Daily Archives: 02/01/2017

There are still good games out there 2

Since my previous post was quite frustrating I feel the need to point out there are still lots of good games out there. We just need to find them (that’s what they always say, haha) …
I play a few games on a daily basis to grab their bonuses and I still try out a lot more whenever I can to find some jewels :D

My favorites at the moment that could be interesting for you are
– Unison League
– Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary
– Flutter: Starlight
– Otogi: Spirit Agents

Otogi: Spirit Agents is probably my all-time favorite because I had just fallen in love with Ayakashi: Ghost Guild when Zynga shut it down without caring about the players. Some of the people who had worked on Ayakashi then created Otogi and it’s more than just a card game! I adore the style, gameplay and characters you meet. I was so proud when I finally managed to get Nyarlathotep in the current Christmas event <3

Elemental Kingdoms has been shut down 10

I have played a game called “Elemental Kingdoms” from Arc for quite a while. Now, to the new year, they’ve shut down their servers without informing their players.
If you were lucky enough you could have seen it on the “Magic Realms”‘ facebook page. That game seems to be exactly the same. The system, the cards (even their pictures), basically everything. They offered to import the Elemental Kingdoms’ accounts, which was only possible if you were at least level 50 though. Now it’s not possible at all anymore because you cannot access the necessary data due to the shut down servers from Elemental Kingdoms.
Which means, everyone who was simply enjoying the game did not have a chance to see the game would be closed and would not be able to transfer the account in time.

In my opinion, it’s really not okay to treat your players like this. At least tell them what’s going to happen and show them their chance to transfer their account!
My computer is going to be cleaned from Arc games now. I was a fan once, but that time is over now.

PS: There was an even worse situation in a monsters game I played longer ago: They announced the end of the game. There were many people who wanted to keep it though and they agreed to keep it online, just without any new events or support. Everyone seemed happy. Then the game shut down nonetheless …