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  • The Endless River part 3 – Christmas Astro – English

    Dedication: Snow and special atmosphere of Christmas can create a unique atmosphere, it just depends on us to make sure to have the time and desire to make it more special and different every time. The Gift as a symbol is like a small gull which must have wings and the fantasy of being unique to always stay with us and with our desires and dreams.

    Astro was usually see the rain coming down strong, even in the winter loved spending time looking out, trying to order more and discover the rainbow that formed after storms.
    But it was really funny because he tried to capture the rainbow with his paw .
    He believed that the rainbow was a large scale to the sky, he was convinced that if the paw could capture one of its colors could be transported over the rainbow to the destination of the stars.
    He was in his house behind the glass of the window to follow the rain, always with his faithful friend Chicco, the evening shadows were quickly capturing the light to release the next day, when he saw a strange thing in the sky.
    Finally arrived the rainbow very special because it was before the time of sunset and a sparkling light almost like a shooting star had fallen in front of the endless river.
    Astro was a very curious cat, just wanted to see what had fallen near them.
    So with Chicco went to see what was the gift from heaven.
    Near the shore there was a very strange thing, a sleigh with gold designs square on the bottom, almost served to contain something.
    Astro wondered who will have lost this particular mode of transport, usually a sled is used in the mountains.
    But this slide was really very beautiful, so beautiful that Astro and Chicco were admiring it for a few minutes without speaking, seemed magical.
    A large slide colors very alive, who knows that history could have and Astro, already before understanding fantasized about the history and adventures of that sled.
    But not being able to have definite answers then, he thought that he needed help. In the infinite river, when there is a thing or a situation that you can not understand you can query the oracle of the time all-seeing and all-knowing Astro .
    So take the road that leads to the oracle of the time.
    So they came to a point in the river where a pool of water in the form of four-leaf clover was the oracle of the time.
    Once thought to the question of the time close to the oracle, the oracle of the time show pictures of the incident with the response to the thoughts.
    It works almost like a computer. Astro, look in the pool and see, here is now the images are crisp here sees Santa Claus, who lost his sled, at the hands of the great clock of the moon and its army, It’s army evil moon .
    The images follow as a small waterfall in a stream and you see that Santa has been locked up in the envy Tower right on the moon and the reindeer they also imprisoned.
    Astro became very serious and Chicco was worried because if the slide was there and was missing a month Christmas, as he would Santa deliver all the presents to the children of the world?
    Astro had other questions, such as why the big clock had made so great a wickedness?
    But it was late and the moon with its secrets and its pitfalls brought fatigue Astro so slept.
    Astro rose early in the morning, called his faithful friend and says Chicco is almost Christmas I do not want the children around the world will remember him because Santa Claus is not the past, we must do something Astro but you have in mind an idea?
    Sure you meanwhile we must talk to the goblin gifts, his aide to see if the situation is really that serious, and you know where it is?
    No, but I know how to find it, interrogate the PC of dreams, under the cloud Dreams, I take the coordinates on my tablet so you can get directly to him.
    Chicco was amazed !!!
    But my younger readers will be curious to know how is the tablet of Astro.
    Well is shaped snout of cat and has top of the ears that serve to advance with the pages, the site that looks Astro?
    You will see it only in the future, because he leans directly in “Dreams 1.0”, I know you’re smiling, Astro also manages to be messy with this advanced technology and in this way Astro discovered that the goblin gifts was in the constellation of Andromeda why needed a council favorite star Antares.
    I’ll tell you in brief the favorite star of Astro.
    It is located about 500 light-years from the sun in the constellation of the Scorpion.
    Antares moves in space accompanied by a blue star, sometimes you can see it with its spectacular red light and by contrast we see the faithful companion.
    Antares is a red supergiant, it means that it is almost at the end of his life and may therefore among hundreds of thousands of years or lose its matter disappearing as a white dwarf, or exploding as a supernova were to explode as a supernova If the flow of radiation would reach even the earth with untold damage.
    Astro knows this, but as long as the will stand near its rotation will decrease because Antares does not want to miss any of Astro smile.
    And in this way will prolong his life and maybe it will turn into a beautiful star because this way is changing its nature and perhaps its physical and chemical Astro will give him a hand because he alone is the guardian of time and then can modify the same time and will do it for his star.
    And so it was evening and then night and Astro had them in his starry sky to tell Antares that needs to find the goblin gifts.
    Chicco remains there next to him, saying nothing, waiting for a nod, then at some point he saw smile Astro so I realized that an idea came to him, and in fact it was a great idea coming Antares communicates with Astro with its light.
    Astro was to build a basket with lots of shamrocks that they had taken the moonlight, the cloverleaf with the moonlight becomes indestructible, and then place in a day’s time in the direction of the possibility of the rainbow in this way the first lightning and with the ‘help of a radius of Antares would be embossed for a trip of 100 light years in a few seconds.
    Chicco was silent and did not speak, it seemed too much, but Astro said the kids this Christmas will have their presents at all costs.
    And the night brought peace and Astro slept beside Chicco with the knowledge to succeed in his business and with the knowledge of having a very special friend.
    Here’s Early morning, the sky was already dark and full of water so Astro and faithful companion prepared the basket now had not only wait for the end of the storm, the rain seemed to never end and spent hours and days, Astro was a bit disappointed until one morning a ray of sunshine woke Astro Immediately called Chicco and rushed into the hamper, run Chicco is the time and with a leap in both in the basket, and in a fraction of a second that happened that you thought the radius Antares came to the basket and in seconds they arrived in the planet’s goblin gifts.
    yeeeeeeee, wooooooooooo! Astro said, he felt a bit strange, after they had made a trip everyday had burned 500 light-years in seconds.
    How does it feel in such a trip?
    Poor Astro was like something out of a spin, had a mustache a little ‘falling and ears lowered, eyes that say why I did this trip, really very funny, but it calms Chicco now looks Astro them is the goblin gifts strength go to him.

    The goblin gifts recounts what happened to Santa, and especially without Santa Claus says that they will not work to build gifts for next Christmas.
    Astro stopped the goblin, but this is not possible, it can’t happen.
    The goblin said also that Santa was imprisoned because the clock of the moon, he wanted all the gifts for himself, for his envy and especially because he had to build something, but you do not know what.
    Astro shooting I have a great idea, I can be Santa Claus, but how can it be said Chicco?
    Wait Chicco, took a Santa suit and with a series of mirrors that reflect in height became an imposing figure as Santa Claus, Chicco gasped.
    It appeared from a distance to all the elves, goblins seeing him, they resumed their work, and I want to Astro began force all the presents ready for Christmas, you can’t be late.
    The goblin gifts was happy, so they could finish their task, but then how would he deliver?
    Astro calmed the goblin gifts there will definitely be a solution.
    But Chicco for the first time he had serious doubts about the success of Astro and the faithful companion churches, but because you have to make an Astro action so important?
    Astro said that children should receive smiles, love and even gifts for their games, which is why it was necessary to do so.
    And then there was no time to free Santa Claus, Christmas would be late and as a result of this there would be problems of stability over time. Chicco remember that they are always the guardian of the time!
    Chicco blushed because he saw Astro very determined.
    Astro called the goblin gifts and asked to alert you when everything was ready and meanwhile our friends back home.
    The goblin of Gifts dressed as Santa Claus and with makeup Astro still to work all the elves.
    The goblin told Astro, get ready, when the bird wings crystal you knock on the window, it’s time to distribute gifts.
    Astro was impatient, but at the same time he had to find a very good idea passed the hours and days became boring, why Astro was waiting for a sign to be able to fulfill its mission, but nothing Chicco had always close and wanted to make it less heavy the situation, so he thought of playing bubbles with Astro.
    Very funny because the game is like a football game, only instead of a ball using soap bubbles, but in this game was really good Astro because he could bend his mustache and with the help of his breath always won.

    But Chicco knew that eventually the tension is loosened and was happy.
    They spent more days with no sign, and in the meantime it started to snow and it was very cold, so our friends thought of staying warm, continuing in their games.
    Chicco knew and was fascinated by Astro, but the game of the barrel, did do many of those laughs that gloomy afternoons filled with color, Chicco took a small barrel and rolled it inside with Astro, who won was more street.
    And here Chicco now up to me and do not cheat Astro, keep the muzzle into the barrel.
    You know that the barrel was laughing, because Astro mostly enjoyed.
    Chicco’s shot sailed with a boost from sample pushes Astro rolling up across the room until it stops at the bottom with a thud, how many laughs, it is so nice to see two friends.
    Again Astro, Chicco ok and so once and run away, this is even stronger in the end Astro stops across the room, however, now feels a sharp sound of glass Chicco worried Astro thing we broke now?
    Astro comes worried, but it seemed the sound of glass, perhaps the bottles, but then the noise is repeated, Chicco I have a feeling that there are new, and in fact it was so the bird with wings crystal knocked on the window of Astro, was beautiful was Crystal and had incredible grace, was one of the few animals that could travel at the speed of light.
    Because his body was formed only light, was a very special crystal, it is said that the birds wings crystal were formed in some stars that envy delta tail of comets, had taken stardust and format these birds who followed the movement of the stars, creating a queue and what a view from afar was much longer than the tail of the comet.
    So Astro and Chicco climbed above the bird crystal and the way to the planet of the Goblins. Came the gifts were all ready, but how do you distribute it?
    They had the sled, but Astro was the guardian of the time, and so the time Astro stopped a minute before the stroke of midnight and Christmas.
    Had crystallized time Astro and Chicco and the sled were the only beings who could move at this time. And here is the magic one by one and Astro and Chiccon delivered all the presents to all the children of the world.
    They made a really magical work because the elves that were curious how he could be delivery also helped them to deliver the Christmas packages.
    Then Astro unlocked the time and the children of the world could have on the stroke of Christmas gifts and were grateful to Santa Claus gifts they had received.
    Now Astro had in mind to do something really special.
    With its Astro-ship went to the moon, and saw the terrible watch the moon, was stern, hard, but very sad Astro asked him to free Santa Claus and his reindeer because the magic of Christmas to continue over time.
    Then he took from his pocket an object, Merry Christmas Tea Clock of the Moon, I have a gift for you.
    He took a mirror and stick down given by the thousand faces broke it into small pieces and put it on the stick throwing himself into the air and so rolling swirling sprinkled in a huge crater right in front of him, then said Astro , Chicco do a beautiful smile to the clock of the Moon, but he and why ??
    Chicco did as he wanted Astro and smiled, the smile of Chicco did turn little pieces in a large lake mirror.
    The clock said, but this was the reason why I imprisoned Santa, I wanted for Christmas only a large mirror, for see my now reflected The big bad tough and watch the moon was moved and apologized to Astro and all the children and immediately freed Santa.
    Besides the apology he engaged in the near future with his evil army to help deliver the gifts to the children and help Santa Claus so that Christmas and the magic of gifts can continue.
    Santa Claus thanked Astro for what he had done, and also the reindeer were happy, but also a small desire Astro had, and a chance so he could not have it escape.
    You will have it figured, wanted to drive for once the sleigh of Santa Claus with all the magical reindeer, but Santa said okay but watch the sled is very powerful, so Astro went up and instantly flashed in the sky but that woooooooooooooooooooooooo wonder, Chicco low careful Astro, go slooooowwwwww !!!!!
    It is said that the inhabitants of Saturn, saw Astro whiz with the sled and passing through the rings that migled, very angering their king, but this confusion led for the first time on Saturn a snowfall, everyone was so happy that he was born a new satellite that the inhabitants themselves they called Astro.
    Santa Claus did play a little Astro but then with a nod to the sky with reindeer went down. Wooooow Chicco saw Astro happy and satisfied, and he but but but it is difficult to drive the reindeer, and some said Santa Claus, only I can’t control them properly.
    Astro recovered a moment Everyone was happy but Astro had a gift for Chicco, asked him to close his eyes, took stardust, he had taken during his trip and kept in a small box was very shiny, you can now open Now is your, you know what is important to me but I know that goes right legs is my gift for you friendship and why you can always smile of friendship Astro.
    Chicco had understood that the gift was really big and hugged his friend, but Chicco had a gift for Astro.
    It was evening made him close his eyes, took him out of the house in a meadow near the endless river.
    Here you open your eyes now was simply under a starry sky, watching the stars tonight Astro smile at you all, Merry Christmas Astro appreciated this gift as the most beautiful I’ve ever received, looked up at the sky and filled with all the smiles of the stars Chicco then raised his head and pressed his eye to a star accomplice who had made this possible, of course, was that he had helped Antares Chicco for the gift to Astro.
    Also I’m writing that I support for the wishes Merry Christmas to Astro, I will continue to write about your adventures, because I learned writing not ever wonder about anything.
    Here Astro this is my gift, remember?
    The Blue ball, so we can play together no?
    Astro me smile and sends a smile to all who have read this little story If the Christmas night raised his eyes to heaven you’ll also have the special greeting of Antares.
    Yes !!!! Astro now I understand you want to write it that readers close their eyes right?
    OK listen to him.
    Astro did, but what did you mean by that.
    Ah sure at this moment Astro wanted to give you the smile of Antares, but only for those who forget to watch the sky on Christmas Eve, that adults because children will do it for sure and they know where to find the smile of Antares.
    And the night passed slowly, with the lights of the houses and special and extraordinary these stars that lit the hearts of all.

    3 responses to “The Endless River part 3 – Christmas Astro – English”

    1. ASTROCAT Avatar

      A short a nice Astro’s story , where shines a very impotant value , friendship.
      The story will be called :
      “Chicco and the castle of the colors”
      Not to be missed.
      If you have any idea you write , i’ll try to accomodate if possible !

      A great smile of Astrocat !!!!!! mieoooow

      1. Tifa Avatar

        Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to read it ^-^

    2. ASTROCAT Avatar

      Astro soon meet a very strange , the merchant of languages , and will be a very successful meeting as postive , don’t miss the next story !!

      Meeeow-smile ;) Astrocat

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