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TDUMS 31/05/2015 1

Even though the flight to the White Library itself was already an adventure, Stella hoped she would one day find a faster way to get there. Two hours for one way was much time considering they were in an emergency situation right now, having to save Clemens. Maybe she could enter the library from Mira’s world; the girl had told her that there had suddenly been a door floating above the ground which leads to the white building.
She only had to find out if the door only appeared once she had already set land on the Illusion Islands or if there was another way to summon the door. Or maybe it was too dangerous walking from dream world to dream world? Could she possibly get lost there?
So many questions! But no worries, she would ask the – suddenly there was a loud shriek from the whales and they all went down to land on an island halfway to the Illusion Islands. Everyone looked around to see what had happened.
There were two people dressed in police-like uniforms making signs to the whales to calm down. Some were still making shrieking noises out of surprise and maybe anger.
“We are sorry to interrupt your way to the Library of Magic”, one of the persons said. “There has been an incident that needs you to wait here for a while.”
“Not right now! We just don’t have the time!”, Stella thought desperately.

TDUMS 30/05/2015 1

The Black Raven turned out to be a group of rather radical magicians who didn’t care all that much about normal people because they believed it was being magicians that made them worthy. They also supported the rights of other magical creatures though and tried protecting them when there was danger in sight.
“As everything, they got their good and bad aspects. Many times the Black Raven contacted Kiwi and tried to convince him to join; there are even Black Raven support groups consisting of werewolves and other magical creatures. Kiwi didn’t want to be a part of this group because he disliked some of their demands.”
Stella and Crumble had understood that Clemens was in a pretty bad situation now. Maybe they had even used violence against him! “So what’s the plan?”, Stella asked. Jenna thought about the first step for a while. “I think we should find out where the real place on the postcard is located”, she said after a while. Let’s head to the Library of Magic tomorrow morning.”

TDUMS 29/05/2015 2

“To Stella, Jenna and Crumble,
the Black Raven won’t let me go.
Not sure what will happen. Might need your help. Jenna, please explain to Stella.
Be careful.

This was the true message below the illusion. Everyone except for Jenna looked puzzled. She sighed. “This had to happen one day, I suppose.” Jenna turned the postcard to the picture side and laid the paperweight on it; the photo transformed and showed a different landscape with a cloudy sky. It was a mainly flat countryside with much green.

TDUMS 28/05/2015 2

There were several strange things about the postcard: the way he wrote his name, that he forgot to mention Crumble and Jenna and the fact he used the terms ‘student and master’ which he had never said before. Also, it wasn’t clear at all what the ‘Artifact of the Manticore’ was supposed to be.
They all sat in Stella’s and Crumble’s living room and contemplated what this might mean. The magic spells they tried using on the card didn’t show any effect (these spells kind of made them frustrated – remembering nothing had worked at the White Library’s doors either).
Stella was looking around in the room and tried to find a clue somewhere. Suddenly she got an idea and picked up the paperweight she had gotten from Clemens after successfully finishing a hard magical task. This gift could also be used as a magnifier and she laid it on the postcard to find something hidden maybe.
After a short while the letters began to change and be replaced by others! A different message appeared below the paperweight.