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  • The Endless River part 9 – Tiffy in the land of the dinosaurs – English

    Dedication: curiosity is like a smile, simple but incredibly magical.

    A beautiful morning in the Endless River Tiffy was flying happy as was his nature smiling and free, she came to a tree and did somersaults, but something caught his attention, came up to a tree and discovered something that reflected a strange light.
    In a tree-trunk there was a piece of glass.
    A little mirror, Tiffy looked herself, for a long time and she was imitating Astro, and she was certain that the most beautiful smile was hers.
    Therefore began to try and try and try again until then smiled so beautiful that was lost in the same mirror.
    She was scared, it had never happened, she get off the tree and find out not to be more in the endless river, was in another place.
    The landscape was strange, strange plants had strange shapes, stones were different, even the shadows were so different.
    Tiffy realized early on that the endelss river was different and did not understand, she looking for her references without finding them.
    She decided to return to the butterfly garden, there was something that to seem the garden, and he thought to find at least Astro, but was speechless at the sight of huge animals they were feeding on the plants, they’re dinosaurs so huge, then approached an animal odd was a giant butterfly wings of ice.
    Don’t be afraid, you’re scared, you’re for the event came from the tree-trunk by the reflection of the time?
    I come in from a trunk, I thought to be in endless river with my friends but not so do.
    Tiffy not be afraid , and how do you know my name?
    No matter, see Tiffy you arrived in the land of the dinosaurs, and this is a very rare event.
    I try to explain, there are many universes that share the same space, the only difference is the level that is layered, each universe has its own reality, and when there are points in common may be that something or someone can go through and get there and travel between these worlds.
    Tiffy was sad about this and he needed to communicate as soon as possible what happened to Astro and Chicco.
    But how?
    And what was going on in the endless river?
    Tiffy asks council to giant butterfly wings of ice.
    The butterfly said, Tiffy the only way to communicate with other worlds is to find the piano by the notes the reflection of the infinite.
    Only the most beautiful smile to your home can bring you back from where you came.
    But it’s a legend and then I was a long time since I’m here and I don’t remember ever seeing this piano.
    And in the meantime, and in the endless river Astro and Chicco were worried because Tiffy not had returned, and our friends had gone to look for her, but no luck.
    But then Astro took a pebble colored blue the sky color , because he was the guardian of the stars threw it into the endless river, this pebble had to travel through time and space for him to get to Tiffy.
    Tiffy this because she used to scare Astro pulling the pebbles blue in the sky and then with his speed he was hiding, and he laughed because Astro did not understand, but he knew and laughed in his mustache.
    Astro so I think that one day he would return that pebble.
    Tiffy was with the winged butterfly ice giants, when she dragged Tiffy because they were passing the dinosaurs.
    Tiffy sorry but you see that the dinosaurs are passing today is their party see what happens !!!
    And they were passing in front of her a majestic Argentinosaurus, huge massive earth trembled as he passed, then in heaven there were a host of yellow-winged pterosaurs, were like great birds, the wings were of that color because the reflection of the sun could confuse their enemies.
    And then a Tyrannosaurus Rex, the most ferocious of dinosaur. Then after a pause of several minutes passed a hundred Velociraptor, is believed but only because their speed was incredible, then the majesty of Triceratops that had over the two horn above the nostrils a little horn of gold color.
    Tiffy was scared, she so small and fragile in the midst of so huge and impressive animals.
    The giant butterfly that had quickly realized the discomfort, it said look what happens now, and all these animals so fierce were smiling, they were happy.
    It seemed that have been waiting for that moment.
    Tiffy, but then resumed the Dinosaurs are not bad and vicious?
    The butterfly was laughing, oh no!!!!
    Today it’s their party and they are challenging, and how? Tiffy askes.
    See the horizon split into two roads because they want to build a very high hill that will allow them to have the most beautiful rays of the sun and so the team that will form the highest hill will be respected by all as the most beautiful of the week and all will be seen by this.
    Tiffy said now I understand, but it is said that the dinosaurs are very fierce, but it no one has ever seen and they became extinct due to lack of food.
    And then shoot the giant butterfly bet it is also said that a meteorite destroyed their existence?
    But not so Tiffy now I tell you the truth, the Dinosaurs are not bad, they are very playful and gentle, the reality is not always easy to understand.
    You must know that the dinosaurs are very special animals that came from a meteorite, but only because that was the way they travel and have reached the ground, many many years ago and then only that man has ever told them how fierce and as very bloody.
    Their game is one of the most important things of their stay on the planet, their game is a very old game, first divide into two or more teams, after their kind, and is to build the most beautiful staircase to heaven because they think that the team that takes the spokes in place more and more beautiful will be the team most fortunate and happy for the future because it will be illuminated by the wisdom and the smile of the sun, which is why they are doing this.
    Usually gather the elders and choose the goal of the week, think about last week had happened that had built the tallest wooden tower on the planet with the bark of the trees of the forest.
    Forest trees lose their bark old to the new one in the spring and so the dinosaurs have seen fit to do this challenge.
    And this week they invented the challenge of the highest hill.
    Tiffy see how reality is so different?
    You’re right, now I feel a bit more quiet.
    Come now stop a Tyrannosaurus see how cute, is a talker very witty.
    I understand that you have doubts, however, looks.
    Hey Tyrannosaurus, stop !! stoooooooooop !!!!!!!
    The great, majestic animal stops and with much docility lowers to watch the butterfly-winged giants and Tiffy , good day winged butterfly giants and good morning to you a small butterfly with silver wings.
    You’re new, you’d never seen around here, and Tiffy a shaky voice, it in fact I’m lost, I would return to the Endless River.
    The Dinosaur, I understand, but do not be sad, butterfly-winged giants spoke up and said you can Dinosaur take the hill that you are building, so I do see Tiffy your beautiful buildings?
    Of course it is a pleasure for me !!! at board butterflies, and so the dinosaur was bringing the two fragile butterflies, but wasn’t running a lot, he knew that he had two very delicate butterflies and so they came to the hill.
    Here is our hill Tiffy see, ours is still very high, but we are at a good point and I think that in a few days we will meet the challenge with the other dinosaurs.
    Tiffy said, this hill is huge, but what happens to those who won the race?
    he winning team is organizing a big party where they invited all the dinosaurs, singing, laughing and celebrating a lot, it is our hobby.
    But suddenly Tiffy becomes sad, butterfly-winged giants understand, and asks the dinosaur, but now why are you sad?
    At the bottom of our party is really very beautiful colored and everyone has fun.
    Tiffy, said I miss my home the endless river.
    Even I with my friends did the games very beautiful and we spent the afternoon in happiness and serenity, but this does not happen anymore.
    The dinosaur turns to the winged butterfly giants, we can’t do something to Tiffy?
    The butterfly thinks for a moment then said, well maybe something you could, you should find the piano notes from the infinite reflection.
    It’s the only way to bring Tiffy home.
    The dinosaur turns to the winged butterfly silver, Tiffy dinosaurs have many resources. I will talk with the elders Dinosaurs and if they hear me, we’ll have a race to find the piano by the reflection infinite.
    But really?
    yes it is!
    Dinosaurs us we are really special, but you will give me a hand to win the race of the hill?
    Of course it is, do not underestimate Tiffy, I too have great resources.
    And then we go !!!!!!.
    The race was about to end, the judges were going to get, the dinosaur was a little disappointed because their hill was a little lower than that of the opponents, but really just Tiffy was displeased, but she did something extraordinary.
    Flew in one of his most beautiful flights, remembered his beautiful game that was in the Endless River, that of the shadows.
    And so he built a shadow so beautiful and great that he could make the hill the highest of all.
    The judges defined the winners dinosaurs Tyrannosaurus’s team, the dinosaur was happy and knew that the illusion of Tiffy was a good thing, because the party was for everyone.
    Tiffy, thank you for what you did, you did a spell that could make even a dinosaur. But I want to see you smile, that’s why tonight at the party will propose to the elderly the new challenge, your challenge. Oh !!!
    Thanks Dinosaur I don’t know how to thank you.
    It really a pleasure to help you.
    And so all the dinosaurs that evening came along for the party.
    Was very nice indeed everyone had thought to make it colorful, and then all went to the lake dinosaurs color of happiness, a very special place where their water takes the colors of emotions, and then there were dinosaurs happy that they took the color red, and yellow, dinosaurs happy the color blue, while the dinosaurs that had lost the darker colors. The effect of the color lasted only one night, the next day it would be gone.
    And so the Dinosaur invited Tiffy the lake before starting the party.
    Immerse yourself Tiffy you take a new color and you will be the party.
    Tiffy took a little dip in the lake, but when it came out, the dinosaur’s mouth dropped open.
    Tiffy had become completely silver.
    But that was the only color that no dinosaur had ever taken, because it is the color of infinity, perhaps because it had taken from the river had reached infinity.
    The Dinosaur, recovered, Tiffy’re really special, come to our party, you will be treated like a queen.
    And so it was, all the dinosaurs were happy to accommodate the butterfly from the color of infinity.
    And they began to celebrate, eat, and sing and Tiffy had a wonderful voice that could give their best.
    Then suddenly the Dinosaur friend spoke up, and they all began in silence.
    One important thing happened, in the lake of the color of happiness, a butterfly took the colors of the infinite, and this I know that for us is a very positive event and outstanding.
    Legend says that those who have the good fortune to embrace the color of infinity, will one day bring happiness in the entire universe, embrace the means to help, to be useful for people who wear this color.
    All of us must help Tiffy find his Endless River, dinosaurs welcomed very well this request, and now let’s go back to the party, but as of tomorrow our new challenge will be to find the piano notes from the infinite reflection.
    Tiffy, was visibly moved and didn’t know how to thank for this kindness, but the dinosaur said stops Tiffy, you now make a beautiful smile to everyone, this is enough for us and so for a moment Tiffy felt very at home with the dinosaurs that have made a sharer as great guest at the party.
    And the party went on for hours and hours until the night and tiredness took place slowly at the party.
    Tiffy which was very tired, he began to look at the sky as he did Astro, maybe he wanted to send a signal, and after a few minutes before she asleep tired, a little ray of light came to her, maybe it was Antares she wanted reassure .
    Tiffy smiled broadly that the beam might be returned to the Endless River .
    And was the big day and all dinosaurs were prepared for the race, but since this time it was very important to the result, they decided to make a team only because it was important to succeed in their challenge.
    The Tyrannosaurus approached Tiffy and managed with a truly infinite grace to give his huge paw to the butterfly that fluttered around the huge dinosaur to witness his happiness.
    Now came the Pterosaurs that flew over the planet were perhaps a hundred or maybe more, they had a great view and could also see the little things at great distances, such as aircraft and gliding lightly, trying not to disturb those who were on the ground in observation.
    Then the huge Argentinosaurus with their body and huge neck gave a hand looking.
    Even Velociraptor who had a very sensitive ears were listening to find the piano notes from the infinite reflection. They were all busy, but for now there was nothing resembling a piano, even a triceratops with its robust horns was to pave the way for a steep path.
    Then the dinosaur struggling with whether Tiffy, Tiffy come we go up the hill we see if we see something.
    And so they took the path up the hill, but suddenly near a stream, Tiffy exclaimed ouch !!!!
    The Dinosaur stopped and what happened, here is this little blue pebble struck me maybe it came from the River, and immediately came to mind in that Tiffy was a game that was with Astro to infinite river.
    With a stroke of wing Tiffy pulled the blue pebble in the River near a waterfall crystal clear sound magically jump at every pebble was producing a sound similar to the strings of a piano.
    The butterfly-winged giant who was there with them said Tiffy hooray !!!!!!
    You found the piano notes from the infinite reflection.
    you are getting Tiffy was happy now immediately !!!!
    your most beautiful smile you have to do it now while she’s playing now, and at that moment Tiffy found himself in the trunk of the tree next to a mirror, went out to see where he was and saw her Endless Riverr and Astro who was playing in the meadow with Chicco forward.
    And immediately Tiffy fluttered toward Astro and Chicco, and his friends saw that they were happy that she returned.
    In the world of the dinosaurs was a victory, everyone was happy they had won their challenge and the butterfly-winged giants was very glad, saying Tiffy good luck and thank you for your sympathy, you have taught us that you can have a single goal of happiness .
    Since that time the dinosaurs did indeed a unique team for their game the conquest of the future and technology.
    They decided to honor Tiffy to always be united and to travel through time and space to honor their challenges, the first was to get to measure the universe, so they took a meteorite fed a special chemical reaction, dinosaurs managed in a their previous challenges to find ways to get energy from the variation of the light of the stars, and so departed.
    So they are not really extinct, maybe one day they will return to teach us something.
    Tiffy he was happy to have found even the endless river, she had a question for Astro. Astro but because you pulled the pebble blue, you knew it would come to me? how did you know? Astro looks Tiffy, bows his head before then up again and the smile more beautiful Astro comes to Tiffy.
    Tiffy, I am the guardian of the stars and every beautiful smile that launch sooner or later returns more beautiful than before.
    Tiffy fluttered of happiness around Astro and he of course to follow his flight falling down, everything is back to normal, the endless river, the friendship of Chicco, spells of Astro and the sympathy of Tiffy.
    Who knows maybe the cute Tyrannosaurus one day our planet will cross the Endless River, we will be ready to welcome him.
    Ops Tiffy is telling me one thing, it OK to say, because it is a great truth.
    Never stop at appearances, always dig into things and never lose the smile, perhaps this has saved our friends.
    Thanks Tiffy and you who have heard this story.
    In the evening it was coming maybe in another planet or universe of dinosaurs were celebrating, as our friends in the infinite river, while the star Antares and played with them with its light to animate the party.
    And the smiles were all evening on our friends and river infinite.

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