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  • The Endless River part 8 – Astro and the wind dragon – English

    Dedication: The wind is a mystery, no one knows where it comes from but when it takes directions that only he knows, while only the our thoughts can imagine his house
    On a windy afternoon, Astro and Chicco were in the house to feel out the wind whistling.
    For Astro wind is music, and has a well-defined tones, perhaps he thinks that if he can get to the home of the wind create his music that reaches the stars.
    He felt clearly the creak of a window that the wind animated with his strength. Nearly creak ruining the noise and the sound of the wind.
    Astro said this is annoying squeak, maybe it’s good to put in place the window, and then left the house.
    Chicco tale me little oil, and all of a sudden, came a gust of strong wind, which brought a nest of dragon eggs,
    Astro picked the nest but a gust of wind carried on the eyes of a leaf Astro, slipped and fell and the egg hatched.
    It was a small dragon, a cute little dragon.
    The strong winds over the nest carrying a bathtub, papers and games.
    One of these papers arrive on the muzzle of Astro, Oh ! was a map.
    Astro took the paper from his eyes and sees that on the map there is a road leading to the house of the dragon, a sudden the wind starts to whistle and be heard, almost as if the wind wanted to carry off the map, but calmed down immediately
    he looked at the map, to get to the house of the dragon was to cross the temple cat wise, then the bridge of the wolf from the hair of silver and then finally through the forest of icy wind and strong, and then you get the home of the dragon.
    Astro and Chicco decided to help the dragon to go home.
    Chicco said wait, there’s too much wind, we can’t make the trip now, sooner or later the wind will calm down and so they decided to call the dragon ”breath of evening”.
    Astro said now gets dark and windy tomorrow and we’ll go back home while Tiffy was waiting inside the house.
    For her, the wind was dangerous, its wings were very strong but delicate at the same time.
    Chicco and Astro spent the night tormented by the wind, with all the noise of the trees, the creaking of doors and windows.
    Then a noise at the door draws the attention of our friends, who’s that knocking? Chicco said who is this now?
    It was a Phoenix, a magnificent bird, almost majestic eagle much with the neck color of gold, its red feathers and tail blue.
    Astro said in wonder what happens and what are you doing here at this hour?
    I came to find the dragon.
    Welcome , come on in, the phoenix begins to tell, you see it is important to bring home the dragon because he is the dragon of the wind and the wind driving the clouds and lightning in the sky and this can be done only if it is in his home, away loses this power probably be looking for his mother to teach him the secrets of the wind and the sky so that it can continue its task.
    OK Phoenix, I understand, but how can I and my friends helps the dragon?
    The Phoenix, well astro you’ve the map to get to the house, make sure it reaches its home I will watch you, because it could be nearby the shadow-cat that could impair the dragon because it might take his power and if seizes wind would become the most powerful animal shadow universe.
    I will deal with it in order to keep away the shadow-cat , but Astro could you drive the baby dragon?
    Of course it is, true Chicco and Tiffy?
    Certainly told friends and so our friends took the commitment.
    But how do we find the Phoenix?
    Do not worry Astro , I will always watch, I’ll very close to you but only you’ll see me because I will fly between the size of the parallel universes to confuse the shadow-cat and only the guardians of the stars will be able to see me.
    The phoenix out the door to disappear into the darkness of the night so the dragon entered the house of our friends and to repair it by night,
    Astro took a small basket and the little dragon in the heat of the house and with the friendship of three new friends fell asleep, Chicco placed next to him, while Astro continued for a bit to observe the wind gusts with Tiffy who was always amazed by the actions of Astro.
    Astro called Tiffy, you say that we will succeed? And Tiffy can’t doubt, you are the guardian of the stars, you’re very special.
    Thanks Tiffy and Astro a so happy took the strongest gusts of wind headed for a star so when descending rays of the star did a play of lights like a fountain or a flower he had done for Tiffy because it has never doubted Astro and for his friendship even if just friends.
    Then he called Astro if Chicco, the baby-dragon tomorrow will come to his house so that he can rule the wind and find his mother.
    And our friends slept loads of dreams, positive thoughts and good news.
    Astro up early and took the map with his friends took the path leading to the temple of the cat wise.
    To not weary the bay-dragon, Bean had a great idea, took a cardboard box with berries so big, strong and round like nuts but much more round, and so did the wheels could carry and pull the box the path.
    They were continuing on their way, when a branch from a tree broke off and came dangerously dragon, just in a flash came the phoenix with its splendid flight to collect the branch before it hit the dragon.
    Astro who saw the scene, it is very important the dragon, force friends we must continue.
    And so ‘our friends arrived near a bridge leading to the temple of the cat was a small building very simple, but our friends were amazed.

    Because it was all built of soap bubbles transparent, but very durable and elastic, so that Astro indulged on a wall and then bounce and remain standing.
    Inside this temple was a small statue of a cat.
    Astro approaching with his friends and see that the statue is real and alive, a voice calls, welcome Astro, I knew that one day you would come.
    And welcome to your friends, you have a very hard task, I am the cat wise, I have a request to you that you are on this road, beware of the shadow-cat, is evil and wants to take possession of the secret of the wind, you have to prevent it and help the little dragon to return to his home.
    Now go and follow the color silver, until it becomes a single color.
    And so our friends thanked the cat wise and took a road where the silver was visible, like a thread that leads to a path friend, after the cat had given wise advice and perhaps very good. Tiffy was tired and said Astro we stop for a moment?
    Sure Tiffy and Chicco that was pulling the box he needed a little rest while our friends were stopping near a boulder, a figure was approaching, hello friends, hello Astro, a cat was very dark, and you who you said Astro?
    I am a friend, I live at over a hill and I know a lot of these roads would be honored to accompany you, Chicco now, thanks for the thought, and also thanked Tiffy, Astro was wary.
    The cat began to tell stories to gain sympathy, and in fact we could do so much that Chicco was admired by his tales as Tiffy.
    They walked together in the long road silver, Tiffy had realized that Astro was a little quiet and approaches Astro.
    Astro but it’s all right? Astro and immediately pulls out one of his most beautiful smiles to reassure Tiffy, Hey Tiffy certain.
    So our friends continue, the cat can accompany you for a while ? Chicco now certain that, we all go together.
    Suddenly, however, the cat approached the dragon who had lost a berry his food and was going to give it to the dragon, when with a paw, Astro removes

    cat paw from the dragon. Stopped, don’t touch, I understand you’re the cat’s shadow !!!!!
    But how did you discover me?
    Simple your stories weren’t funny, then you have no shadow, because you’re a shadow.
    Go away and do not come back !!! You’re silly Astro now you bread for your teeth, the cat became a huge shadow and tried to take the dragon, Astro got in the way, and then the phoenix came like a rocket to defend the dragon and our friends the cat shadow took the road the hill and disappeared in a few seconds.
    The phoenix pauses for a moment, you saw Astro careful continue your way because it might come back, and so our friends without hesitation came near the bridge of the wolf silver.
    It was very important to cross the bridge without fear because the bridge was suspended almost infinite and was transparent color, it was a very hard test so Astro, Chicco and Tiffy were blocked because they were afraid, but suddenly a great idea to Astro, Tiffy said that can you paint with light a balloon ? Yes i can, well isn’t so difficult, then, now we see here is a game we blow all together wins who does get the balloon over the bridge.
    Here’s the trick all our friends were all with an eye to the sky to push the balloon, so they did not realize the view so dangerous.
    Chicco force blows, Astro said and he undertook in full force, the dragon was amused to see his strange friends engage in that way.
    And so it went over the bridge of the wolf from the hair of silver.
    On the other side were all satisfied had passed a big test.
    My readers will have been amazed by the imagination of Astro, it actually has a lot of really, but he does not stop to appearances, that is the great thing is teaching us, go to the bottom of things and not give up, I hope this message gets really at all.
    And now at the end of a howl, maybe the same wolf-haired silver salutes our friends in their venture.
    Now you are heading to the forest of icy winds. Arrives fast on the sky the Phoenix, who thanked Astro and his friends for what are doing and asks Astro to be careful because the forest is very dangerous and the winds that blow alternately puffs are really magical and can destroy everything, you must have the genius to find out how to deal with them, don’t rush, think well Now you just have to be careful of the winds, the cat shadow will not come up to them, he fears the forest.
    In the bottom of the forest is the home of the dragon, you’ll see it because you’ll see the spectacular things that only those who can ride the wind fails.
    Good luck, and so our friends walked, but since it was now evening ever decided to rest a bit and found shelter at the large bushes and plants that had a small hut natural.
    Astro for the moment of the evening was that of greeting to its star and as many times, left the hut and the muzzle upward to see the wonders of the sky and to discover something new, were very close to the forest of icy winds , and a sudden shadow approaching menacing, was still the shadows-cat trying perhaps for the last time to get to the dragon.
    But a great thing happened, the cat shadow was about to hit Astro, the phoenix was there to intervene when a ray of light, disintegrated the cat shadow.
    The phoenix approaching Astro.
    Astro I thought you were very vulnerable, but I changed my mind.
    Thanks Phoenix, you know I am the guardian of the stars and that was only a slap that Antares wanted to give to those who want to do harm to Astro.
    True, said the Phoenix are really special and disappeared into the shadows of the evening.
    Astro didn’t want to tell what had happened to his friends who were sleeping and resting, before returning waved her most beautiful smile Antares who returned with his most beautiful light.
    It was morning and our friends went on their journey to the forest of icy winds.
    The wind was really awful, cold strong motto and whistled, at some points it seemed that was playing a song, then still cold. Astro asked Tiffy shelter under the wing the baby-dragon, this icy wind could be fatal for her.
    The forest was immense and passed unscathed puffs cold, but now they were crossing a part of the forest where the wind takes color and its power becomes really devastating, cold, frost, and color filled all and our friends were in trouble they had found a small shelter near a tree.

    Chicco, you’re here for a bit of time, they may turn these winds so strong.
    The baby-dragon was sleeping, our friends were almost frozen, Astro addresses Chicco, I did not think it was so hard, we hope to make it.
    Then Astro approaches the baby-dragon, and with his paw caressing her head and tells him , certain that as hard for baby-dragon.
    The dragon who was sleeping wakes up and goes out for a moment from his basket, puts his head out of the shelter and blows up and at that moment all the winds are no longer colored, then with another breath turn red one of the twenty that seems to go towards a definite direction, then turns to Astro and smiles !!!!
    Astro and our friends are amazed, and after a moment, everything becomes clear, the wind stops blowing slowed down.
    Astro doesn’t understand, but from a distance saw a gigantic shadow, was the mother of the Dragon who had seen the sign of the little dragon, and had ordered the calm in all winds.
    The baby-dragon runs to the mother who hugs him, our friends who see the scene are happy that the baby-dragon has found its home.
    The mother of the dragon approaches to our friends who meanwhile had refreshed.
    Thank you for everything you have done for my little dragon, he is also very important because it will be when he grows up he will drive the winds and above will guide changes in thinking of the universe, it is he who is the guardian of the wind. Baby-Dragon approaches Astro smiles, then blows on his paw, he turns to the mother and smiles.
    Astro, the baby-dragon made you a small gift, it is small but very important because he is the guardian of the wind but you’re after that gesture of friendship that made you can drive the wind, you never know you could serve
    Astro, thanks baby-Dragon for gift, I am honored and happy about that.
    But now that everything is so nice because we do not do a good party?
    Sure Astro said the mother of the Baby-Dragon, and they did a good party all together and to celebrate the event, puffs highest cleaned the sky as never to give the light of the sky of the beauty of the stars are so dear to Astro.

    It was time to say goodbye to their new friends, wait Astro said the mother of the dragon, Come up with your friends on this wind that will take you to the endless river.
    And so after the greetings of our friends took to the sky -way at the turn of a wind one of the finest to come home to endless river.
    Our friends had learned a lot from this story, what appears is not always true, you must go to the bottom of things serves determination and commitment to succeed in a small business.
    And that dreams can come true, thanks to Astro these teachings and the stars and dreams of our friends fed the flowing water of the river for the occasion reflected infinity of blue and gold its waters so magical and so special.

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