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  • The Endless River part 6 – Astro in the library of the stars – English

    A photograph sometimes find the magical breath of fantasy, but perhaps that image we have already seen in some time past, future, or is only a small gift of endless river. The smile always comes to those who feeds the endless river.

    The endless river flowed slowly while the grass on its banks and the nature smiled to the adventures of Astro and Chicco.
    One spring night, while the sky showed its lights finest Astro fell asleep near the bank of the river, while the stars were competing for who lit up the muzzle of Astro and the water of the river with its slow movement accompanied the rest Astro.
    In this situation of calm and serenity Astro beginning to give up his imagination to run free in his dreams and begins to dream, to dream and then dream, but the dreams you know are very confused until at some point the dream becomes clear and outlined.
    A knight from far away with his horse, wearing his armor of the most beautiful.
    He helmet that reflects light and all over the body there are written strange perhaps is its language or signs of his battle.
    The knight starts talking to Astro in its vicinity is his inseparable friend Chicco.
    You are Astro true?
    Sure knight !
    You are the guardian of the time and fantasy right?
    It is so!
    Then I found you !!! I’m happy.
    The secret of the moon illuminating and in danger, I need your help, because my people is your are in danger.
    But excuse Knight because it’s in danger?
    Because the moonlight guide the choices of my country, driving the goodness, the serenity of the people and our coverage miraculous if it becomes weaker can no longer drive the heads of the people giving wisdom, and leading to the destruction, it is important to understand that your intervention?
    But but what can I do? They are not as strong!
    Astro you know the secret of the stars.
    The stars are those that illuminate and power the light of the moon, which is why a signal perhaps a star that you know well, has led me to you.
    Can you lend a hand to the knights of the light?
    Now Astro wakes up suddenly and realized that it was a dream and that perhaps should forget this dream.
    But you know that dreams are important because they always shared some signs of truth.
    Astro was morning and you could see a little shaken and Chicco that was a great observer, breaks the ice and said to Astro.
    Astro know what I dreamed last night?
    We were near the river infinite and we met a knight. Is the knight of light!
    Chicco stunned and how do you know?
    You also mentioned the moon?
    But how do you really Astro?
    Chicco I have the feeling that we had the same dream, and that dream was more than a message. But as a message?
    Yeah but this is different from the past will not get it from the future, he dreams And maybe a way of communication that we do not know yet, but the message is clear and it is very alarming asked of us and need our help.
    So Astro, you have an idea of where you can go? The knight spoke of the moon, rays and stars, perhaps we see and from observing the moon.
    Alright Tonight we will go over the hill to observe the moon, now let’s enjoy the beautiful spring day.
    My dear readers spring in the river infinite and very beautiful, because you can see along the banks of the salaries yellow flowers that accompany the river, the grass and say a bright green that reflects the water and creates all its special hue of the river infinite.
    Spring is just a season of change where the sun and winter hides its rays, reflecting them even more beautiful in the spring, where the expression of nature and also of our dreams fly higher, such as Astro.
    To laugh at Astro takes very little but the terrible frogs of the pond are really bad with him think Astro loves sunbathing but not for sunbathing, just to play with the reflection of the sun because they think that more and invested by its rays more her skin a day will illuminate the river infinite, that the foolish and the frogs jump near the large leaves of the pond only to squirt Astro, then like a flash hide and laugh with each other, but Astro knows and pretends always wonder.
    Even the spring with its bright colors, dusk melt become almost pastel and then take the color of the evening and Astro and Chicco decide to go up the hill to look for some sign from the moon. Astro is engrossed in the spectacle of the moon and the stars and calls Chicco, saying that the moon is actually a bit dull, the light is not as bright as usual, the dream is a real message arrived somehow maybe a parallel world is a river infinite parallel, but what to do to meet the knight of light, to know something more.
    Chicco, shooting space is really so great, maybe we can’t always everything, I’m afraid for my imagination, I can’t leave right now, it would defeat for everyone. And when all seems lost, Astro stretches his paw as if trying to touch the moon, a small firefly alights on his paw, Astro smiles firefly revolves around Astro perhaps because happy then catches the eye of the following with Astro look but in the opposite direction of the moon.
    Many times things are not if you look in the direction of our dreams and expectations, you must know how to read and grasp the nature of its aspects. Astro follows the firefly with the look, then disappears into the darkness and sense of sadness fills my heart with Astro, but then reappears again the firefly as inviting to follow, Astro doesn’t understand does not know how to follow it may no
    roads, only darkness, the firefly becomes sad is a small tear falls from the sky towards the dark, and when it falls on the floor illuminates a small trail of light in a very intense blue then another drop the red, another still yellow to form a road to heaven.
    Astro gaping, go Chicco and that the sign and immediately ran to follow the little firefly on the road, suddenly Astro has a little fear but continues to follow the firefly to a point where there is more ground to walk on and falls into the void.

    But suddenly seems to fill the void and Astro and Chicco had fallen into a strange object that can happen to meet in space and infinite river, was the cone of infinite time.
    A means of transport known to only a lucky few and traverse the time, in the past, present and future is to cross even parallel universes, that is, those that coexist in the same space in other dimensions.
    The light there is in this transport vehicle, but suddenly the journey ends and Astro and his faithful friend to find themselves in a unique and magical place, the library of the stars.
    Astro is amazed by this vision, the library is huge shaped elongated galaxy, the venue has a hole at the top where the light of the stars can enter and illuminate all the books are sorted according to a criterion strange.
    Chicco that was watching that Astro was admiring, this magical place, but Astro What are you thinking?
    Chicco is the most beautiful place in the world and maybe I always tried, now I think I found something really important and unique to me!
    I see Astro because your eyes shine, and I’m happy about that!
    But tell me what Astro will this place!
    Chicco but do not understand maybe we are faced with the secrets of the universe, here is the knowledge and the secrets of the stars, maybe it is explained how the stars communicate with us, perhaps it is the secret of the endless stream of history and perhaps of life . And if maybe it was just a library?
    Astro struggling with his paw a little ray of a small star, put it on his stick given by the down and tried to reflect it on a shelf of library and all the shelf brightened day, see Chicco that is so really special?
    Do not know what happened, but something happened!
    Chicco filming Astro thanks for having me explain.
    Then this unique moment was interrupted by a voice very Metallica, welcome foreigners, welcome in the library of the stars.
    Sorry for the way but I tried to guide me with your dreams in this place I need your help because there might be still the library of the stars who governs and maintains the goodness and happiness in the universe.
    Now I’ll explain the stars communicate with the universe through the library of the stars and regulate everything through this, the moon radiates positive rays that allow the goodness defeat evil is that it allows the perpetuation of the future.
    Astro was excited, perhaps for the first time was in front of something really big. And a weak voice is excited and with the eyes of happiness churches, but then you’re able to communicate and understand the stars?
    Astro will have this ability, I am one of the knights of the light on my planet and all of them are able to communicate directly with the stars.
    Knight can I ask you a great favor, I do listen to the voice of Antares?
    The Knight, filming, but certainly Astro I do because you can stay as you are, and for want of Antares that wants to show itself to you!
    Close your eyes Astro, from the library of the stars, an incoming beam above Astro, at that precise moment the time, the universe, worlds, space and size had stopped for this special meeting.
    Antares had stopped everything just to stay with Astro for a while.
    To celebrate all the stars made a rainbow of beam over the library of the stars, which covered the darkness of space.
    Chicco was quietly nearby and could tell right now, watching the wonders that were happening.
    The knight now could not do anything at that time, was only Antares that could decide at any time to greet Astro.
    They spent the seconds, minutes and until all of a sudden, Antares decided to greet Antares Astro, he was engrossed by this experience, and in the greeting Astro dropped a tear, but before he fell to the ground within Antares picked it up to take it with it.
    Astro awoke from that special moment, time, space size, and space back to normal flow.
    The knight spoke again Astro’ve now heard the voice of Antares, now you’re really special.
    Before you were the guardian of the time, of fantasy and dreams, now you’re the keeper of the stars.
    You are very important because the keeper of the stars and who has the task of preserving both the infinite river that the library of the star that holds the secret of happiness, I never thought that you would have made a gift Antares so good, remember that now the secret of happiness you don’t know it, but if you’re a good keeper will be unveiled.
    Astro is aimed at Chicco.
    Chicco i’m happy I heard the voice of Antares and is beautiful.
    I can not reveal to readers the tone or timbre of the voice of Antares, to respect that I have for Astro and Antares, but if you see this star shining in the sky you’ll understand why it is very special.
    Now Astro, you can help us solve this big problem, some knight, come to your planet and try to understand what is not going well.
    Sure Astro, but now you can travel in parallel dimensions Astro guide you.
    Astro look at the moon and closing his eyes, beginning the journey to the wonderful world of Astro knight and when you open your eyes were on that planet. See Astro looks like the moon is sad looks like its light is low, it seems is off, and with it the happiness is the goodness of my people.
    Astro fixed intently moon and realized that something was blocking the light. Tell me knight you are able to take on one of those little planets beyond the moon?
    Sure you, but now you can do it too, and so once again I look at the moon and then closes his eyes and all three appeared on a small asteroid near the moon.
    Here, Astro notice a strange thing, here you see that shadow knight?
    It is a small planet that is placed between the star and the moon, here is the reason that the light is low.
    But now we have to do something.
    Gentlemen, Astro now had to create something incredibly magical for the moon.
    Chicco his friend was admiring him and asked him, but now that we do?
    Astro was watching the sky is asked the knight of light a strange thing.
    Tell me knight of light, on your planet is the wind?
    It is only certain that arrives at dawn and is very strong and violent and lasts a few hours and our climate weird. I have in mind an idea, but I need a large amount of sugar you can get me?
    Sure that we use it for our energy, that is, all our energy on the planet is powered by sugar.
    Chicco force now at work, we must build a machine that will send into orbit sugar or better at a precise point of the space that I’ll tell you.
    So our friends built a large funnel where the knights of light could pour sugar in the end was connected to a tube that reached to the ground and with the push of the wind this sugar had to be pushed into space,
    Chicco, however, was doubtful, but again Astro said trusted friend you’ll see.
    The car was ready, the knights of the light, and now they were ready enough to wait for the dawn.
    The night descended on the planet and Astro once again with the nose up to look at the sky. Chicco tell me that I’m writing right now is like Astro, Chicco smiles at me, is simply happy.
    Thanks Chicco. And while Astro was lost in the infinite space, the night came, and the labors of the day brought everyone in the world of dreams. It was time ever dawn is the knight of light Astro awake now and in a few minutes you get the wind and Astro took command of operations, ordered the knights to pay in the funnel sugar until there was and had to keep Chicco are the tube and wait for the orientation direction of which was to give Astro.
    The moment was tension, and Astro wanted a little defuse this time, but he did so unwittingly, in the sense that he was looking for a bucket to collect the sugar and since sometimes walked with the nose upward, slide on a plant and ended with the nose in the bucket causing the laughter of all, even the knights of light.
    But now the wind was coming and everyone was ready for their task, Astro and Chicco recommend to be ready to give the right direction, at his command was important, but Chicco who always asked questions Astro but you know where will be the direction?
    Not yet but I’ll know.
    The knight of light interrupted the dialogue, Astro is coming, in a few minutes we’re.
    The wind was very strong and arrival, Astro called the knights of lowering sugar, Chicco was ready, Astro watch the sky is lit up within a point in the sky and Astro immediately, Chicco everything right and then still raises a few degrees .
    Sugar shot violently towards the point with the heat and the cold of space crystallized into a huge disc, the star that shone the moon sending its rays towards the disc that came direct to the moon reflecting increasing its brightness to become the same as always.
    There we did the knights of the light they were happy, everyone also Astro and Chicco. Astro explain to Chicco, see the disc is only for a few weeks, then it will melt, but in the meantime the wind will push the planet out of orbit the planet so small that the star forever illuminate the moon.
    The knight of light beginning to speak, thanks Astro and Chicco for your intervention, now happiness is goodness on my planet and the universe are subject What this story teaches everyone that happiness is the goodness of the feelings are always present in we will.
    Astro on behalf of Antares, as I also one of his emissaries, I want to thank you and to make a gift, never now you are considered special, but take this little medal star-shaped wear it always serves to tea in times of difficulty and with this you can get quickly to the library of the stars from where begins and the infinite.
    But how do I wear it does not have a necklace, and said the rider tries to touch her with his paw, now see the medal you have tattooed on your paw, you will not lose it and when you want to go back in the library of the stars, just look at the star and Antares and smile to see that they get to.
    Astro still had a doubt was about to ask a question to the knight, when he paused before saying, I know what you have in mind and what would you know, one day you too will see the face of Antares, know that I said he was happy of your meeting.
    Now go guardian of the stars, the stars that you can always drive and smile forever. Astro and Chicco returned to the river infinite, which for the occasion celebrated their return with the blue of the water and the reflection of the most beautiful stars.

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