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  • The Endless River part 7 – Astro and the Tiffy’s world – English

    Sympathy and friendship many times are really magical, listening to this story can be perceived as the infinite river is a magical place where imagination bring an aura of mystery but only to build the wonder of the essence of its simplicity arrives where spontaneity is lost in his infinite.
    Listen to the feelings and the flow of the river water infinity can bring luck to Astro and his friends.

    One night in the endless river water flowed very slow, not very often he always did and Astro know this, but maybe he knew that was the way the river itself communicated to him, and in those moments cocked his ears because he had the feeling that communicated news.
    The star’s guardian, was looking at infinity, but what do you see Astro said Chicco, Chicco I see stars, I see the clouds look bright halo of planets, I see the river infinite reflection, I see the shadows of our past and the beauty of our future.
    Chicco was always fascinated by words of Astro.
    See Chicco , seeing you the fog in the endless river ?, it is not real, you see more and more, over the fog, over the horizon, the stars at the bottom are not far from us.
    We can come much earlier with tea our feelings with our expectations with our desires and our dreams.
    But Astro, how do you feel now that you are the guardian of the stars, is a very strange feeling Chicco is as if I could reach and communicate with the stars in a fast way.
    But really what do you say to the stars Astro?

    I don’t know , is never calculations when you meet a star, everything happens so with almost seems natural that our thoughts can be confused with something greater than ourselves, almost as a single thought, the important thing is to remain always oneself with their joys and their doubts.
    Perhaps the star’s guardian is learning to transform his doubts and shadows in a positive light and, for people who are near, always in its possibilities.
    But is a skill that I have just received, and I have yet know it.
    And tell me Astro, how is Antares ?
    Astro no longer speaks is his smiling face of the beauty of the infinite, the stars and the knowledge that you have met a beautiful light that guides him and to watch him, and that the her company, then smiles and says to Chicco, but what you’re telling me?
    And both of laughter, from Astro we do a good race who comes first to the stone of a thousand reflections, gooooooooooo !!!
    And so in the evening where the path was lit by the moon, a great race to the magical stone thousand reflections playing with them to hide the endless river.
    It was morning, but it was a special morning because an event would change the history of the endless river.
    Astro is as if he could feel it inside this feeling, he decided to go on shore to one of his hobbies, he counted with the paw waves and ripples of the river, he thought that one day he collected so many waves that would take him to the top the highest hill which was a hill near the river where the fog hid the top and Astro fantasized about what was hiding that wonder.
    Suddenly arrival bhuvi fluttering butterfly wings dew to set a good day to Astro. Bhuvi, approached Astro and landed right on the nose, that’s funny Astro turned to look at her eyes bhuvi laughed, then said Astro but because you are so different from other butterflies, you’re special, but what is your secret.
    Bhuvi in her way passed this thought, I come from far away from the world of butterflies that is not here in the endless river, but it is so far, I and other butterflies in the world of butterflies are very special because we are the guardians of smiles and tells that some of the silver wings that convey the smile and with their song that can grow clover luck that if caught and dispersed in the air, the beauty that brings serenity.
    Astro who was so curious and admired, but where this is your world?
    Bhuvi said you can find it over the line of your dreams where fantasy mixes with reality and where every thought into the wind blows is the smile that you have to try them.
    Astro was left speechless, Chicco’s faithful friend took him by the paw, Hey get on earth said Chicco , so had already realized that Astro was thinking a lot.
    But Bhuvi tell me why you went away from that world?
    It was hard because the castle and its inhabitants who lived on the world of butterflies were envious butterflies and began to hunt them, I was afraid, and many of us have been driven away from their world and wickedness slew the cloverleaf of luck as well, the only solution for all of a few butterflies remained was to go to other worlds, the ability to grow and bring a smile to the lucky four-leaf clover is only a capacity of a few butterflies with wings of silver, and only they can this magic.
    So if we find a butterfly with silver wings could also cultivate the endless stream the clover of fortune?
    Bhuvi let’s see how is your world? Yes Astro, but how?
    Astro was time ever the Guardian of the stars and then had to come all the knowledge of the universe, closed his eyes, in his mind flowed maps of the stars, universes, planets, nebulae, stars more distant until you get his favorite star Antares.
    Then as you awake from sleep to return with our friends.
    Chicco , Bhuvi go to the planet of butterflies?
    Sure but how asked Chicco?
    Hold fast, Astro watched his star tattooed on his paw and looked around Antares and found themselves in the library of stars.
    Chicco was amazed, now I understand, and laughed!
    But now that we are what we do here?
    Here Astro said , Bhuvi thinks intensely to your origins, where it comes from, what your mind draws with grace.
    Bhuvi, rested on the paw of Astro and rolled his wings almost a way to get to its internal energy.

    l After a while, one of the bookshelves brightened and Astro went to see the contents, it was a small sheet of odd characters, could not understand what they were, but then took the paper to see better and directs about opening of the library at the top where you could see the stars, and in an instant our friends took share, here is the secret of the library was a starting point to the stars and the shelves contained maps to travel to the stars.
    So in a moment they found themselves in the world of butterflies, but a sadness you were doing, interstellar travel was very heavy for a frail butterfly, Bhuvi didn’t feel well at all.
    She looked Astro and said, find the winged butterfly silver and always defend it, and if you can take the winged butterflies to the Endelss River, this is important that you do it, and the butterfly gently turned her head and went into the world of infinite happiness.
    Astro met for the first time what it means to be sad, a friend had left her, the trip was too much for his frail body. Chicco saw that Astro was really demoralized.
    Bhuvi was really special for Astro, and he felt a little responsible because it was he who wanted this trip.
    Sadness is a very special emotion and leaves little room in the heart, the natural reaction should be to know that you have knowledge and turn it into positive emotion, it takes time, but I think Astro is a very special character, and will find a way to overcome this.
    Chicco that was his most faithful friend came up stroking his head, thanks Chicco said, I feel really guilty, maybe I should put a brake my curiosity on my way to be close to the dreams tell those close to me.
    Chicco answered, no Astro’ve done the right thing now you have a very special responsibility, not make bhuvi has left us without finding its roots of hers planet.
    Astro was very discouraged, but suddenly said Chicco wait a moment here I’ll be right back to the library of the stars.
    OK I’ll wait. Astro in a flash took the road of the library of the stars, had a moment of sadness, a tear fell from the muzzle of Astro, but before he fell to the ground ja ray day light from the dried and thanks Antares, brightened a shelf and a another little slip of paper arrived and he said thanks to Astro Antares’s listening to me. With this slip of paper Astro returned to the planet of butterflies.
    Here I am Chicco, took the little body of Bhuvi put on this piece of paper, held out his paw gently, almost as not to disturb Bhuvi closed his eyes and took a blue beam bridge to heaven, here Bhuvi now has his own world.
    But what Astro has happened? Bhuvi now is a star in the constellation of the Scorpion is a nebula called NGC 6302 nebula Butterfly, Bhuvi now using Antares will become a star, the star of beautiful butterfly nebula and will have a special protection by Antares.
    Chicco but this is incredible, and Astro will be able to communicate with her?
    Sure observes what happens now Chicco and Astro were with eyes upturned , radius bhuvi was carrying in her new home, then the sky was filled for a few seconds of the colors of its wings and then a flash of red and then the calm, Chicco look up there, Astro indicated a precise point, where there was a star of bright blue, you see Bhuvi, Astro left the tears and sadness to smile at Bhuvi while Antares watched and watched all.
    Hooray Astro’re really the true guardian of the stars are proud of you, thanks Chicco .
    Now we have to leave behind our sadness because we have the duty to visit the planet of butterflies. The planet of butterflies was gray, seemed almost a colorless world, there’s ‘clouds were gray and almost a fog, Astro still always found a way to play and did go on Chicco then hide and jump out suddenly scaring Chicco, Astro !!!!!! you’re near sight because here is very dark and we do not know whether it is dangerous.
    Ok Chicco okay, now I finish my game then arrival Astro had seen a small shaped wooden sling and a thread of a very hardy plant, was the slingshot, taking the berries also pulled Chicco.
    Chicco said , Astro , have the feeling that here is uninhabited, I do not see anyone, it’s dark is not good shelter will soon be dark and you will not see anything. All right! Watch Astro there is a small house seems uninhabited we will spend the night from them.
    The house was very simple announcing is no one? Astro and Chicco came asking and but no one answered.
    Our friends entered the creaking door, and there was a small table at the entrance, strange for a home, maybe he could be an inn, but it was really small, close the table there was a sign, which he said “Happiness is out of this place “and then again in every room, there were four small there were drawings on the walls seemed almost meadows full of butterflies, the first with the yellow butterflies, the second with the white butterflies, the third with of blue butterflies.
    Astro was very thoughtful, that this strange place, Chicco this place seems almost frozen in time, almost frozen, I can’t understand, what might have happened.
    Then at some point in the big room Astro sees a closet opens it and finds an old lamp, but there was only a blank greeting card inside.
    Astro closed the closet and went in one of the rooms and there was another strange writing.
    “The secret is kept in the house of light”.
    But it was late and the emotions of the day and fatigue brought very shiny eyes to our friends, but before resting Astro went out for a moment to see the wonder of the stars in the evening because the fog on the planet becomes rare to give place to the wonder of the stars and now Astro was watching her favorite and the small new blue star was smiling.
    Here is the morning on the butterfly planet has a strange air, because everything looks gray, but then a small radius opens this grayness into a small smile of a star that illuminates his planet.
    Astro puts his nose out the door, but does not notice the dew that makes it slippery slide down the front lawn of the house, and stops not far away near a small tool shed, Chicco laughed, which hit Astro, you’re funny and while he’s lying belly up, sees a small butterfly right on his nose, and who are you?
    Hi I am Tiffy and you cat of a thousand somersaults? as you are funny and a good laugh fill the empty words of Astro.
    Hi little butterfly, my name is Astro, well actually are funny you’re right, but you know that I bring a smile and this pleases me, but now I can get up so I can see you well?
    Tiffy said oh! but some excuse Astro now I take off from your nose.
    Astro got himself together mustache, and here he could see well Tiffy, Astro reached out his paw and rested on his paw. Here I am now I see well? are Tiffy and immediately another good laugh, but wow Tiffy nice to meet you really are very pretty and nice, but what are you doing in this planet so gray?
    Oh, but this is my home, are you that you’ve never seen, the cat funny and bungling of a thousand somersaults, Astro immediately let out a big laugh, so extraordinary that even Tiffy did not stop more laughing.
    It ‘s true sorry Tiffy I come from a distant planet and live by the endless river, Tiffy widened its little eyes, but then you’re a magician?
    Ohh ! I Have Not! Tiffy I’m a only a small cat, with the tasks a bit special.
    Chicco immediately intervened, he is the most beautiful cat in the world guardian of the stars and the world of fantasy and dreams.
    Tiffy amused, but Astro you are all these things?
    Astro was a little embarrassed, well yes but my main task is to bring smiles everywhere.
    It ‘s interesting what you tell me, then you are a special cat, and away with another laugh, but then Astro if you’re the star’s guardian, if you want it you can go to any star it?
    But as you are curious Tiffy, but ‘you’re really pretty and nice and that is why we can ask me anything you want, Tiffy was happy and began to flutter around Astro happy to encounter.
    As Astro saw fly Tiffy froze, his wings were beautiful large, the move did little but great flights and were especially silver.
    Tiffy understood it and paused on his paw. And shoot, Astro all is well? and Astro, but you you have the silver wings, Tiffy did not understand, well sure some butterflies on this planet are so certain that strange questions Astro.
    And tell me you tell me a bit of your planet?
    Of course, once the planet here was beautiful, really beautiful colors, there were rivers and flowers and many animals and people lived in peace until at one point, a group of humans arrived on our planet, we will have greeted peacefully and very well, only that the planet wanted him only for bull and began to drive out all the butterflies, some left for other planets, I was hidden and I was afraid, and I was sheltered in a cave where there were some tunnels leading toward the center of the planet, I was safe, and when I found the courage to come out, I found myself in this place gray and very ugly than what I had left.
    And how were the butterflies of your planet?
    They were simple, loved the serenity, loved the arts think that some of us can sing, love music and loving being in the company and his friends.
    Now I understand what were the envy of the humans, were all things that could have them too, but the wickedness had become their envy and so they couldn’t bear the possibility of being positive and beautiful as butterflies.
    Astro don’t know, but perhaps it is as you say.
    Astro approaches Tiffy and with its sweetness, caresses the wing silver she turns red, and thanked Astro.
    The winged butterflies silver thank when they do it this way.
    Tiffy flutters around Astro, but to keep up with his movements still loses his balance and falls still belly up and in that position, Tiffy down on the muzzle of Astro and covering his eyes with his great wings.
    When Astro can see the light sees the smile of Tiffy.
    Thanks Tiffy but then we’re friends?
    Sure Astro, and now get up, I have read your mind and you have a project that must be at the early run, Antares and Bhuvi they will be happy, and how do you know these things, Tiffy laughed and then I’d be curious?
    But but it !!!! and all three of our friends were laughing taste,
    Tiffy was really a butterfly very special day and a unique and very positive mood, Astro had understood.
    Tiffy take us to visit your planet? Sure follow me, but it does not fly very high, I always fly very high, Astro said are you sure the hostess here, Chicco caters to Astro, Astro’ve seen that temper? Oh yes she’s very pretty, but also very strong.
    Now I bring you in a very special place called the valley of the shadow, once was very nice and we could have fun because the shadows formed by the light and shadows drew the imagination of our dreams and our most beautiful games.
    Comes Astro and Chicco, isn’t far away, our friends took a small path behind the house, ran in a small wood from the thick vegetation, until it came to a point where the road seemed to end.
    Here we’re arrived and was fascinated Astro, a large valley huge, but it was almost all gray, but now a star light was illuminating the gray sky of the planet of the butterflies and the gray left the light, it was a bit better.
    Tiffy fluttered happy, at one point looked Astro, look at me Astro !!!.
    The butterfly flew above the valley of the shadows and began to exert his imagination with its wings was drawing clouds then drew the planets and then again flitting made the orbits of the planets and then so again approached Astro settled yet on the muzzle, then continued the flight to draw the stars most beautiful, she had read in the mind of Astro and finally at the end drew the shape of Astro who had slipped.
    Tiffy was incredible and his skill and imagination of drawing with light and shadows and Astro was kidnapped by this wonder.
    Did you like Astro?
    Thank you Tiffy, you made a marvel and thanks for having designed the stars. What a beautiful place had to be, but one day I want this place to resume the light of the past, I’m ready to help you Tiffy, thanks Astro.
    And so the day passed quiet and Astro, Chicco and Tiffy and enjoyed an afternoon of serenity, playing, walking and knowing Astro while Tiffy fluttered around, said Chicco , we have found a butterfly special will be our friend for always, Astro you’re right.
    And the evening was falling on the first day with Tiffy and our friends were tired to go to rest.
    Astro had prepared a small shelter for Tiffy in the empty house, close to them, but before sleep could take them, he wanted to see the sky and its stars.
    Astro was engrossed with his nose on the sky , while Tiffy was watching hidden not to spoil his show and also Chicco watched in silence.
    This time Astro was staying very much in listening to the sky, Tiffy approaches gently and asks him to Astro, Astro but what are you seeing so beautiful?
    Astro was very fascinated by how Tiffy could draw with the shades of light.
    Astro turned and smiled at Tiffy, then told him, look Tiffy, I’ll show you what it can do the star’s guardian , and so Astro start to show the stars his smile more beautiful and the stars began to shine more up to illuminate a day, then the sky shooting the color of the night, Tiffy was watching with curiosity of those who wanted to capture everything that happened.
    Astro then made a strange gesture, looked in a particular spot and raised his paw as if to greet, was greeting Antares, a little ray got out star and lit up the muzzle of Astro, then all the stars started to fling those rays of yellow, red, and those who light blue, made a marvel.
    Astro called near if Tiffy, now she was never very close to Astro, he asked him to look at the sky the stars you want to greet and Antares rays taken more attractive to draw in the sky the constellation of the butterfly. Tiffy was incredibly excited, Astro I have never seen anything more beautiful, I know Astro smiled, is a unique show at this time.
    Watch Now, the cycle was filled with colored bubbles of all colors, Tiffy go do a little fly in the sky, but how do you Bubbly now, do not worry go Tiffy, Tiffy flew and with each stroke of wings did Burst these bubbles drawing of beautiful forms in the sky.
    This was the special Astro-gift to Tiffy, Astro calls Chicco and all three remained for hours to view the works of the guardian of the stars, then Chicco returned home to rest and Astro, because it was a special night and not was cold was still a bit with Tiffy, but tiredness took all our friends and Astro curled up on itself and Tiffy near the heat of his paw and fell asleep with the stars who watched their dreams and their certainties.
    It was day and our friends awoke, Tiffy curiously and unknowingly had awakened pulling his mustache Astro that scared because he slept, he made a meow !!!, then realizing what had happened in the early morning with Chicco did a very good laugh.
    Astro then turns to Tiffy, we have to find out what happened to all the butterflies of your planet, but are you sure that there will be no more than you? Not sure, however, is already so long that flourish and I’ve never met anyone.
    But if you want to take a walk around and you’ll see for yourself that there is no one, okay let’s start Chicco strength come that we have much to look for.
    So our friends left for the streets of the Planet of the butterflies. at some point while they were walking Astro asked Tiffy, but it is true that butterflies sing?
    Tiffy answer, but that certainly is curious question, then became sad Tiffy before when there was the gray all the butterflies and in particular those with silver wings sang in happiness but now I do not know why I can’t careful Astro now I try, Tiffy opened his mouth, but amazingly did not go out any more, see Astro, sorry because I love the song and not have this ability makes me sad.
    Chicco approached Tiffy, Tiffy no don’t do that you will see that soon find yourself your voice, true Astro?
    Tiffy I promise you that if only there will be a chance to get you back on your singing , we’ll find it.
    Tiffy was so happy and flitting near the snout of Astro, greeted him in his way pulling his mustache, and he meeeeeeeow !!!!!
    Tiffy if we go on like this at the end trample my mustache.
    And our friends got even a big laugh.
    Perhaps happiness is a mixture of this too, where serenity, simplicity and spontaneity meet, the result really becomes almost a magic, but it is never predictable.
    Astro was determined to find a way to sing Tiffy, and was also curious to see what had happened and where the butterflies were gone, and with all these doubts was looking for a solution, but then did he think Astro.
    During the visit were a little tired and had not found any trace or sign of butterflies, just a big gray and just.
    Even Tiffy was gray only that silver of its wings made her very nice indeed.
    Astro saw from a far a small stream, and to take a break from that said we reflect in the waters of the stream, Tiffy looked at him with curiosity, it is a game that I often do is fun, force Chicco, Tiffy go.
    Watch Tiffy, Astro was reflected and made grimaces that mingled with the small waves of the stream, how nice it is here that the river seems almost infinite.
    Tiffy is mirrored and amazement, Astro discovers that her mirror image, is in color
    The butterfly was reflected color original and it was beautiful, had yellow stripes, red and blue.
    Tiffy looked and didn’t understand the amazement of Astro, didn’t see this.
    Asked Chicco but don’t you see something strange?
    Well, i have actually a bit of hunger, but nothing more.
    Astro had an intuition, perhaps not all was lost, being the guardian of the time he realized that maybe it was the reflection of something outstanding, perhaps the time has been stopped at the hands of someone or whom?
    Astro was thinking about what was going on and maybe a little idea he had.
    The reflection in the water is the reality of things, then it means that the planet of butterflies was a temporary condition.
    Chicco, I have an idea, the time on this planet is suspended, gray is its natural color, as if something has blocked the normal flow of the beauty of this planet, maybe a spell and maybe it is not definitive.
    You saw how beautiful Tiffy reflected?
    Astro is, it is true, are you going to do what I think?
    Chicco I have to go back in time, before the path is irreversible.
    I rush Tiffy which was near Chicco, approached Astro, Astro and thanks for what you’re doing. So Astro returned home to endless river and then travel back in time and through the library of the stars in the world of butterflies came here and found a beautiful planet.
    But he realized that the situation was already deteriorating.
    Men were destroying the vegetation of the planet, and were destroying even the poor animals and even butterflies.
    Astro was seeing everything under his eyes, but suddenly a voice said, I can not let you destroy the planet of butterflies.
    i’ll Block the time because this can’t be done.
    Good morning Astro!
    But who are you?
    I am the guardian of life. He was an old man with a white beard with a funny hat cone blue as the sky Astro said, but then are you who blocked the time of the butterflies on the planet? You see those people who are destroying and I can’t afford this, and in a few days I will do my duty, but will not be a permanent situation. I understand Keeper of life, however, that I arrive from the future, I have to find a way to give the ancient beauty of the planet and find the song of Tiffy.
    Sure Astro, remember though that the dullness saved the planet from self-destruction, but I didn’t destroy anyone, but only to save the butterflies that are important for the growth of the lucky four-leaf clover.
    Thanks guardian of life for what you will do, Tiffy is sad because he can’t sing.
    I know shooting the guardian of life, Astro go look at the inn, in the house of the light and you will find everything.
    Tiffy is the guardian of the secret of the lucky four-leaf clover.
    The four-leaf clover of fortune has four petals, a petal smile, a petal goodness, the pelal friendship and the petal of the force that sustains everything.
    That’s why it is so important to survive.
    Remember that bring a clover of luck also to the endless river, but as I do is very delicate and I haven’t met yet.
    The old man laughed a lot for your words of Astro. I was told that you were funny and cute and they were right, Well if you carry a butterfly the clover will always be in the endless river.
    It’s true that silly, now I understand, thanks guardian of life.
    Now go now! I have to do my spell and so under the eyes of the Old Astro get up his little magic tree of life that was like a wand made the tree rolled three times, and the gray arrived on the planet , the old man disappeared in a moment and Astro resumed via the endless river.
    Back home had to return immediately to the planet where there were both Chicco that Tiffy waiting. Here I am friends, and immediately Chicco Tiffy and made party, and Astro told what had happened. I am sure that is a spell and we must find out how to unlock this spell.
    And how do we Astro? We must seek the light house, but what will it be the home of the light? We return to the house because now it is almost never the evening, so our friends they returned to the little house.
    Astro was thinking and thinking until Chicco came here and said Astro’s getting dark, and if we try with a lamp to light so we can at think a little more.
    Chicco did you say? Well as you’re strange Astro, I want to find a lamp to light! Hoooray !!! Chicco have found the solution, here is the lamp the light house !!!
    Tiffy was also happy because of the discovery fluttered happy and knew that this was good news.
    I will in fact I saw a light, but there was only a ticket, this ticket will be the solution of the spell?.
    Sure you Chicco, you’ve found the solution and so Astro opened the closet and took the lamp and took the card. On the ticket there was this sentence: The light and freedom all over the planet will be forever with the cloverleaf of fortune.
    Astro approached and asked Tiffy Tiffy read this sentence only you can do this magic.
    Sure Astro and a smiling Tiffy began to read the sentence. Everything was changing, it was evening, but you could see that the planet was recovering its beauty. the colors resumed on the lawns, the wind plants and the clouds were coloring and gray was fading.
    Across the planet the color was overhanging the gray of the time it was stopped. And the cycle time was starry with a very bright star that shone like the moon does to us and waved the magic of Tiffy, and even our friends.
    But they were so tired and happy that they fell asleep.
    The next morning saw another planet butterflies were back with their beautiful colors. Ahead was a forest where you could see the animals, but the men were not seen and Chicco asked Astro this.
    No the guardian of life had made a joke to men, because before they arrived on the planet with their spaceships, just to protect the planet hid from their instruments the planet and went over the planet.

    And in this beautiful weather returned smiles to everyone. Astro approached Tiffy, you want to sing? It Astro I try but you know it is not easy for me. Try it by force, began with her crystalline voice and beautiful, its melody spread all over the planet is beautiful But now I can sing Yeeeeah !!!
    Tiffy was happy.
    Thanks Astro, but it is not my doing but only of your skills and you nice voice. As a result of the song of Tiffy, just in front of the house there is a small four-leaf clover of fortune, was beautiful. The reflection of the cloverleaf sent to the planet her smile, now that the planet is indeed saved, thanks to Tiffy.
    A Tiffy excited and happy was thanking Astro, but she knew he had to return to the endless river.
    Thanks Astro but I’m sad because soon you will return to your home, Astro lowered his muzzle was sad too, then raised his muzzle to make his beautiful special smile to Tiffy.
    Astro turned to look for the look of understanding with Chicco.
    Then excited, said to Tiffy, I’d be happy if you come with Chicco us to endless river, could be your new home if you want.
    Chicco then spoke up, yes! Tiffy can come with us?
    Tiffy began to flutter around Astro and Chicco, his new friends.
    Of course I’m happy with Friends.
    Astro, had lost Bhuvi, for such a trip, it was too dangerous even for Tiffy, and then called Antares that sent his range on the planet of butterflies and this wonder Astro, Chicco and Tiffy went up the endless river, the journey lasted only a few moments, and all arrived safely at the endless river.
    Astro thanked Antares for the passage, in his own way.
    He took a small flower from the Endless River, made him turn until its light arrived at Antares, she realized that the small gift, darkened the sky to give Astro a comet-tailed quatrefoil shape to Astro.
    Chicco and Tiffy gasped but happy.
    For happiness Tiffy began singing and on the banks of the river infinite born of a four leaf clover luck and Antares, to preserve it for the first cold night enlightened him until the next morning.

    Now our friends were in a magical time and happy days spent together with their games and the good company of Tiffy.
    All are wondering how Astro can these wonders, do not even know that I’m writing, but maybe this is a magic of Antares.
    A little reflection before leaving the carefree days of our friends;
    But the lucky four-leaf clover is a fantasy Astro-writer or Astro?
    Is there really?
    It really exists and is within us, each of us has his own four-leaf clover lucky, we must try to feed him forever with our smile.
    But Astro tell me why it is so important for you?
    Astro me smile, maybe that is his secret, simple and affordable for everyone, but as extraordinary.
    Thanks Astro to have it explained.
    And with the melody of Tiffy, sympathy Chicco and the wonders of Astro, the river flowed infinite always serene, almost reflecting the joy and smiles of our friends, while Antares the beautiful star lit up the sky in the day because today the river infinite was really a special day.
    Astro told me that before it vanished the guardian of life, he made a small question, but because envy is so bad, the guardian of life did occur after a laugh said Astro not all have as a friend Astro, because with your smile the melt and becomes like snow in the sun.
    But then they are so special?
    As always Astro descends from the clouds but his sympathy is also this!
    And the stars while Astro reasoned and was on his clouds illuminated by the lights the most beautiful river infinite and his friends, preparing the new day with their new adventures!

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