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TDUMS 21/06/2015

They talked a bit about what was happening in the world, finally also about the argument with the dwarves. “I know it might be a bit exaggerated and sound weird to other races. Dwarves (similar to elves) have a strong feeling of honor though and are severely hurt when it comes to scenes like this. They won’t give in because Gnol is a true hero for them and a symbol of skill and knowledge for the dwarves. I do hope you will succeed in getting the portal repaired though and get that magician back. I can imagine he’s quite adorable as a colored rabbit right now. Make sure to use the time and make him respect your power and skills, you’re a capable person. I hope to see you again some day!”
Crumble said good-bye and carefully sneaked out of the shop. This had been a thrilling mission!

TDUMS 20/06/2015

Crumble turned around and the crystal duck interrogated him on what the cat had done in the office and why. Crumble explained everything and hoped this weird figure would understand he wasn’t a threat. “I can see you’re telling the truth. This doesn’t sound dangerous for my dwarf, so I guess I don’t have to intervene”, it said. The cat was amazed by this creature and asked where it had come from and what it was (politely). “I don’t know if there are more of my kind or if I am a strange experiment of a magician”, the duck replied, “but I probably would never have seen the daylight if my dwarf had not found me in between stones and gemstones deep down in a mine… Ever since then I have promised to protect my friend and his business against any harmful people or things. It gives my life a meaning and he treats me very well. I advise him in business questions and he makes sure that I feel comfortable.”