extraordinary happens, his engaging smile so beautiful and involves all the plants of the forest and create a magical event extraordinary.
    Astro creates a smile so beautiful and long that builds a very long way from the forest to the planet of fantasy But where will this road Chicco wondered, maybe it will be here that we will find the Clown of a Thousand Faces, let power go on Astro.
    But the road was long and Astro was tired and decided to rest near the river infinite, they are reflected in the water and smiling, playing and having fun with his leg trying to catch her smile reflection and drops the water and while is the water that flows down the valley turns watching the sky there was a thunderstorm and had to take shelter as soon as possible.
    Log in with his friend Chicco in a cave and discovers a map where there is a circle and inside the circle a smile, and then the phrase “the real smile fun” at one point lightning strikes on the cave and makes a small crack at the top, and a ray of moonlight illuminating this paper illuminates a definite direction along the river.
    Maybe it was the right way and follow the sign on the way back from the real smiles, but soon realizes that the way Astro has more size, and he is on the outer one.
    Perhaps the secret was just that. Then he remembers that his favorite cookies could help him get to the bottom of the street where it seems to end, is a scale with her cookies and discovers that beneath that there was another way.

    There was a parallel road below the main road. Astro and Chicco, took to this other dimension.
    The road was very clear and transparent, and they must be careful because it could hide dangers, but now our friends were much more motivated, had never understood now how the world of fantasy.
    Astro followed her all the way and there is the clown that he was sad, he was very serious.
    Astro was touched by this vision, it is impossible for him because the down was usually one of the people by the sympathy and the infinite smile.
    Now it was never down in front of a thousand faces and did not know what to do to make him smile.
    He consulted with Antares, for about an hour Astro was there to see his star shine preferred waiting for a nod or advice.
    He came from heaven a small eagle flying over the road very low and had with him a little note.
    Now Astro and ran down while she watched in amazement, the eagle came down low and Astro with a leap would take the ticket, did a somersault and crashed into a bush .
    Astro Wow what a mess you are !!!! said his faithful friend.
    Clown II was seriously seemed amused by this situation, then tried again Astro managed to cling to the little eagle, and flew Then Astro said, Loooook Clown is a flying cat !!! woooooooooooooo
    the Clown with a thousand faces began to smile and then to laugh out loud, this is a magic Astro thought Chicco.
    The Laughing Clown multiplied for every face, and after a while this became the father of a little magic, there was a flurry of wind that rose toward the sky and toward the constellation of red comets, comets red went from red to orange to yellow and then all came back again as before, and the fantasy planet was safe.
    The clown was happy and smiling and wanted to thank Astro gave a magic stick that could be used to multiply happiness was enough to rotate! stick.
    Thanks Astro, said the clown, you see I am used to make people smile more and laugh, this is my job and my job, and for a moment I had the feeling of having failed my mission.
    Now my magic stick is yours, I know you will not need it but you never know, and if one day I’ll ask for it.
    Astro took this stick and threw it into the sky with its beam Antares sent him into orbit in the universe rotating endlessly just to please Astro.
    Chicco who had witnessed everything was really happy.
    And so in fantasy planet and throughout the universe Christmas was only joy and smiles, thanks to the small gesture of Astro.
    Sometimes even I am surprised that I am writing from the wonder that is Astro.
    Why is a cat of many resources and above all who is always smiling.
    Astro But I want you to tell me what you would like to have a gift for the coming Christmas?
    What Huh?
    Of course, you just want a ball to play with me !!!
    Of course Astro you’re really amazing, ok fine a blue ball?
    Astro smiled at me !!!!
    but this only for this gift?
    I understand it is the best gift you can give me and everyone else !!!

    One response to “The Endless River part 2 – The Clown of thousand faces – English”

    1. ASTROCAT Avatar

      Astro will return with a new story for Christmas , because he wants to make a little surprise to his friends.
      My intention is to do a story where those who read it will be open mouth (in awe) and when it’ll close only for make a smile.

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