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  • The Endless River part 5 – The Merchant of languages – English

    Knowledge brings wisdom and the knowledge that the infinite and remain only the reality of our infinite river.
    Sometimes the case can change the future, we are not able to determine immediately whether a person or a situation is important, there may be feelings but the extraordinary and something else. be very careful readers of the River infinite, because Astro and Chicco perhaps will change the story because it will give an impression to the future.
    Astro and Chicco were doing one of their walks and decided to enter the butterfly garden, because it is infinite in the river there is also a very special place.
    The Butterfly Garden for Astro was a very nice, always said that the butterflies were the expression of the stars of the day, so often did you get to this place close to the riverside infinity.
    Astro had also made friends, so much so that when appeared and entered the garden very often the butterflies as they approached him to party and since it was also very playful he was put on her back with legs in the air, he said it was the track landing of butterflies and their playing and laughing Astro.
    Great to see the butterflies laugh, because flapping wings in ways swirling up to do somersaults.
    The garden was very nice there were many broadleaf plants and also many flowers of many colors, each type of butterfly loved his own flower or plant, never a discussion and in harmony with nature.
    Now the winged butterfly dew approaches the muzzle of Astro he tries to follow her with his eyes, wow is really fascinating, because it has wings transparent and very beautiful he crosses his eyes and loses his balance falling into the river infinite.
    Sure you do Chicco laughter.
    The butterfly wings from dew then to thank Astro its sympathy flies over him drawing a star, Astro happy then decided to build a small house for this creature by the wonder and infinite sympathy. It takes a small wooden box covering the moss to make it invisible, then puts on a small plant so that the butterflies could get in trouble, then took the magical seeds that the wind had brought his friend to him and in a few minutes near the box there was a meadow of flowers from the colors of the rainbow .

    The butterfly was as happy as those who like company Astro.
    But all of a sudden Astro hear a very strange voices that came from the opposite bank of the river infinite.
    Intrigued with his inseparable friend took their boat to cross the river.
    The shouting was getting closer, you could see a shape, but you could not tell what it was, also because of the fog that prevented to see far.
    Here at last was a strange person, with a strange language, had the appearance of a merchant.
    Approach, you see that he needs is that probably was lost, but no yes really understands nothing wow and how?
    Important communication think in our day as it may be important to all forms of communication.
    The need for a universal language is really important and essential, because to produce ideas and improve the world must first understand each other you do not believe?
    After a few attempts Astro and Chicco decided to give their availability in their home.
    Great quality of Astro and Chicco that before a person with difficulty, do not bother to understand, but their generosity is worth more than a thought.
    So they came to the house and given him a bit of food is a roof, the merchant could rest a little. But as to the communication was not clear anything until Chicco to show his hospitality, he began to play his flute and the merchant immediately interested, Chicco discovers he can communicate with him through music.
    In fact leads to the merchant if the flute and began to play it, Chicco is the secret to communicate with him with the music, hear the notes, the amplitude of the notes, the frequency and with a little commitment is also able to understand it.
    The character is a merchant language and comes from the future and speak in a new language, says that all his planet speak that language.

    He says it is called the language of the true light is one day everyone will be able to speak.
    Astro and asked immediately but this means I can talk to all the universe that surrounds me?
    The merchant replied with almost everyone, except with the stars because it takes the language of infinity that is not available to everyone, but that does not mean that we can’t.
    The merchant goes on to say that he was lost and needed to go home and ask for help in Astro and Chicco, of course I’ll give you a hand.
    Astro now had to figure out where he came from the merchant and he, the story that when he was collecting lost the flower of fortune near a river because he thought he could bring luck to his people because he had lost the gift of dreaming, he was happy because it was alone had found the serenity, but not dreamed more.
    Astro then wanted to help the merchant to find their home and then he asked the merchant, what feeling had before disappearing into the infinite river, and he said he remembers seeing an eagle flying high and then he bent to pick the flower of luck then nothing.
    Chicco here we find the wind clears the eagle flying high.
    But here’s the brilliant idea of Astro, wanted to collect the radius of the wind, but how will he thought Chicco.
    Astro went into the clearing of the infinite river where the river itself was more exposed to the wind and waited confident, had the confidence of those who understand the past knew the future, so arrive a big blast and a great leap Astro salts above radius wind, and when he managed to embrace the wind, appeared the eagle The eagle was the strong showing of the wind and freedom here so that Astro was happy.
    Discover the eagle is the follow that way until the eagle perched in a precise point of the river.
    Chicco here this is the point where we can bring home the merchant language. Chicco and the merchant were with him and decided to follow Astro and jumped entered at that point that I take them directly to the merchant’s house.
    The people welcomed him very well and Astro and Chicco although foreigners and them if they were hosted as them.
    Astro could tell they were really special, suddenly a small creature approaching Astro was smiling a little inhabitant of the planet, perhaps the son of the merchant of languages, he returned naturally, Astro meanwhile a few words in their language he had learned, he asked but what’s your name?
    He suffered so kind, my name is ice-blue eyes, I am pleased Astro and tell me when you grow up, what would you do to be short, What is your dream, he replied that dream I am happy because I just dreaming?
    Astro was disappointed in this, the merchant perceive and immediately came to the aid to Astro, Astro see what I told you, but stay with us a few days you are my guests, I will be truly happy.
    Here people understand all because they all speak the same language, but more what else their secret is that they have a big heart.
    The merchant wants to teach language to astro their language completely and wrote a score that taught in that language Astro.
    Astro was learning and also Chicco daily learned.
    At one point Astro called the merchant and says, your company is extremely kind and good, you have a big heart, but for the food that you need dreams, you can’t help it.
    The merchant with his head down, you’re right Astro and you can help me in this? You will have some idea.
    Sure merchant must think of what is good for your people. Why not organize for tomorrow a day out fishing, I’d like it to be too ice-blue eyes, but certainly Astro, nearby there is a pond, we will have fun for sure.
    The day after they arrived our friends and even the merchant and the small ice-blue eyes, with a lot of fishing rods for this beautiful day of fishing ice-blue eyes was curious why Astro had a fishing rod and immediately asked, but as Astro are you going to draw?
    Chicco was laughing, because you Astro has a way to fish and that is, you put the muzzle on the water when the fish pass, makes faces, and they laugh when they laugh so much, jump and when they jump with his small screen takes them, fondles and usually lets them go.
    So Astro immediately showed in ice-blue eyes his technique, and immediately began laughing with happiness.
    Eyes of Ice was kidnapped and intrigued by Astro which began to ask questions too, the day passed in serenity and happiness of a good company.
    At one point Eyes Ice asked Astro, Astro but tell me what is your dream, the best thing that can happen and that brings you happiness.
    Astro was surprised, however, he realized that something was changing in him, the boy just wanted to confront.
    Well I have many dreams, one of them on this day is to take a very large fish, but see Eyes of Ice, there are small dreams, dreams big dreams or magic.
    One of these magical dreams that I’d like to see happen in my world is what all people could understand and speak in one language, a bit as your people, this would avoid misunderstandings and with a little good day it will also eliminate selfishness that would live for many small dreams, according to their own thinking.
    See eyes of ice even a smile is a little dream and Astro gave you, but now tell me what you think of Eyes of Ice dreams?
    Eyes of ice was a little embarrassed, but was changing, I’d, I’d like to build a small two-seater plane to fly over our country, and to understand what it sees eagle when flying high.
    Astro was happy, the seed of change was taking place before his eyes, and certainly did not want to have it escape.
    Ice eyes now enjoy the beautiful day, and tomorrow I’ll give you a Chicco hand so that you can realize your dream.
    Chicco he had heard, but Astro but you’re to help him as we do, I know nothing of planes.
    And by Chicco trust me for once.
    The evening passed in joy did a nice dinner all together and before going to rest, Eyes Ice asked again to Astro, then tomorrow we will do small plane?
    Sure you get ready Eyes of ice that I, Chicco and another friend we’ll give you a hand, now rested, we will start tomorrow in the afternoon.
    The beautiful days full of prospects are truly unique, Astro had realized he could with a little luck give a boost to a small change in his little friend Eyes of ice, and in this spirit before being escorted to dreamland a small look at its stars, especially with a smile, of course, the stars were happy to tell this little hope Astro.
    That morning arrived with a small show, the night had made a small storm and the water of the pond near was colored a deep blue and the reflection of the sun just got up had made the mirror with a light almost like a small star, Astro gasped, until his friend Chicco took him by the leg and brought it to reality hey Chicco is now that we are moving today will build a small plane for Eyes of ice, but as Astro and how are we going?
    We need an expert, and where we find an expert?
    Let us return for a moment to the infinite river, and so our friends returned to the river infinite.
    Chicco now we go to the butterfly garden, I’m going to ask for help to the winged butterfly dew, she definitely will be an expert in flight, who better than she can give us a hand?
    Now I understand your plan, you really Astro thousand resources.
    They came at last to the butterfly garden and so immediately rushed to greet butterflies Astro, Astro then saw the winged butterfly dew, his name is Bhuvi which means Sky.
    Astro when he meets this butterfly remains entranced by her beauty, Bhuvi you can make a gift to Astro?
    Astro tends his paw almost like sending it to perch on his hand, then happy Bhuvi flutters gently stops and rests on the paw of Astro.
    Astro communicates with Bhuvi with her thoughts and she responds with its light and with its movements.
    Thanks bhuvi I am happy that you will help us, we have the task to dream a child and to make possible the dream of a people.
    So our three friends, took the road of the world’s merchant language and so to end the morning were the target.
    Thus came the afternoon and found themselves with Eyes of ice to build the small plane.
    Astro took command of operations, we have to build a small plane so that the eyes of ice can achieve his dream.
    The planet was full of vegetation very important, there were many flourished, many broadleaf plants and a small plant with a thousand strands of very fine but resistant.
    Here friends we make a small fuselage twisting these herbs, seem very durable, and so our friends worked for hours until said Chicco tired, we rest Astro?
    Meanwhile you will try the wings for this small plane.
    Eyes of Ice had a beautiful smile, and he wanted to build his small plane Astro now was in trouble, he had built the carcass of the plane but he missed the most important thing and that is the wings.
    At this point he was thinking when Bhuvi flapping around almost wanted to say something.
    Eventually Bhuvi made a magic caused Astro to collect the huge leaves of a different color light green and dark green, Astro followed instructions Bhuvi, they put one above the other.
    Then Bhuvi waved his wings and drops of dew came down on the leaves, the leaves took the blue color of the sky and melted together.
    Astro who was watching, thanks Bhuvi if the dream will come true and thanks to you.
    The friends took wings and attacked the fuselage and here it was realized the dream of Eyes of Ice.
    They were all happy, but now the most important thing was to make the plane fly over with Eyes of Ice Astro had seen a huge rock that overlooked the city of Eyes of ice, so they brought the plane, but the engine was missing, and Now how to do, Chicco asked what do we do now?
    Astro said wait, because bhuvi has an idea.
    Eyes of Ice was ready, on his plane, at some point Bhuvi flew away, Astro told his friends are waiting for his return.
    After about an hour Bhuvi, returned with millions of butterflies that lifted the vehicle and they did fly, and so the dream of Eyes of Ice became reality his eyes became the ones who broke down a door for her future.
    He enjoyed doing and when he returned to earth Astro said, Chicco and Bhuvi, thanks I realized my dream, now I know that dreams are beautiful, but you also have to realize.
    Astro I make you a beautiful gift, this is a small gift, the translator of the language is a little thing that I invented is a metal disc that placed near a group, brings the wisdom and the correct interpretation of the different languages, take it to your people, you’ll see that the future will improve because true understanding can eliminate selfishness.
    Thanks Eyes of Ice, for the beautiful gift, I’ll make good use. I recommend you Astro and friends back to see me, you will always be my guests.
    He came from far away, the merchant of the languages that hugged his son finally happy and dreamy, and thanked heart Astro and his friends.
    Astro and his friends greeted their new friends and returned to the river infinite, but Astro had a little time to devote to Bhuvi to thank her.
    Once back in the river infinite, it was almost evening and Chicco asked to Astro , you’re going, I’m going to greet Bhuvi the butterfly garden.
    Astro arrived at dusk and Bhuvi arrived was happy to see Astro.
    He with his most beautiful smile he lay belly up just only Bhuvi and remained with her to play and when they were tired to look at the stars together. And the night with its lights and its special moments brought our friends up dawn together, with their dreams, and their smiles.

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