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  • The Endless River part 4 – Chicco and the castle of the colors – English

    Dedication: The River infinite hugs always dreams of all and expect no rush shadow of change.
    Chicco was the best friend of Astro is liked to play and have fun seeing the faces of Astro, was also a very witty and funny little dog.
    Chicco liked to find Astro signs so strange that with his imagination could fly Astro very curious because he always wanted to understand what was happening around him.
    One day he even find a piece of colored rubber that impersonating interstellar matter sent by an alien people, then eventually everything always ended in laughter between the two friends that yes always amused.
    He also used to hide, that’s why one day playing hide close to the river bank infinite, he discovered that the river is also dangerous.
    In fact, behind a small boulder near a very special rock called the rock of the wind, Chicco I find a door on the ground that it was hidden by bushes and grass.
    He opened the door, there was a ladder came down a notch and in a moment he disappeared into the darkness and silence of the water that flowed beside.
    After a day I did not see him, Astro was concerned, because he had never been away for so long and its games lasted only a few hours, not so long.
    But how could he find it? First it tried near the River infinite, but nothing, then not far away there was a hill and decided to go there to see, because Chicco went there often when throwing his desires and dreams, because he thought that being as high as its dreams could come true with more ease.
    One of the nicest things that bound to Astro and Chicco was their friendship, real sincere, without any envy, without any negativity.
    There were moments of discussion, but their relationship was so beautiful that every edge was rounded. But what is really the friendship?
    Perhaps the phrase from the scope of this deep feeling and understanding without asking much and wait for the other observing the flow of his thoughts.
    And above all it is a gift and also luck because Astro has known for Chicco case in an afternoon of a day of summer where running around the endless river, met
    this little dog that was lost and from that moment I have never left.
    The friendship that true is where thoughts become unique to fly in infinity.
    For Astro, Chicco well be the Friend of adventure together was a great friend of his and had to find a way to get to the same point of time and space in which Chicco had arrived.
    Astro was sad because he could not find his friend decided to close our eyes and look following his infinite imagination.
    With this magic Astro can not see very well the thread that ties him with the friendship of Chicco.
    The thread is transparent with reflections blue color of the sky, Astro starts to smile, do you also my readers is contagious.
    Start following this thread and after shooting for a few minutes, not far from their home discovers the stone wind and understands what has happened Chicco entering that door had been transported in the castle of the colors, because the wind with his strength mixes the air forming the beautiful colors.
    Now it would be easy for Astro follow him, but it is not so, because in the endless river of doors there are many and can be used only once, when a door has been used in a few days and it appears another fades in another point of infinite river.
    Not far from there Astro trying other ports it finds one it seems strange that reflects light, so without thinking and opens it in an instant is sent to the country of the mirrors.
    Astro was really unlucky, now in this country where every reflection may be true or just a reflection.
    There comes a point where you see the reflection of a dozen Astro, petrified remains however is not lost of mind and tries to figure out what the proper reflection, because the country is to move the mirrors must guess the correct reflection, that is, that reflection that projecting the image without distortion, so begins to smile and follow the true smile.
    How will understand this Astro?
    Well Astro to figure out where it was, has an idea, he believes that the smile is one of the most beautiful and true is hardly the reflection is so it can distort a look out, finally find the exit in the country but the mirrors all is well reflected .
    Meet reflections of trees, lakes reflections, mountains and reflected animal reflexes. It almost seems like all true or all fake but continues in the search for a way out of this country.
    Suddenly he hears a music reflected, but you wonder how it can be a music reflected?
    It also mirrors the country music is reflected, every sound is reflected generating eventually just noise.
    The sound of water and the amount of sound and its reflection, the birds singing, the noise of the animals, it is difficult to explain but Astro has an idea which is to distinguish the sounds from their reflection with a little trick.
    It’s built with a sheet of paper a cone like those of chestnuts, but then inside the cone has a lens and a coin.
    The lens reflects on the currency and as the currency and divided into two parts or its reflection is separate and distinctly hear the music of the country of the mirrors.
    Now with the cone hears a voice reflected a character a man, perhaps a shepherd by grazing his sheep the pastor said, cat wonders if you want to get out of this place looking for the sheep from the flock that you have to follow it with two black spots she always goes to play in the valley of the time, they are ten gates, then it’s up to tea to choose the right door.
    Astro was happy with this advice, but how to thank the pastor, but certainly launch a smile on one of the mirrors, sooner or later it will come to reflect the person who helped him.
    Astro shortly after I find the sheep with stains and the follow up to the valley of the time.
    Once arrived Astro find ten gates all the same, in that moment he remembered a sentence that said Bean when he saw him in trouble, he always said Astro you can do everything, never choose the most obvious way, pick the one that you feel closer to your instincts and will be the right one is lucky.
    But in the meantime also in the country of the mirrors was evening and Astro think of being a shelter for the night, there was a dugout near them, but before going to sleep a look at the cycle was funny to see its stars and the moon reflected was really spectacular because multiplied indefinitely, but fatigue had decided for him for a deep sleep while a set of moons accompanied him in a dream world.
    Up early in the morning but got up before deciding on one of the doors to exit the country of mirrors, I think it was worth it to see the sunrise.
    It was really very nice at least twenty just reflections saluted to Astro then a small breath and here Astro front of the doors and without thinking took the first right before you cross it but a voice stops him saying, you’re about to enter the door of the infinite means that time is canceled and you will lose your power of guardian of the time, you’re sure of what you’re doing?
    Astro had no doubts and stepped through the door and saw Bean lost in the castle of the colors, so I try to get there in a few minutes and was able to find Chicco.
    Chicco happy, but he realized that something was missing in Astro. Astro was happy with a tinge of sadness and Bean had got it right. Now were in the castle of color together the two friends, astro you could see he was happy with melancholy and Chicco immediately asked, Astro because you are not clear?
    Chicco Maybe I’m not sure but I lost the task of being the guardian of the time, of this I am sorry but I could not lose a friend, Chicco was moved and embraced Astro, Astro but suffered the most beautiful cat in the world, said Chicco now we have to find a way out from the castle color to return to the endless river.
    Astro was near the entrance of the castle of the colors, a huge entry a scale that seemed almost all colored rainbow, now our friends were together and were almost invincible, could everything.
    Astro said Chicco we enter, we must find the door that we will get to the river infinite.
    As you enter you are faced with a very strange, maybe a guard of the castle, only that it was not armed and was surrounded by light instead of the weapon had a very large brush and ammunition as a series of color palette.
    Astro came up and greet the character, and stopped to ask, but who are you?
    They are guarding the castle of the colors, but you are foreigners?
    Astro said that they were lost and that they hoped to find the door to the time you take him back to the river infinite.
    The strange guard said that in the castle of the colors do not exist doors of time, there is only the natural flow of colors.
    He took his brush and began drawing a landscape that seemed endless river with its valley, Astro, but this place know him and the endless stream The guard went on his drawing, coloring every detail, every bush, every rock, our friends were really stunned by the precision and beauty of the design seemed that the guard had been in the river valley infinite.
    Astro was silent and as soon as he finished his churches but we’ve never been to this place? No never, stranger I just drew your wish is your dream, and this is your home?
    He said Astro.
    Tell me guarding the castle of the colors as I can find this place?
    You are on the right path and the right door neighbor, enters the castle, and go out the other door you’ll find your answers, the guard greeting and astro Chicco and climb the tower for his assignment. Chicco that was rational but Astro churches as we do, the castles have only one entrance and exit is always that But Astro said Chicco strength we need to find a power outlet to enter the castle.
    I am speechless to tell the castle color just inside a clearing huge welcomes people, the dominant colors are pastel, almost looks like a colorful sea the small intestine where the reflections of the sun make sway colors, the shape of the castle is perched, but wide, as if to signify the majesty of the structure around the castle, there is a huge wall, but the wall seems clear, however, once the sunlight reaches it generates a halo around the castle of all colors, very nice view it.
    The castle so it becomes almost a series of colored rings all the center of the castle with a square tower of yellow as corn, maybe I was the king or the deposit of the colors.
    But suddenly while our friends were admiring the castle. Appears in front of them a friendly face, the magician of happy hours.
    Here I am Astro know that you needed help, I saw a little distressed You had courage in your actions to save your friend, you have lost the power to travel through time, but only because you’re now a guardian of the time very special protection to the size of the imagination, this means you can travel in time, in space, in the imagination and in the dreams of the people, and make good use please.
    And while Astro was about to ask the magician one thing, the magician vanished into thin air.
    Astro immediately understood the great gift that he had and Chicco was immediately happy with this good news continue Chicco But now, we see the tower as it is, perhaps from there on you can see I’uscita leading to the outside, and perhaps to the river infinite.
    Our friends came up and were on top of the tower, looked around, but no door, Chicco and if it is hidden?
    Well we will have to find it at all costs, in the meantime the sun was going down behind the castle hill creating an aura of mystery even more pronounced and Astro was there to see and greet the sun was going to sleep, had been a heavy day and full emotions , astro was waiting for the greeting of the stars, when his friend fell asleep exhausted by fatigue, but an extraordinary thing happened, while he was waiting for the stars looked for a moment Chicco was kidnapped from his deep sleep, and approached him near.
    When it was nearby, came like a bolt of images, was the dream of Chicco at that time, were in the castle of the colors and came down to the castle, then Chicco watching the shadow of the tower on the castle wall with one hand managed to enter into the wall and then out the other side, then the images became more and more confusing to become clear when you saw it clearly the infinite river, then the wonder was happy to see Chicco riverside infinity while playing a flute and Astro was lost in the notes and in the water of the river fascinating infinite.
    Astro had realized that what he saw was the gift he had received, and that deserved to be able to travel in the imagination of the dreams of each of us, with eyes that shone with this new dimension was to watch and greet its stars, then to Suddenly, the most beautiful of extinguished one by one to rest him for Astro and the stars began to settle near Chicco almost to accompany him in his dreams.
    On the morning of the castle and reflections of the colors up early our friends, we must force Chicco woken go home, you Astro but how are we going? Have an idea?
    Of course it is, you have to follow me, they went down from the tower, from a slope as if they were on a slide and gooooooo !!!
    They came down to the castle and there was only the wall, Astro had to know the wall and was watching Chicco before him, Astro tell me you have an idea, tell me !!!
    Chicco you do a jump and tries to get me, but because you always want to play ???
    From now you do what I say ok, but this time is a bit ‘silly, Astro laughed. Chicco with a leap I try to grab Astro, but he was a very fast cat with a snap front and took off Chicco fell toward the wall, but not slammed, step through the wall, hooray !!!! exclaimed Chicco, we are out of the castle, but how could you know Astro?
    Chicco are very special you know, you’re right, sorry but what does it matter now we are out near here we should find a door that will lead us to the endless river.
    And our friends behind a bush saw a door but how do we know if it is the right one, and approached them near a flowing stream, is a sign that we return home from Chicco.
    They entered the door and disappeared from the castle of the colors to appear in a few moments in the endless river.
    Finally home, the house is really beautiful and you appreciate more when missing.
    Astro and Chicco were the endless river and to celebrate this event made a party.
    Astro who had become the guardian of the special time to protect the dimension of fantasy and dreams, he wanted to put into practice what they had learned, so he had prepared a gift for Chicco, was a flute.
    Here Chicco this is for you, but how did you know that Astro wanted so much this object, it has always been a dream of mine, and I never said. Then you stop for a moment I realized Astro not tell me, you came in my dreams for me this beautiful gift, thank you, but Astro immediately said Chicco thanks for your lovely and true friendship.
    Astro also has a beautiful message for his readers, friendship is an extraordinary event because it occurs without barriers, to keep it beautiful but it needs to be true, and that is desired by both friends Thanks Astro for this nice message, what can I say that only the smiles and patience can give wings to friendship, but when it starts flying perhaps also comes up to the star Antares favorite Astro and then remains in the blue sky to illuminate the world what it ‘should be .
    And the moon with its flashes lit up a cold winter evening, while the cloudless sky and clean wind did admire all the wonderful spectacle of the stars who play with their beams to confuse and amuse Astro and Chicco.

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